Bibi’s Boy



It seems that much of the Alt-Right, perhaps especially the Southern Nationalists wing of it, has awoken to the massive Jewish influence over the Trump presidency, which I have dubbed Trump-Kushner. This piece will briefly examine those connections. The Bibi in the title of this piece is Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, whose nickname is Bibi. Who his boy is will become obvious.

First of all, let it be stated that Trump is nowhere near an anti-Semite. Well, he is nowhere near anti-Jewish. Technically, the ethnic term Semite encompasses all of Shem’s descendants, not just the Jews. Arabs are Semites. Yet the Jews claim the term for themselves while they oppose their Arab Semite cousins. It would be funny if they were not so powerful.

Donald Trump has never spoken out against Jewish power or influences. Donald Trump has spent his life in New York City, the heart of the Jewish population and influence in the present day United States, and the largest Jewish enclave outside of Israel. Of course, Trump has Jewish business connections.

But it gets deeper than money. Trump’s daughter Ivanka married a Jew, the infamous Jared Kushner. She converted to the Jewish faith, and is Sabbat observant. Trump’s grandchildren are ½ Jewish by blood and are being raised in the Jewish religion. By the Nuremberg standards, Ivanka’s children are elevated from Mischling 1st degree to full Jew by their religious affiliation. Trump loves his daughter and grandchildren. Were this the only point in the article, it would be enough to blind his eyes.

But it is not the only point. Trump, years before he ran for President, openly supported Benjamin Netanyahu of the right wing Likud party for the post of Prime Minister of Israel back in 2013. In this endorsement, Trump proclaimed himself a “big fan of Israel” and stated of Netanyahu that “there’s nobody like him”. Further, in 2004, Trump served as the Grand Marshall of NYC’s “Salute to Israel” parade. Trump went to the AIPAC conference in 2016 and praised Israel.

Trump is not a White Nationalist, not by a long shot. Trump has filled his administration with P.O.C. (People of Color) –and Jews. Trump openly disavowed Dr. David Duke, who supported Trump in hopes that he truly was an “America First” and antiwar candidate who wanted to secure the our southern border. This is not anti-Semite anti-Jewish conspiracy theory, the Jews openly admit this, such as in the January 26 online article Meet the Jews in Donald Trump’s administration by Josefin Dolesten of JTA.

Trump-Kushner picked (((Gary Cohn))) of (((Goldman-Sachs))) to be his economic advisor, and (((Steven Mnuchin))) to head the U.S. Treasury Department. While he had criticized Federal Reserve chair (((Janet Yellen))), Trump has now implied that he might nominate her for a second term there. Of course, the U.S. ambassador to Israel is a Jew, one (((Daniel Freidman))). And that is not all of them!

Of course, current Fed chair (((Janet Yellen))) was preceded as Fed chair by (((Benjamin Shalom Bernanke))), who was preceded as chair by (((Alan Greenspan))). And the current number two post at the Fed is held by (((Stanley Fischer))), a dual citizen of the U.S. and Israel. Pay no attention to the Rothschild behind the curtain…

Two weeks ago Trump broke his “America First” slogan by attacking Syria with Tomahawk cruise missiles, though Syria posed no threat to the U.S. This caused some fallout with the Alt-Right. At this time, it appears that the U.S. is not preparing for a ground invasion, though “regime change” is being noised about. Apparently, the U.S will still wage wars in the Middle East for Israel, weakening Israel’s enemies and destabilizing the area so that Israel can be the regional power. On this note, Bibi himself recently has congratulated Trump’s Middle East policy, stating that Israel now sensed “a great change in the direction of American policy”. (See the April 21 online Jerusalem Post article Netanyahu welcomes Trump’s strategic change of U.S. foreign policy by Herb Keinon). Basically, with the Obama administration, we had mild support for Israel and air strikes and destabilization on her behalf. Now with Trump-Kushner at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, we are back to Dubya level fanatical support for Israel –and maybe even more major operations like the (((Neo-Cons))) yearn for.

