London’s New Mayor Is Not British

I have decided to start my political/cultural/current events commentary today. From now on , I will generally post one a week, usually by noon on Saturday. Here we go!

With the recent election of Sadiq Khan, London now has a non-British mayor. Khan is an Pakistani and practicing Muslim. He may be an English speaking subject and resident of London, but he is not truly English, British, or European.

If a Swedish couple became missionaries to China -and then gave birth to and raised there a six foor four, blond hair. blue eyed boy- would that boy be Chinese? Of course not. He would likely be able to speak Chinese (and his parents mother tongue), and he might be a Chinese citizen, but the definitely is not Chinese. Think about this obvious reality, a reality that we in the west -especially the U.S.A.- have not given much consideration for the past few decades.

The new mayor of London, 45 year old Sadiq Aman Khan, took office on May 7, 2016. Khan is a leftist, member of the Labor party, member of the Fabian Society, former Member of Parliament, and practicing Muslim. London is the first major western capital city to have a practicing Muslim as its mayor.

In a 9 May 2016 New York Times op-ed piece by Roger Cohen titled Sadiq Khan vs. Donald Trump, Khan is quoted as saying, “I’m a Londoner, I’m a European, I’m British, I’m English, I’m of Islamic faith, of Asian origin, of Pakistani heritage, a dad, a husband”.

Time for a philosophical reality check. Is Khan an ethnic Pakistani father and husband of Asian origin and the Islamic religion who (regrettably) lives in London? Yes. Is Khan a European, Brit, or Englishman? Absolutely not.

But, lest you think an Islamic Paki is really in charge, Sadiq Khan’s first official act as mayor of London was to visit a Holocaust memorial service, attended  some of the millions of Holocaust survivors, chief rabbi Efraim Marvis, and the Israeli ambassador tot he UK, one Mark Regev. Khan also posted  a tweet about his attendance, dutifully mentioning the holy number 6 million. (See the May 8th online Times of Israel article London’s new mayor makes Holocaust memorial his first official function).

Incidentally, Khan’s main challenger in the 2016 election for the office of mayor of London was Zac Goldsmith. The 41 year old Frank Zacharias Robin “Zac” Goldsmith is the son of billionaire James Goldsmith. Goldsmith is a “conservative”, and very interested in green/environmental issues. As his surname Goldsmith obviously indicates, Zac is of partial (1/4) Jewish ancestry (paternal grandfather who fled NS Germany). Zac and his first wife divorced in 2010, and in 2013 he married Alice Miranda Rothschild. To top this off, at one point, Zac’s brother Benjamin was married to Kate Rothschild, Alice’s sister. Seriously.

When a people elect an official to lead them who does not share their common blood, culture, national history and heritage, or core moral values (preferably derived from the same religion), then they have elected a man to lead them to political and cultural destruction.

In the end, I am not sure whether Khan or Goldsmith would have been the worst choice for London, the lesser of the two evils.

Anyway, London’s new mayor is not British.

Copyright (C) 2016 by Joseph Charles Putnam of Orange County, Indiana. All rights reserved.


Announcing Putnam Liberty Notes Available in Print on

Greetings my fellow American patriots,

The print edition of my original newsletter series is available as a 106 page softcover book on for only $5. This is a print edition of my May to November 2015 essay series, revised and expanded for print and with three all new essays.

These 106 pages are divided into 24 essays, none longer than six pages each. Most are only three to four pages in length. I have written them as such to make it easy for working class Americans to find time to read them after a hard day making a living.

As stated in the previous post on this blog, these essays cover a wide variety of subjects, mainly to do with liberty and current events.

This book takes an outside-the-box look at liberty and America, as America slides toward ruin. I examine my subjects with the perspective of one who has read widely, considering the political, economic, and cultural problems we face from many perspectives.

Some of the essays will be thought provoking, some educational, some challenging, and some a tad humorous. I think this book will help add to the debate in the patriot movement concerning what is wrong with America, and who is to blame. This book smashes not only left wing socialists, but the (supposedly) conservative neo-conservative movement. Fear not, I am an equal opportunity ox gorer!

As America slides toward tyranny, censorship of books and the internet will begin. There is even talk of a government switch to shut off the internet.

In addition to government censorship, such as (so called) hate speech laws and the recent comments of U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch about looking into possible legal action against “climate change deniers”, there is also voluntary censorship by the massive private corporations that control the media and economy -including the book publishing industry.

Times are looking grim. Grab a copy of Putnam Liberty Notes while you still can! Perhaps you also should pick up some other patriot books at the same time, and build up your liberty library.

