Only in Weimerica (Apologies to Brooks & Dunn)


References to Weimerica, likening present day America’s descent to that of Weimar Germany, are common on the Alt-Right. In Weimerica, it is all about personal gratification, embracing all, and decadence for all. On a trip to Bloomington last month, I saw a glimpse of Weimerica…

There is only one WalMart in my rural county -and no Kmart, no Target, no Sam’s Club, no Costco, no city type mall with department stores, and not even a strip mall with three or four little chain stores in it. (Personally, I like the rural nature of my home county, but it does make shopping a bit difficult). When I periodically need some items from a Sam’s Club, I can either drive north to Bloomington or southeast to Clarksville (directly across the Ohio River from Louisville, Kentucky). This time I went north to Bloomington, the home campus of Indiana University. Mistake.

Bloomington, because of the college, is always rather “vibrant”. It is very common to see East Asians, Indians (Calcutta, not Comanche), and women in Muslim attire. Traditionally there have not been too many Negroes in Bloomington.

As I walked through Sam’s Club, I began to form this post in my mind. Sam’s Club was the only stop I made before heading back south. Before I had gotten 75 feet past the front door, I saw a young Muslim woman in a hijab, of Middle Eastern ethnicity, but otherwise clad in fashionable western attire. She was with another girl, a young white woman in shorts and a t-shirt. No women in burkahs this time, but I have seen that in Bloomington before. Only in Weimerica…

As I was shopping for paper goods, I walked down an aisle with a Hispanic man speaking Spanish. This was the only foreign language that I heard there, though one can hear Asians speaking their languages at the College Mall sometimes. I walked past a sluttly dressed Asian woman in the food section, though there were not as many Asians there as there often are. Only in Weimerica…

I did walk past one white guy wearing a yellow cap with the Gadsden snake on it; he also had an American Indian themed tattoo on his arm. I smell a civic nationalist. (Recall my 26 June post here Reclaim the Gadsden Flag). How does one logically embrace multiculturalism and a symbol of the white separatist society of Revolution era America? Only in Weimerica…

Then I went to the checkout. Five lanes open: one white girl, one weak looking white dude, one tattooed black girl, one cornrow weave black girl, and one butched afro hair black girl. Hmm. I chose the freckled white girl, who was clean and neat and quite friendly. There were a lot more Negroes than usual working there that day. Only in Weimerica…

The wooded terrain between Bedford and Bloomington is quite pretty, but there is a darkness in the college town. Primarily because of IU, the vibrancy, queer presence, and Cultural Marxism meter is tuned to max in Bloomington.

This essay was dual published here on PLN and on Identity Dixie on July 26, 2017.

© Copyright 2017 by Joseph Charles Putnam of Orange County, Indiana. All rights reserved.


Author: Joe Putnam

I am a Christian (Reformed/Sovereign Grace Baptist type), white American of Western European bloodline, advocate of an agrarian social order, Kinist, White Nationalist, admirer of America’s Founding Fathers and the Boys in Gray, homesteader, indie published author, and amateur historian. I have indie published several books, all of which are available from Amazon. I am a life long resident of rural Orange County, IN –in the part of the Upper South that many would term Greater Appalachia or the Dixie Frontier. In addition to my own blog "Putnam Liberty Notes", from May through July of 2017 I dual published many of my posts at the popular multi-author Alt-South blog Identity Dixie. In addition to my blog writings, I am currently gearing up for (at least) two more book projects –one theological and one historical. The theological one will cover the three interpretational views of Daniel’s 70th Week. I hope to have this book in print in late summer 2017. (Hint: I am, not a Dispensational Futurist). The historical book will be a biography of George Rogers Clark (1752-1818). Clark was a noted Virginia militia officer who’s campaigns, including his successful siege of Vincennes, basically took the Old Northwest from Britain during the American Revolution. Clark spent the rest of his life around the river that separates Clarksville, IN from Louisville, Kentucky. I hope to have my Clark bio in print in early 2018.

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