While we were suspicious of Kushner, no one really saw his power with (over?) Trump until after the election. That being said, there were some who were awake to Trump’s Jewish ties long before the election. For example, in my June 3, 2016 blog post Election 2016 Shaping Up, I stated that:  “Trump is an outspoken advocate for Israel, as evidenced by his speech at AIPAC in April 2016, where he spoke “that the bond between the United States and Israel is unbreakable” and by his 2013 endorsement of Benjamin Netanyahu for prime minister of Israel. Trump’s daughter Ivanka married a Jewish man and converted to Judaism. While the Jews might not fully own Trump, he is not free of Jewish influence and attachments”. In retrospect, I was not harsh enough, as he apparently is owned by International Jewry. There were voices among the Alt-Right warning of Trump’s Jewish connections; they just were not very popular. 

Regrettably, the U.S. may be headed for another round of intervention in the Middle East, in Syria and maybe even Iran if they do not bow to the will of Israel’s proxy (aka the U.S.). And, we are now pressuring North Korea. Does anyone hear an echo? Was that “Iran, Iraq, and one of the Koreas…” that I just heard?

Considering all of this, and with Netanyahu’s recent remarks, it is clear that Trump is Bibi’s boy, a regular Shabbez Goy. What a shame.

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Kinism, the Amerikaner Concept, and the Alt-South


As America continues to decline, white Americans need to focus on who they are. As such, I am going to do a post on the similarities –and differences- between the three ethnic/political concepts mentioned in the title of this piece. They are all somewhat connected, but have some clear differences.

What is Kinism? Kinsim is a Bible based variation of White Nationalist ideology that holds that God created the different races of men and commanded for them to remain separate –genetically and territorially. While this thought has been around in Christian circles for centuries, arguably from the beginning, Kinism as a term and a formal philosophy is around twenty years old. I believe Kinism may have been first formally articulated under that term by some members of the League of the South back in 2001. There is currently no central authority figure or official Kinist website, so there are variations between adherents, including “weak” Kinists and “strong” Kinists.

Kinsim is basically an outgrowth of Reformed/Calvinist theology, and is often associated with Theonomy and the Confederacy. Unless they indicate otherwise, if you meet someone who identifies as a Kinist, you can assume that they are a Five Point Calvinist. Kinists are generally aware of the JQ.

Kinism does not desire for whites to rule the world; Kinism desires for whites to rule their countries and maintain their culture, while other races are free to do so in their own lands. Kinism is a moral and logical position, and would support Chinese nationalism for the Chinese in China, Indian nationalism for the Indian subcontinent, etc. On a closing point I wish to clarify, for those new to Kinism, that the Kinist position has absolutely no connection to the Christian Identity position, and is at odds with CI on core principles.

The Amerikaner identify concept was birthed by one Tnerb on the multi-author blog The Right Stuff back in June 2016 with a post entitled Behold, I Teach You the Amerikaner. It was Tnerb’s only post at TRS, and I do not believe he blogs, but was affiliated with the WN podcast Manifest Destiny. Tnerb drew parallels between the white Afrikaners of South Africa, and white Americans. Tnerb played up white America’s rural, gun owning, rugged settler, and Protestant past in his piece. I loved it, and decided to write a piece on it.

Then in November 2017, prominent Alt-Right blogger Lawrence Murray put up a post titled Amerikaner Free State and a brief follow up post (on his blog and on TRS) shortly thereafter. Murray totally ignored the core concepts articulated by Tnerb, and just used the term Amerikaner for his postulated ethnostate. Murray also slighted the South in his piece. This was a dead end, and did not help the concept.

On November 27, 2016 I posted my essay I am an Amerikaner, which has been my most popular blog post ever. I am an Amerikaner was my attempt to return the term to Tnerb’s original concept, strengthen it and our ties to the Boer volk, and point out the white ethnic identity underlying our American ancestors –an identity that was stronger than political entities.    