As mentioned in the last blog post, I have decided to start a new series of weekly commentary articles on this blog. I will usually post one a week, generally on the weekends. They will usually  be relatively brief. If I have enough reader interest, I will continue them for some time, and perhaps eventually place them in a print edition, likely titled “More Putnam Liberty Notes”.

My first commentary article will be posted here next week, and will concern the recent mayoral race in London. It will cover things that Fox and CNN will not.

If by some chance you have not seen the Amazon book page for the March 2016 print edition of Putnam Liberty Notes, please clink the link to it here . It is only $5, and you receive free shipping on any Amazon order of over $25 of in stock merchandise.

On a final note, the advertisement for my book went live on the American Free Press website last night. A special hello to any AFP readers who checked out this blog after seeing my ad.


Welcome to Putnam Liberty Notes

Welcome my readers,

This is Joe Putnam, author of several self-published patriot works. Thank you for taking the time to read my new blog here at WordPress.

I have recently (March 2016) published my second book, Putnam Liberty Notes.  This blog has two purposes. To promote my book of the same name and to give me a platform for publishing brief essays to a much wider audience than my email  contacts.

My book Putnam Liberty Notes is a 106 page books of 24 essays dealing with a wide range of subjects. These essays range from liberty to current events to gun control to disaster survival. I even wrote one essay as a satire on “the Tribe” who is destroying this country.

Other than “patriot”, I suppose that my political perspective may be a tad hard to label. I admire the American Revolution and the Founding Fathers, especially Washington, Henry, and Jefferson. For a couple of reasons, I hesitate to refer to myself as either conservative or libertarian, although parts of my beliefs fall into those categories. I suppose that the terms “Constitutionalist”, “nationalist”, and “conservative with libertarian leanings” describe me fairly well. Some people, who like my thoughts, might refer to me as a paleo-conservative or “right” libertarian. Some people, who do not like my thoughts, might refer to me as a right wing extremist, reactionary, or alt-right. Oh well.

I was raised as a Republican Party type conservative. As I became a teenager I began to read and move toward the “patriot movement” and the far right. In my late teens I began reading libertarian material, and then read some John Birch Society books in my early twenties. I listened to alternative internet radio for years, including militia oriented programs. Then, while studying the subversion of my country by “the Tribe”,  I discovered the works of men such as David Duke. As I stated on page 66 of my book Putnam Liberty Notes: “I have read literally everything from Lew Rockwell to George Lincoln Rockwell -and there is a gulf between those two!” This is the journey that has brought me to where I am with my recent print book and my blog.

I currently have an author page on I have a brief bio and several pictures of myself posted there. I will likely upload a brief video introduction to my Amazon author page soon.

My goal is to publish traditional, relevant, and “outside-the-box” commentary on the political, cultural, and economic issues that America is facing. As I am a Christian, my moral code comes from the Bible and naturally influences my worldview.

I plan to publish a series of political and cultural commentary articles on this blog. I will keep them relatively brief, probably the equivalent of a two pages of text in 6 by 9 inch format. I plan to post my articles once a week, generally on the weekends. My next post will be an introduction to and promotion of my book Putnam Liberty Notes, as I am planning on taking out a professional advertisement for my book and wish those looking me up to be able to read about it both here and by using the “look inside” feature at Amazon. After next weeks promo article, I intend to began my commentary series. How long it runs depends in part on how many readers I have.

I am blogging at WordPress instead of Google’s Blogger, as it appears that WordPress actually supports free speech on sites that they host.

As I may publish my planned series of articles in a print edition at some  future point, I am including a copyright notice at the end of each article. I have no problem with people printing off my articles for personal use, or for sharing them with their friends. I also have no problem with people quoting my articles in print or on the internet, as long as they attribute the quote to me and includes the address to this blog with the quote. ( ).

if you enjoy this blog, please share it with your friends. Also please check out Putnam Liberty Notes at

Please check back; I will have another post no later than next Sunday (5/15).

Joe Putnam signing out

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Opening Post!!!!!!

Hello everyone,

I am Joseph (Joe) Charles Putnam. I am an independently published author and aspiring homesteader.

I have started this blog to promote my books, especially my recently released book Putnam Liberty Notes. I am considering restarting my weekly email news commentary, but on this site instead of by email.

My political perspective is that of a liberty oriented American patriot, admirer of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, and nationalist.

My book Putnam Liberty Notes is a 106 page collection of twenty four essays on a variety of subjects -ranging from liberty to current events to disaster survival. It is available on Amazon  for only five dollars. Check it out today!