Flames and Fiddle Music


Joe Putnam is back. I played around with restarting my commentary series after AAF went into print, and I am doing so now, on September 3, 2016. Let me explain.

Out of choice, I do not have the internet in my house, or own a cell phone. Thus, posting blogs takes a while typing in a public place with WiFi –usually a local fast food restaurant.

While I had made two brief posts since AAF went into print, I had officially discontinued my blog for several reasons. It is very inconvenient to sit in a restaurant typing for 45 minutes, transcribing my essay from a piece of paper. Then, I would have no time for research unless I came back the next day –spending too much time and money to use the “free” wifi of a restaurant.

Recently, a tech savvy friend, showed me how to cut and paste from Microsoft Word to WordPress –which allows me to write in my leisure at the homestead and post in a mere matter of seconds when in town with Wifi! (Tony, you know who you are). As such, blogging just got a whole lot easier, and less financially taxing. I will now also feel freer to sometimes write longer blog posts than the approximately two pages of 6×9 inch format text that I used to post. I will be posting once or twice a week.

Let the blogging now commence!

Legend has it that emperor Nero fiddled while Rome burned. I hold that America is now, at the least, in the early stages of moral, political, economic, and racial disintegration. Hence the title of this essay.

This essay will be a brief survey of a few recent events highlighting the decline, and perhaps soon tyranny or collapse, of the United States.  I will cover a recent incident with Iran, Trump, a humorous black crime.

There was a great deal of jingoistic bantering going on against Iran recently. The (((neo-cons))) are quite upset. They claim that American ships were harassed by a few small Iranian boats, at which point U.S. Navy ships fired warning shots. Secondly, Iran has recently installed some Russian made missiles at a nuclear enrichment site.

What the presstitutes of the mainstream news media fail to point out is that this did not occur in American waters, or international waters in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. American ships crossed thousands of miles of ocean to patrol near Iranian territorial waters. What would Americans think if Russian or Chinese warships began patrolling just outside the territorial waters of the U.S.A. –just a couple of hundred miles from Los Angles or Seattle? We would be enraged. But when we do this to Iran, somehow Iran is the aggressor. Where is the logic?

Iran is installing missiles near its legal and U.S. approved nuclear power site. They are likely installing them to protect themselves from Israeli aggression. Iran, or any reasonable country within striking distance of the Zionist Occupation Government of the State of Palestine, should watch their back. But to stupid, TV watching, Republocrat Party voting Americans –defensive missiles in one’s own country that could never reach America are somehow a sign of aggression.

Donald Trump, who in large part built his campaign by appealing to white working class Americans who are seeing decent paying jobs vanish, is softening up a bit. While he has promised to build a wall on our southern border with Mexico (and make Mexico pay for it) and deport illegal immigrants –he is now talking about deporting illegal immigrants who are criminals, and being “humane” (leaving those who have complied with our laws in the country?)!

Trump has publically stood up for the interests of Israel, called queers “wonderful Americans”, and proclaimed a desire to make the Republican Party the party of the African-American vote once more.

Donald Trump is not the white man’s candidate –no matter what many working class white males, white nationalists, and the alt-right desperately want to think.

Recently, a 17 year old black student of Riley High School named Car’nell Trass allegedly brought a handgun to school. He may have brought the gun out of fear of the older brother of a girl he may have impregnated. After being confronted by school authorities about the alleged weapon, he fled the school. As they followed him, he was chose to hide in a chicken coop, where he was found and arrested. I am not joking; see the online article Teen who allegedly took gun to Riley High School charged by Melissa Hudson on the website of ABC News 57 in South Bend, Indiana. (Perhaps he hid in the chicken coop because there was no nearby watermelon patch?) Sometimes, the stereotype plays out before our very eyes.

Taking this story in another direction, why would it be illegal for someone to carry a firearm without a permit? I have read that in Montana anyone can open carry a loaded handgun in the country or in public without a permit –as long as they are at least 14 years old. Yes, 14 years old.