There was a Dixie oriented rebuttal to Murray on TRS on December 8 by one Prez Jeff Davis titled Dixianism and Amerikanerism: Natural Allies .There was also a critical article against Murray’s Amerikaner Free State by Adam Grey at F&H in early January 2017.

Then in January 2017 I published my book Bloggigns Of an Amerikaner, which was the first English language book to use the ethnonym Amerikaner in the title. BOOA incorporated my I am an Amerikaner essay and two others on the concept.

I think that the Amerikaner identity concept is very good, and should not be allowed to die. I appear to be the standard bearer for the concept at this time, and am not giving up on spreading the concept. That is why I discussed the concept at the end of my recent March 24th post Greetings From Greater Appalachia, and am doing so here.

It is very important to note the Amerikaner concept is about who we are, not about how to create a state or states. The Amerikaner concept can exist regardless of who rules over us, just as the Boer volk exist though they are currently being oppressed by the majority black government in S.A. The Amerikaner concept fits very well with Kinism.

Another thing to emerge recently is the concept of the Alt-South. The Alt-South and the Amerikaner concept have some major areas of crossover, but a few important differences. As best as I can tell, the Alt-South concept was formally introduced by Hunter Wallace (aka Brad Griffin) in a speech at the Atlanta Forum in January 2017 -which was then posted on his website Occidental Dissent on January 30, 2017 and titled The Alternative South. Michael Cushman, a blogger and author, is on board with Wallace on this. The Alt-South concept emphasizes the cultural and political heritage of the South, problems with Negroes, and is pro-Protestant. It is like the Amerikaner concept in many ways, but only for Dixie and without any emphasis on Calvinism, militias, or homesteading. Wallace’s Alt-South movement presumably draws on the regional breakdown given in his February 17 piece What Is A Southerner?, and considers Dixie as a cultural area, which includes Kentucky and much of southern Indiana and Ohio, not just the territory of the former states of the C.S.A. The website Occidental Dissent is the hub of the Alt-South movement.

While the Amerikaner concept is perhaps a tad more Germanic and Calvinist oriented than the Alt-South, it seems to me that the main difference between the two is that the Amerikaner concept embraces racially conscious whites from all fifty states. This being said, just as Murray’s Amerikaner Free State piece was dismissive of the South, it may be that Yankees are not interested in the Amerikaner concept put forth by Tnerb and myself –it presumably being too rural, Southern, and Christian for their tastes. I view the Amerikaner concept as potentially appealing to whites in the South, lower Midwest, and the Rocky Mountains.

The Alt-South is, obviously, confined to the South. The Alt-South is certainly open to Kinists, though it does not appear to have any interest in Theonomy. Michael Cushman, in his religious analysis piece Towards a southern national church, has stated that “The modern Southern nationalist movement was closely tied in its early days to conservative Presbyterianism”, however I understand that neither Wallace nor Cushman are Presbyterian.

Kinism, the Amerikaner concept, and the Alt-South have some common traits, but also some clear differences. In truth, all three are double minority movements. By “double minority” I mean that they are minority strains of White Nationalism, and that White Nationalism is a minority position among the American right.

Without a return to a Biblical morality and social order, I do not think that any of these three positions can succeed. That is not popular to say, but I believe it to be true. Agrarianism would also seem to be a key factor –if not prerequisite- to success.

One last thing that I find very interesting is the age of the movers and shakers in these movements. While there are old guys in WN circles -the Kinist, Amerikaner concept, and the Alt-South are all young men’s movements. It appears that most of the leading bloggers and authors are under age 45, and many are in their 20s and 30s! (For the record, I am just shy of 34). Over 2/3 of the signers of the Declaration of Independence in 1776 were under age 50 at the time. The Declarations’ primary author was Thomas Jefferson, who was 33 at the time. George Washington took command of the Continental Army at age 43. George Rogers Clark had conquered the Old Northwest and had risen to the rank of Brigadier General by age 27. Sometimes it takes young men to step out and lead the way.

