Bibi’s Boy



It seems that much of the Alt-Right, perhaps especially the Southern Nationalists wing of it, has awoken to the massive Jewish influence over the Trump presidency, which I have dubbed Trump-Kushner. This piece will briefly examine those connections. The Bibi in the title of this piece is Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, whose nickname is Bibi. Who his boy is will become obvious.

First of all, let it be stated that Trump is nowhere near an anti-Semite. Well, he is nowhere near anti-Jewish. Technically, the ethnic term Semite encompasses all of Shem’s descendants, not just the Jews. Arabs are Semites. Yet the Jews claim the term for themselves while they oppose their Arab Semite cousins. It would be funny if they were not so powerful.

Donald Trump has never spoken out against Jewish power or influences. Donald Trump has spent his life in New York City, the heart of the Jewish population and influence in the present day United States, and the largest Jewish enclave outside of Israel. Of course, Trump has Jewish business connections.

But it gets deeper than money. Trump’s daughter Ivanka married a Jew, the infamous Jared Kushner. She converted to the Jewish faith, and is Sabbat observant. Trump’s grandchildren are ½ Jewish by blood and are being raised in the Jewish religion. By the Nuremberg standards, Ivanka’s children are elevated from Mischling 1st degree to full Jew by their religious affiliation. Trump loves his daughter and grandchildren. Were this the only point in the article, it would be enough to blind his eyes.

But it is not the only point. Trump, years before he ran for President, openly supported Benjamin Netanyahu of the right wing Likud party for the post of Prime Minister of Israel back in 2013. In this endorsement, Trump proclaimed himself a “big fan of Israel” and stated of Netanyahu that “there’s nobody like him”. Further, in 2004, Trump served as the Grand Marshall of NYC’s “Salute to Israel” parade. Trump went to the AIPAC conference in 2016 and praised Israel.

Trump is not a White Nationalist, not by a long shot. Trump has filled his administration with P.O.C. (People of Color) –and Jews. Trump openly disavowed Dr. David Duke, who supported Trump in hopes that he truly was an “America First” and antiwar candidate who wanted to secure the our southern border. This is not anti-Semite anti-Jewish conspiracy theory, the Jews openly admit this, such as in the January 26 online article Meet the Jews in Donald Trump’s administration by Josefin Dolesten of JTA.

Trump-Kushner picked (((Gary Cohn))) of (((Goldman-Sachs))) to be his economic advisor, and (((Steven Mnuchin))) to head the U.S. Treasury Department. While he had criticized Federal Reserve chair (((Janet Yellen))), Trump has now implied that he might nominate her for a second term there. Of course, the U.S. ambassador to Israel is a Jew, one (((Daniel Freidman))). And that is not all of them!

Of course, current Fed chair (((Janet Yellen))) was preceded as Fed chair by (((Benjamin Shalom Bernanke))), who was preceded as chair by (((Alan Greenspan))). And the current number two post at the Fed is held by (((Stanley Fischer))), a dual citizen of the U.S. and Israel. Pay no attention to the Rothschild behind the curtain…

Two weeks ago Trump broke his “America First” slogan by attacking Syria with Tomahawk cruise missiles, though Syria posed no threat to the U.S. This caused some fallout with the Alt-Right. At this time, it appears that the U.S. is not preparing for a ground invasion, though “regime change” is being noised about. Apparently, the U.S will still wage wars in the Middle East for Israel, weakening Israel’s enemies and destabilizing the area so that Israel can be the regional power. On this note, Bibi himself recently has congratulated Trump’s Middle East policy, stating that Israel now sensed “a great change in the direction of American policy”. (See the April 21 online Jerusalem Post article Netanyahu welcomes Trump’s strategic change of U.S. foreign policy by Herb Keinon). Basically, with the Obama administration, we had mild support for Israel and air strikes and destabilization on her behalf. Now with Trump-Kushner at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, we are back to Dubya level fanatical support for Israel –and maybe even more major operations like the (((Neo-Cons))) yearn for.

While we were suspicious of Kushner, no one really saw his power with (over?) Trump until after the election. That being said, there were some who were awake to Trump’s Jewish ties long before the election. For example, in my June 3, 2016 blog post Election 2016 Shaping Up, I stated that:  “Trump is an outspoken advocate for Israel, as evidenced by his speech at AIPAC in April 2016, where he spoke “that the bond between the United States and Israel is unbreakable” and by his 2013 endorsement of Benjamin Netanyahu for prime minister of Israel. Trump’s daughter Ivanka married a Jewish man and converted to Judaism. While the Jews might not fully own Trump, he is not free of Jewish influence and attachments”. In retrospect, I was not harsh enough, as he apparently is owned by International Jewry. There were voices among the Alt-Right warning of Trump’s Jewish connections; they just were not very popular. 

Regrettably, the U.S. may be headed for another round of intervention in the Middle East, in Syria and maybe even Iran if they do not bow to the will of Israel’s proxy (aka the U.S.). And, we are now pressuring North Korea. Does anyone hear an echo? Was that “Iran, Iraq, and one of the Koreas…” that I just heard?

Considering all of this, and with Netanyahu’s recent remarks, it is clear that Trump is Bibi’s boy, a regular Shabbez Goy. What a shame.

© Copyright 2017 by Joseph Charles Putnam of Orange County, Indiana. All rights reserved.


Author: Joe Putnam

I am a Christian (Reformed/Sovereign Grace Baptist type), white American of Western European bloodline, advocate of an agrarian social order, Kinist, White Nationalist, admirer of America’s Founding Fathers and the Boys in Gray, homesteader, indie published author, and amateur historian. I have indie published several books, all of which are available from Amazon. I am a life long resident of rural Orange County, IN –in the part of the Upper South that many would term Greater Appalachia or the Dixie Frontier. In addition to my own blog "Putnam Liberty Notes", from May through July of 2017 I dual published many of my posts at the popular multi-author Alt-South blog Identity Dixie. In addition to my blog writings, I am currently gearing up for (at least) two more book projects –one theological and one historical. The theological one will cover the three interpretational views of Daniel’s 70th Week. I hope to have this book in print in late summer 2017. (Hint: I am, not a Dispensational Futurist). The historical book will be a biography of George Rogers Clark (1752-1818). Clark was a noted Virginia militia officer who’s campaigns, including his successful siege of Vincennes, basically took the Old Northwest from Britain during the American Revolution. Clark spent the rest of his life around the river that separates Clarksville, IN from Louisville, Kentucky. I hope to have my Clark bio in print in early 2018.

2 thoughts on “Bibi’s Boy”

  1. It has now (officially) came out that the state of Israeli is in communication and cooperation with ISIS. This confirms what we all already knew. In my satirical essay “Radicalized During Recess” I wrote about the Israeli front know as ISIS; I can now tell my friends and relativesto reread that essay. (It is in my March 2016 book Putnam Liberty Notes).
    Spread this news, and the Occidental Dissent article below!


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