In a sparsely populated state, white teenagers who live in a stable household with both parents and who were taught gun safety by their fathers may ride around the ranch, or even town, with a holstered sidearm –and all is well. When young black males, especially ones from the inner city and/or without a father in the home, carry firearms – panic among the population and violent crimes arise. America does not have a gun problem.

Recently, there has been a surge in heroin overdoses in southern Indiana and northern Kentucky. There were 17 in two days in Jackson County. I am unsure of why there is a sudden rash of them, but some heroine currently on the streets was likely laced with something else. Police and other first responders are being trained in administering a drug called to revive them.

The underlying problem with heroine, or any stimulant, is that people wish to feel good with no effort or achievement on their part, even when their life circumstances are objectively bad. Using heroin shows a lack of discipline, and that one has no purpose to their life. When a heroin addict overdoses and dies, is society really losing anything of value? Just a thought.

Politically, morally, economically, and socially –America is dying. We are burning right now, but most Americans are so blind and historically ignorant that they cannot see it. Is that fiddle music I hear?


This blog is a free service to my countrymen. It serves as a platform for sharing many of my essays before they appear in printed form. There is not, and will never be, a donate button on this blog. Those who enjoy my essays here may purchase my books Putnam Liberty Notes and As America Fades from Amazon.com or CreateSpace.com for only $5 each if they wish to support my research and writing efforts.



The Lesser of the Two Evils?

The concept of the lesser of two evils in a political election is a subject that I have heard thought about a great deal lately. I actually wrote about this a tad in the Epilogue of my book As America Fades that I published earlier this month. I shall enlarge on that concept here.

Some claim that to not vote in an election is to allow evil to win, but when they vote for the lesser of two evils they are ensuring that evil will win -and that they have endorsed it. Let us examine this “logic”. Republicans often argue that not voting is a vote for the Democrats, in this case for Hillary. A Democrat can likewise argue that not voting is a vote for Trump, as it denied Hillary a vote that she could have theoretically received. How can refusing to vote really be a vote for someone? How can no vote really be a vote? Using this “logic”, if a Trump supporter died in a car wreck on the way to the polls on election day, did the Trump supporter really vote for Hillary -as he died before casting a vote and is in the same position as one who conscientiously refused to vote?

If you cannot understand that a person refusing to vote for evil is not a vote for whatever candidate you dislike (or any vote at all), you are wasting your time reading this blog. This is just basic, high school level logic. Come on people!

When one considers the Constitution, the Founder’s vision for America, Biblical morality, foreign policy, economics, and racial consciousness there is no one to vote for for president this year. There has not been for a long time. And no, Gary Johnson is not an acceptable alternative to Trump and Clinton. There are all part of the same wretched, unconstitutional, middle class destroying, pro-multiculturalism, pro-Israel system; they just have a little different idea how to despise the Founders and run the system to their own constituency’s benefit.

I will not be voting this November. In fact, I have not voted in a general election since 2010. Studying history and politics, living a more self-reliant agrarian lifestyle, staying fit, and maybe stockpiling a little food and ammunition  will do more for you and your country than voting to endorse the lesser of the two evils in a election.

I have basically given the last six months of my life to the patriot movement, asking no financial remuneration whatsoever. To a lesser degree, I have devoted the last seven years of my life to it. I remember going out tot he parking lot of the Home Depot I used to work at on lunch break and sitting in my cold truck (with a jacket on) when  it was below freezing so that I could get away from the noise of the break room and read the Constitution again and again or read some other patriot work.

I have listed to huge amounts of patriot internet radio -everything from Mark Koernke to Alex Jones to the late Derry Brownfield to Dave Gahary’s AFP podcasts to David Duke. (I have not listened to Ol’ AJ for years, and to any of these guys much the last year). I have bought and read many books on many subjects and from different perspectives. I have lost weight and ran my body into the ground. I have maintained my skill with firearms. I have done major internet research on patriot issues. I have moved to a small homestead and am trying to develop a traditional, self-sufficient lifestyle that can continue when/if the Federal Reserve’s fiat money/bank bill financial house of cards tumbles down, or if an EMP takes down the entire electrical grid.