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Thoughts On Redeeming The Time

With all that has been going on recently, from the Trump campaign policy reversals to tensions with North Korea to the dropping of the M.O.A.B. in Afghanistan last week, I recalled the verse in the New Testament about “redeeming the time”.

Specifically, the phrase is the apostle Paul speaking in Colossians 4:5. The full text of the verse is: “Walk in wisdom toward them that are without, redeeming the time”. What does this mean, and how does it apply to me and my blog readers?

The first part of the 4th chapter of Colossians is basically a continuation of the 3rd chapter, giving instructions on how Christians are to conduct themselves. Our text of Colossians 4:5 appears to be admonishing Christians as to how they should interact with “those who are without”; presumably those without means those not part of the body of Christ.

Further, how does one redeem time? To redeem is to repurchase. As Christ has redeemed his children from their sins and the eternal punishment due them, we are to be the bondservants of our celestial lord and use our time in ways and activities that please him.

I hold that Christians should be a light in this dark hour of our nation’s history, especially to their neighbors. Whether or not America is too far gone to repent is immaterial to our question, as individuals may still repent. We are to speak wisely (and live virtuously!) in front of our unbelieving neighbors, that we might not shame our lord, and so that some may turn to him. We are to use the time given to us wisely, not solely for our own pleasures and carnal advancement.

I am wearied of political commenting. If the last election openly demonstrated anything at all, it left no doubt that it is impossible to vote in any significant change at this point in America’s decline. There is no political hope, but there is spiritual hope. Whatever downward spiral America eventually takes, I believe that God will preserve a remnant who will be here to rebuild. That is why I wrote my earlier essay The Three Principles -to focus my readers on core ideology, not current politics.

Many Christians, myself included, have a propensity to wade way too deep into the corrupted politics of our degrading country. For a moment laying aside the secular Alt-Right, there were Kinists who were applauding the election of Trump, as if that could have begun the restoration of America. Sometimes one gets in so deep that they “cannot see the forest for the trees”.

Without Jesus Christ, there is no hope for our country or our people. That is not exactly a talking point with the Alt-Right! I do not believe that there has ever been a people group or country/political entity where everyone was truly a Christian, though there have been (relatively brief) times and places where the majority may have been. But laying aside the inner heart of man, when a society openly rejects Biblical truth, morality, and social order –as America is now doing- there can be no hope for it.

It should be apparent that the late D. James Kennedy’s “Reclaiming America For Christ” campaign did not do so, and we are in a far worse state today. When morality is universally corrupted, politics cannot save a people. When the doctrines preached in most churches are universally corrupted, politics cannot save a people.

I am not the only one waking up to this. I believe that going back to the land is the path to health, spiritual peace, the preservation of our kin, and the potential survival of the chaos that is inevitable when America finally collapses. Over a decade age, Christian agrarian separatist Michael Bunker exited the political and economic system. Bunker saw way ahead of the curve, and acted accordingly while I was still mired deep in the patriot movement. My electronic buddy and Kinist blogger Hans Gygax advocates for a return to an agrarian and community based lifestyle. Another Kinist blogger, “Shotgun” at the Shotgun Barrel Straight blog, has given up on democratic action and has proclaimed the need for us to “secede from the hive” and do (non-violent) personal actions in his recent piece Armadillo by Morning…

In the Epilogue to my January 2017 book Bloggings Of An Amerikaner I proclaimed the following: “The United States of America is on the rocks. Our ship is breaking apart as the waves of a storm rage against it. The main beams of our ship have become rotten from decades of sin, socialism, tyranny, and a new brown crew who have neglected the ship. But the master and his crew are proclaiming our safety and undoubtable eternal existence and future prosperity, while the passengers sing pointless songs and lose their minds in what alcohol is left in the hold. They do not see the inevitable outcome of their position. Do you? Wake up Amerikaners! Time to head for the life boats”. I hold to that today as much as when I wrote it, actually even more so.

