Thoughts On Redeeming The Time

With all that has been going on recently, from the Trump campaign policy reversals to tensions with North Korea to the dropping of the M.O.A.B. in Afghanistan last week, I recalled the verse in the New Testament about “redeeming the time”.

Specifically, the phrase is the apostle Paul speaking in Colossians 4:5. The full text of the verse is: “Walk in wisdom toward them that are without, redeeming the time”. What does this mean, and how does it apply to me and my blog readers?

The first part of the 4th chapter of Colossians is basically a continuation of the 3rd chapter, giving instructions on how Christians are to conduct themselves. Our text of Colossians 4:5 appears to be admonishing Christians as to how they should interact with “those who are without”; presumably those without means those not part of the body of Christ.

Further, how does one redeem time? To redeem is to repurchase. As Christ has redeemed his children from their sins and the eternal punishment due them, we are to be the bondservants of our celestial lord and use our time in ways and activities that please him.

I hold that Christians should be a light in this dark hour of our nation’s history, especially to their neighbors. Whether or not America is too far gone to repent is immaterial to our question, as individuals may still repent. We are to speak wisely (and live virtuously!) in front of our unbelieving neighbors, that we might not shame our lord, and so that some may turn to him. We are to use the time given to us wisely, not solely for our own pleasures and carnal advancement.

I am wearied of political commenting. If the last election openly demonstrated anything at all, it left no doubt that it is impossible to vote in any significant change at this point in America’s decline. There is no political hope, but there is spiritual hope. Whatever downward spiral America eventually takes, I believe that God will preserve a remnant who will be here to rebuild. That is why I wrote my earlier essay The Three Principles -to focus my readers on core ideology, not current politics.

Many Christians, myself included, have a propensity to wade way too deep into the corrupted politics of our degrading country. For a moment laying aside the secular Alt-Right, there were Kinists who were applauding the election of Trump, as if that could have begun the restoration of America. Sometimes one gets in so deep that they “cannot see the forest for the trees”.

Without Jesus Christ, there is no hope for our country or our people. That is not exactly a talking point with the Alt-Right! I do not believe that there has ever been a people group or country/political entity where everyone was truly a Christian, though there have been (relatively brief) times and places where the majority may have been. But laying aside the inner heart of man, when a society openly rejects Biblical truth, morality, and social order –as America is now doing- there can be no hope for it.

It should be apparent that the late D. James Kennedy’s “Reclaiming America For Christ” campaign did not do so, and we are in a far worse state today. When morality is universally corrupted, politics cannot save a people. When the doctrines preached in most churches are universally corrupted, politics cannot save a people.

I am not the only one waking up to this. I believe that going back to the land is the path to health, spiritual peace, the preservation of our kin, and the potential survival of the chaos that is inevitable when America finally collapses. Over a decade age, Christian agrarian separatist Michael Bunker exited the political and economic system. Bunker saw way ahead of the curve, and acted accordingly while I was still mired deep in the patriot movement. My electronic buddy and Kinist blogger Hans Gygax advocates for a return to an agrarian and community based lifestyle. Another Kinist blogger, “Shotgun” at the Shotgun Barrel Straight blog, has given up on democratic action and has proclaimed the need for us to “secede from the hive” and do (non-violent) personal actions in his recent piece Armadillo by Morning…

In the Epilogue to my January 2017 book Bloggings Of An Amerikaner I proclaimed the following: “The United States of America is on the rocks. Our ship is breaking apart as the waves of a storm rage against it. The main beams of our ship have become rotten from decades of sin, socialism, tyranny, and a new brown crew who have neglected the ship. But the master and his crew are proclaiming our safety and undoubtable eternal existence and future prosperity, while the passengers sing pointless songs and lose their minds in what alcohol is left in the hold. They do not see the inevitable outcome of their position. Do you? Wake up Amerikaners! Time to head for the life boats”. I hold to that today as much as when I wrote it, actually even more so.

At this point it is absolutely clear that we citizens cannot restore America by voting –absolutely clear. We cannot speak our minds in 501 (c)(3) church corporations. We cannot proclaim the truth about morality or race without being accused of “hate speech”. We certainly cannot shake off the Jewish stranglehold on the banking and finance systems of America and the world. We cannot shut up Hollywood and the degenerate media –though we can and should refuse to watch their filth! Most of us currently have a hard time working (and thus being able to eat and wear clothes) without being a part of the corrupt corporate system. We cannot stop corporate agribusiness from producing unhealthy food and poisoning our land with chemicals –but we can raise our own food! We cannot change public school curriculum -but we can homeschool our children!

What we all can do is find our way back to the land and a God reliant lifestyle. It takes hard work, but I believe that it can be done. The less money you have to start a homestead, the harder and longer the process. But by staying in the system you will probably never reach the amount saved that you think you need –and if you do then you are making so much money that it will be tempting not to leave –or to stay in just a little bit longer.

Me, I am going to plant more food this year and continue to work on agrarian infrastructure on the little homestead I am developing. My end goal is to produce all the food I need from this little piece of land, and to buy the things that I cannot produce for myself with income from books sales and a possible summer garden roadside stand. I now plan to post mainly on ideology, with book reviews and some occasional politics/current events. At this point I will still be posting twice a week.

To reject the corrupt political and economic system and begin to peacefully remove oneself from it is a far more anti-establishment action than voting or waving a Trump sign at antifas. Time to head for the life boats!

© Copyright 2017 by Joseph Charles Putnam of Orange County, Indiana. All rights reserved.


Author: Joe Putnam

I am a Christian (Reformed/Sovereign Grace Baptist type), white American of Western European bloodline, advocate of an agrarian social order, Kinist, White Nationalist, admirer of America’s Founding Fathers and the Boys in Gray, homesteader, indie published author, and amateur historian. I have indie published several books, all of which are available from Amazon. I am a life long resident of rural Orange County, IN –in the part of the Upper South that many would term Greater Appalachia or the Dixie Frontier. In addition to my own blog "Putnam Liberty Notes", from May through July of 2017 I dual published many of my posts at the popular multi-author Alt-South blog Identity Dixie. In addition to my blog writings, I am currently gearing up for (at least) two more book projects –one theological and one historical. The theological one will cover the three interpretational views of Daniel’s 70th Week. I hope to have this book in print in late summer 2017. (Hint: I am, not a Dispensational Futurist). The historical book will be a biography of George Rogers Clark (1752-1818). Clark was a noted Virginia militia officer who’s campaigns, including his successful siege of Vincennes, basically took the Old Northwest from Britain during the American Revolution. Clark spent the rest of his life around the river that separates Clarksville, IN from Louisville, Kentucky. I hope to have my Clark bio in print in early 2018.

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