On top of this, I have written and published three books of my own. My first book, A Bible Based View Of Liberty And Free Governments (May 2013), was a combination of theology and politics and is no longer in print.   My second book Putnam Liberty Notes (March 2016) was a brief collection of patriot essays -covering everything from liberty to current events to gun control to homesteading. My third book, As America Fades (August 2016), is basically a sequel to Putnam Liberty Notes. Furthermore, I have blogged from May until August of this year, my blog posts forming the core (first half or so) of my book As America Fades.

In the Epilogue to As America Fades I made the case that the internet is two edged sword. I stated that I was going to back away from the internet. I am now doing this. In the last two weeks, I had a flurry of new unique visitors, probably brought to my blog by my profile on the comments I was making on other websites and blogs.  I even had a few hits from Canada, Australia, Germany, Sweden, and Hungary. But I am kidding myself. Most of the people who have came to my blog are likely the “internet patriots” that I wrote about on this blog  back in June. Those looking for what my friend Warpipes mockingly refers to as “patriot entertainment” will have to go elsewhere to get it, or perhaps just forget about it and turn on the late show.

My blogging days are over. I was a patriot before I wrote or blogged, and I will remain a patriot. I am going to continue to follow current events and read history and patriot books. I am going to devote much more attention to developing my homestead. My blog will stay up so that people can read essays they missed and tell their friends about them. My two books published this year will stay in print. (They are available for only $5 each from both amazon.com and the printer Createspace.com). But my blogging days are over. I still plan to check my email and books sales every week, and shop on Amazon, but I am drastically scaling back my internet usage.

Thank you to all those who have read this blog. Thank you to the few who have purchased my books. Joe Putnam signing out.

Copyright (c) 2016 by Joseph Charles Putnam of Orange County, Indiana. All rights reserved.



***New Blog Essay Series Begins Today*** Thoughts on the Trump-Khan Stupidity

Hello my readers. After taking about a month hiatus from my blog commentary posts so that I might get As America Fades  into print, I am back. Today I am going to start my new commentary series on liberty, America, current events, and cultural destruction.

One of the stupidest thighs to happen recently on the political scene is the verbal exchange between Donald Trump and Khizr Khan. Khzir Khan, with his wife Ghazaal standing silently by his side, spoke at the recent Democratic National Convention. The Khans are ethnic Pakistani immigrants and practicing Muslims. Their son, one Humayun Khan, was a Captain in the U.S. Army who was killed in the (illegal, unconstitutional, and totally unnecessary) undeclared war in Iraq.

From the stage at the DNC, Kzhir Khan criticized Donald Trump, asking if he (Trump) had even read the Constitution, stated that if Trump had been president he might not have let his some Humayun in the country, and stated that Trump had sacrificed nothing.

Trump responded and it deteriorated into a Twitter and TV war of words. Trump stated that he had sacrificed -by working hard and creating jobs. Trump also degraded himself by calling Humayun Khan a hero.

Khzir Khan is a lawyer, who has helped people, including non-white Muslims, to basically buy legal U.S. residency -a first step toward citizenship. Ghazala has spoken out on TV to show that her religion does not prohibit her from speaking publicly. Not that I care what her religion tells her she can or cannot do.

Two things are missing from this. They are law and culture.

First is that the invasion of Iraq was done illegally, without the Constitutionally required Congressional Declaration of War. Iraq had not attacked us, and had no capability to cross thousands of miles of ocean to do so.

For those interested in international law, the invasion of Iraq likely qualifies as a war of aggression by the (very questionable) standards used to try Third Reich officials at Nuremberg.

Second is that regardless of who a Donald Trump administration would or would not have let into the country -the Founding Fathers would not have let Kzhir Khan into the country, let alone allowed his son be an officer in the army! Logical countries are made up of people of similar ethnic stock, speaking the same language, and hopefully sharing the same basic moral code and worldview (usually derived from a shared religion). Multicultural countries have never worked, and never will work.