At this point it is absolutely clear that we citizens cannot restore America by voting –absolutely clear. We cannot speak our minds in 501 (c)(3) church corporations. We cannot proclaim the truth about morality or race without being accused of “hate speech”. We certainly cannot shake off the Jewish stranglehold on the banking and finance systems of America and the world. We cannot shut up Hollywood and the degenerate media –though we can and should refuse to watch their filth! Most of us currently have a hard time working (and thus being able to eat and wear clothes) without being a part of the corrupt corporate system. We cannot stop corporate agribusiness from producing unhealthy food and poisoning our land with chemicals –but we can raise our own food! We cannot change public school curriculum -but we can homeschool our children!

What we all can do is find our way back to the land and a God reliant lifestyle. It takes hard work, but I believe that it can be done. The less money you have to start a homestead, the harder and longer the process. But by staying in the system you will probably never reach the amount saved that you think you need –and if you do then you are making so much money that it will be tempting not to leave –or to stay in just a little bit longer.

Me, I am going to plant more food this year and continue to work on agrarian infrastructure on the little homestead I am developing. My end goal is to produce all the food I need from this little piece of land, and to buy the things that I cannot produce for myself with income from books sales and a possible summer garden roadside stand. I now plan to post mainly on ideology, with book reviews and some occasional politics/current events. At this point I will still be posting twice a week.

To reject the corrupt political and economic system and begin to peacefully remove oneself from it is a far more anti-establishment action than voting or waving a Trump sign at antifas. Time to head for the life boats!

© Copyright 2017 by Joseph Charles Putnam of Orange County, Indiana. All rights reserved.

Trump, Syria, and Korea

Over the last week we have witnessed a political convulsion in American politics. It is now pretty clear that Trump played “conservatives” and the Alt-Right. In his often vacillating political statements they saw a veiled pro-white and America First position. They tried to look past his AIPAC speech and his major Jewish connections. Even though Trump clearly was not a WN, maybe this could be the first step in that direction? Then last week 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles striking the Syrian government forces that are resisting ISIS woke the Alt-Right from their pleasant dream. It is as if Dubya was back and talking about that “axis of evil”.

The fallout against Trump from the Alt-Right has been diverse. Many in the Alt-Right see that Trump has openly betrayed the Alt-Right (his most hard core supporters), and working class whites in general. Regrettably, a vote for Trump turned out to be a vote for Kushner. Perhaps I should start using the expression Trump-Kushner like people used to say Clinton-Gore? I think I will.

On his last post at TradYouth, Matt Parrott stated that “Trump turned out to be yet another deep state puppet”. Hunter Wallace of Occidental Dissent is moving on with his Alt-South project, and speaking against Trump-Kushner and the Syria intervention. It is perhaps easier for the Southern Nationalist faction of the Alt-Right to face the Trump betrayal, because they looked at him more as a step toward their eventual goal of a free Dixie, and not as a political savior as the wider Alt-Right did.

Whether or not the U.S. will continue to intervene in Syria is in question. Sort-of. As long as Israel and their diaspora agents have Trump-Kushner in the White House, we will be supporting the Z.O.G. and intervening on behalf of Israel. The real question is whether or not the U.S. government will engage in a “boots on the ground” regime change in Syria as it did in Iraq. I pray that America does not.

Further, there are rumors that White House senior advisor Steve Bannon is being pushed aside by other chief advisors, son-in-law (((Jared Kushner))) and economic expert (((Gary Cohn))). Even though Bannon, the former head of Alt-Lite website Breitbart is apparently pro Jew and not a White Nationalist, he apparently has not properly held the Kosher line at the White House.

And it seems that Trump is willing to up the ante with the chubby little fellow running North Korea. (Did someone just say “Iran, Iraq, and one of the Koreas…”). A U.S. Navy carrier strike force is heading their way as a show of force. It appears that the U.S. has not taken the military option off the table if North Korea continues to develop a nuclear weapon.