Truthfully, the Khans never should have been let into America. Humayun Khan is not a hero. What Humayun died for, or thought he died for, is immaterial as it was not for America. My fellow Americans, wake up and stop blindly worshiping the police and the military. Instead embrace the ideology of the Founders!

Copyright (c) 2016 by Joseph Charles Putnam of Orange County, Indiana, All rights reserved.





As America Fades is available on Amazon today!

Hello everyone,

My new book As America Fades is for sale on Amazon this morning! I finished the final proof read and approval process last night and it is available to the world this morning. A picture of the book is below and at the end of this post there is a picture of me at the homestead holding the proof copy of As America Fades and also  Putnam Liberty Notes.


As America Fades is my third book. As America Fades is sort-of a sequel to my March 2016 book Putnam Liberty Notes. This new book consists of the 22 commentary essays that I published on this blog between May and July of 2016 plus 6 extra essays.  All but two of the 22 blog essays are only 2 pages in length, perfect for busy people to read on the go. Of the six news essays, one is a reprint from my earlier book PLN and the other five are all new. The last two essays are longer, actually 8 and 10 pages  respectively. Plus there is a 6 page Epilogue talking about the current election/political crisis!

As America Fades covers everything from liberty to current events to gun control to the America Revolution to the coming police state to multiculturalism. And no, I am not afraid to talk about the role the Kosher boys play in it all!

As America Fades is available on Amazon for only $5. Shipping is free on orders of $25 or more. For some reason, I cannot get the link to light up for me on this page this morning. As such, you will have to go to Amazon and search for the title or my full name, Joseph Charles Putnam.

Please spread the word to all your friends. They no doubt need a dose of very un-P.C. information.

As a side note, now that As America Fades is in print, I am restarting my blog posting. My new series of posts will be a bit different from the last series. This series will be (usually) twice a week, will generally be shorter than my other essays, and will focus more on current events and less on complex ideology and America history. My readership is not large, but it is large enough that I fell the need to continue my posting for awhile longer. Look for my first new post sometime next week, and check out As America Fades on amazon.com today!

Joseph Charles Putnam with books

Final Countdown to the release of As America Fades!

Hello readers,

I just ordered the final proof copy five minutes ago. As soon as I receive it I will speed read it one last time and then approve it for sale on Amazon.

I had intended to have it in print by now, but when I received my initial proof copy last week, I realized that I had way more typographical errors than I realized! Over a three day period I reread it and then had a relative carefully go over it to help me find any typos that I had overlooked.

While doing this proofing, I took the time to enhance my Epilogue to include commentary on the current election in light of the two national conventions over the last two weeks. I have been in on some interesting conversions both in person and on the comment sections of a few blogs concerning the “lesser of two evils”, Hillary/Trump, and the recent convention  theater.

If all goes well, As America Fades will be available for sale on Amazon this weekend. It will be 96 pages. I have designed a pretty nice looking cover for it, unlike the plain vanilla cover I put on Putnam Liberty Notes. The price will be the same, $5. (Recall my essay on the 12th Protocol). Thank you all for checking back. I will post in here when it goes for sale on Amazon.


Side note: I was talking to some guys in the payout line at Dinky’s Auction Barn here in rural southern Indiana last Friday night. These three boys were country boys, with two probably being professional farmers. They talked of crops, animals, weak men, recent skunk problems and resolution on the farm (45ACP and  00 Buck), Hillary and Trump, the “white people to the back” video at a recent BLM protest. They even mentioned crooked banks. But when I tried to bring up Constitutional liberties and that Trump wants to make America great (economically) again and is not talking about freedom -I just got a blank look. They then responded about building a border wall and 2nd amendment; that was about the extent of their thoughts on liberty. They had good gut instincts on being free and manly, but little deep political knowledge. I hold out hope for guys like that.


Book Progress Update

Hello followers of PLN. I drove into town today to check the internet and the RNC Convention news on Faux at Dairy Queen, and I saw that I have been having visitors every day.