First of all, there is no way that North Korea poses a credible threat to the U.S.A. Even if they had an ICBM with a nuke warhead capable of reaching the U.S. mainland, there is no way that it would get here before being shot down. Fox News seems to be beating the drum for regime change in North Korea. Yes indeed, Donald Trump-Kushner is starting to look a lot like George W. Bush.

Ironically, the U.S. is attempting to be the world’s WMD police –while we currently have a huge nuclear arsenal and are the only country in the world to ever nuke another country! And in case you forgot, we dropped both atomic bombs on Japanese cities filled with civilians, not isolated military bases. Is that not a FAR worse war crime than what Assad was accused of (using gas) last week –allegedly killing less than 100 civilians? But that comparison involves using morality and basic logic, something most Republicans and Democrats are apparently incapable of doing.

This is a bitter pill for most WNs to swallow, but the 2016 election cycle proved that we cannot vote in substantial change at this point in America’s decline. Absolutely cannot. I gave up hope on elections over four years ago, when I was still a hard core Constitutional American patriot type. When I added racial consciousness to my political position several years ago, my belief on the hopelessness of elections was if anything solidified.

While the Alt-Right (primarily through online activities) had an influence in the election of Trump-Kushner far above proportion to their numbers –most people who voted for Trump-Kushner are not part of the Alt-Right. Even if the whole Alt-Right simultaneously woke up to Trump’s campaign promise betrayals and Jewish connections, most Trump-Kushner voters would be unaffected.

Most conservatives do not know what the Constitution and Bill of Rights even say, and would rather die than return to a strict construction of them. Most conservatives do not want to conserve (actually rebuilding would be necessary) the political, moral, and social order of their grandparents, much less that of the Founding Fathers.

If anything, Trump-Kushner’s actions benefiting Israel will endear him to the masses of Republicans who voted for him, especially the evangelicals who are almost always rabid supporters of Zionism. Within the last week I talked to a Christian Zionist woman who proclaimed how that Trump is very immoral, but that she was proudly supporting him. (Her husband is involved in “professional Christian service”). This attitude is perhaps typical of American Christian Zionists.

Regarding Muslims, last year I had a talk with another woman, a Trump supporter. I tried to explain to her that Muslim was a religion, not a race. Of course, this woman is also a fervent advocate of Zionism. For every woke on the JQ member of the Alt-Right who voted for Trump, there are probably a dozen Christian Zionists who also did so. While more Middle East interventionism may be the final straw to Trump-Kushner’s supporters who are Alt-Right, libertarian leaning, or lesser of the two evils patriot voters –it will do little if any harm to his support from the masses of “conservatives”.

When one is in one or more small movements –be it the Alt-Right, Kinism, Constitutionalism, White Nationalism, 9/11 Truth, tax protest, or etc.- it is easy to forget that the masses of the 300 plus millions Americans do not share your views. In fact, the masses likely are only vaguely aware that people who believe such things even exist. The American people, or about half of them, may be angry about America’s economic decline and the Obama years, but they are nowhere near waking up to all that is wrong with the country.

The way forward for Amerikaners at times looks dark and menacing, but there is no option but to go forward. To surrender to ones enemies is not an option.

I think that if the Alt-Right is to survive, it must refocus on ideology. We must think about who we are as a people –genetically, religiously, and historically. That is what the Amerikaner identity concept is about. We must embrace the ideology and way of life of our American ancestors. I plan to have a lengthy post discussing and contrasting the similarities and differences of White Nationalism, Kinism, the Amerikaner concept, and the Alt-South next week, probably up in time for the weekend.

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Monday Morning Musings: Rural Hijhabs


I was eating Sunday dinner with my aging parents (who recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary) in a little restaurant up the road in Lawrence County yesterday afternoon. I saw something for the first time in that little Arby’s restaurant: a young woman wearing a hijab. She was with a much older, normally dressed white man. Though her head and neck were covered in traditional Middle Eastern style, she was wearing pants and had a smart phone tucked in a back pocket, as do most white girls around here. She also seemed to speak perfect English. Her complexion was indeterminate; she could have been a light skin Middle Easterner or a 50/50 ME and Euro mix. I wondered if she was a Muslim faith, ½ Euro college girl out with her very white grandfather. He seemed unfazed to be sitting there with her in a public place.