As such, I decided to post an update on my book progress. As America Fades is coming along well. It will consist of the 28 essays. they will be the 22 essays from this blog, a reprint of one of my essay Thoughts on Small arms and Liberty essay from my March 2016 book Putnam Liberty Notes, and five all new essays. The new essays will be one on history, a sequel essay titled More Thoughts on Small Arms and Liberty, an essay exploring the abortion debate, and two long essays originally intended for my yet to be written patriot manifesto.  The two long essays will deal the police state being built around us and how we are being destroyed by multiculturalism.

I am also writing an epilogue dealing with the election cycle, and the compromise and ridiculousness of the current system.

At this point, I need to proofread my blog posts essays and put the final polish and proofread on the other essays. When finished, the next step is to upload my book file to my publisher. Then I will wait as they verify that my data info (ISBN, title author name, and format) are correct, at which point they approve it(usually in 24 hours). I hope to upload my book this weekend or early next week.

Then I will order a single proof copy of my book to make sure that I did not make any major typographical errors. If will generally be printed and shipped in a week or so after I order it. Then I will go online and approve it for sale. If all goes well, I will have As America Fades available for sale on Amazon in the first week of August.

On a side note, the RNC convention politics is entertaining. I was a little surprised by Trump’s choice of Indiana’s (my home state) governor Mike Pence for his VP. Pence is a neo-con and rabid Zionist who has identified himself as a “born-again, evangelical Catholic”. Try and figure that one out! As a side note, the riots at the convention have failed to materialize, which is a good thing.

Thank you all for checking back at this blog. I will post again when my book is available on Amazon.



End of the Commentary Series

After a great deal of thought, I have decided to end my blog commentary series. This is for several reasons. Researching, writing, and posting these essays is consuming a lot of my time. This is time that I to be spending developing my homestead and studying the Bible and theology.

Between revising my 2015 email newsletter series and turning it into my March 2016 book Putnam Liberty Notes, promoting said book, and blogging -I have basically devoted myself to these concerns for five months. During these five months, i have neglected my spiritual studies. Recently, I have felt a great urge to study the Bible and doctrine more, intensively for at least a few months.

I also believe that America may be heading toward economic collapse or political tyranny. I wish to be able to survive like my ancestors would have, like the Amish still do. This is not “prepping”, as I am not stockpiling freeze dried food and various commercial goods to tide me over until the state and its corporations get back to normal. I am talking about transitioning back towards a sustainable type lifestyle.

In addition to health, patriot, and survival benefits, I believe that agrarianism is approved by God. I had not thought about the spiritual aspect of this until I read Michael Bunker’s book Surviving Off Off-Grid about three years ago. If that interests you, or you are unsure what I mean, you might check out my essay “Homestead: Pillar of Liberty” in my book Putnam Liberty Notes or Bunkers 300 plus page book.

I do intention to put this 22 essay blog series into print. I will likely bundle it with with several new small essays, and my long essay on multiculturalism. i begin working on this  multiculturalism essay back in mid 2015, intending it for  large patriot manifesto type book project that I likely will never write.

I am titling this new book As America Fades. It will probably be around 90 or 100 pages, and it will be only $5 -just like the 12th Protocol feared. I hope to have it in print in early August. i will post on this blog when it is available in print from Amazon.

I intend to leave these blog essays up on the internet as a service to my countrymen. You may still read ones you may have missed and tell your friends about this blog. And my book Putnam Liberty Notes is still available on Amazon for $5. You can also hit the “follow” button on my Amazon author page and be alerted to new books when I release them.

After I get As America Fades into print, I plan to study some theological issues in depth. In early 2015 I actually sketched out a chapter outline and one chapter of a book exposing some of the most prominent and almost universally held errors in Christianity today. I have not worked on this much at all in a year! I probably need 4 to 6 months of study to get this religious book researched and written. I hope to have it in print in early 2017.

Thank you all for reading this blog for the past few months. Please check back for my post announcing the print version of As America Fades.