To be sure, if I were to drive an hour north of the homestead to Bloomington, Indiana (the home campus of Indiana University) I would be able to see women in hijabs, and sometimes even burkas –and also large numbers of East Asians. But a hijab at an Arby’s in rural southern Indiana –a small town Arby’s literally bordering a cornfield? That was a first. I wonder if this girl believes in the “proposition nation” fantasy, or was perhaps an open and conscious enemy of traditional American culture.

For a moment lay aside whether or not this girl’s bloodline goes exclusively to the equatorial sands or was mixed with one from Europe. This girl is in a country settled almost exclusively by Christians and still predominantly (professing) Christian. Yet she wears the emblem of the Muslims that have raged against Europe for over 1,000 years. The emblem of those who are now flooding Europe’s borders, the emblem of those launching terror attacks on Europe –like the recent truck slaughter in Sweden.

I was very polite. I did not speak to her. There was no purpose in making a scene. To ask her why she wore that in a country founded by European Christians would have only made me look a hayseed bigot, or maybe even a Nazi. I would rather people not put up rainbow neighbor signs against me like they did here in Orange County against Parrott and Heimbach. I just sat there while one more piece of my country faded away before my eyes.

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Special Post: The Alt-Right Awakening!

Hello all. We do live in exciting times. After President Donald Trump’s ridiculously unnecessary and unconstitutional Tomahawk cruise missile strikes in Syria early Friday morning –the Alt-Right has awaken. Trump has openly violated his “America First” foreign policy rhetoric to carry out the (((Neo-Conservative))) agenda in the Middle East. It is as if Dubya were back in the Oval Office. Of course, Benjamin Netanyahu has come out in support of Trumps action.

Much of the Alt-Right now admit that Trump has betrayed them, and thus working class white Americans. That is a very serious development. Many of the White Nationalists who fanatically supported Trump (despite Trump’s Jewish business and familial connections to Jews and open support of Israel) have faced the music; Trump fronts for Jews. As of Friday, big name Alt-Right personalities are very unhappy with Trump. Richard Spencer, who last year proclaimed “Hail Trump, hail our people, hail victory” is annoyed enough that Spencer’s posted a brief piece by Hunter Wallace titled The Alt-Right Cuts Ties With Donald Trump! Wow!

In an April 7 Occidental Dissent piece titled Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Applauds Donald Trump’s Attack On Syria Hunter Wallace stated the following: “I apologize to all of you who said Donald Trump was an Israeli puppet. Clearly, you were right”. I respect a man who is willing to admit his error about Trump and publically proclaim the truth about him. Now that the Trump dream is over, the Alt-Right can look forward to what it can try to accomplish –perhaps focusing on preserving our people and maybe even leaving it’s basically internet only field of operations for personal interactions?

Dr. David Duke has condemned Trump’s intervention in Syria, though I have yet to listen to his podcast today to get his full take on what has happened. The
April 7 Occidental Dissent piece Daily Stormer: An Extremely Unfortunate Turn of Events goes over the warning signs that much of the Alt-Right missed –or ignored out of hope. Kinist Nathaniel Strickland has compared Trump to Dubya on Twitter. I am not sure what reaction Matthew Heimbach or the guys in his group have had to these events.

Of course, as my regular blog readers know, I never drank the Trump Kool Aid. In my November 8th election day post titled Five Things That Today’s Vote Will Not Do I stated that Trump was connected to Jews and was not going to restore America. Looks like I was right.

Further, Trump has backpedaled on his repeal Obamacare promise to “repeal and replace”. After recent Congressional actions, Obamacare stands the same as when Obama was in the White House. While we are at it, I think we can be real and admit that Trump is not going to build a wall the entire length of the U.S./Mexico border, much less round up and deport all the illegal aliens.

As this deal with Trump, Syria, and the Alt-Right was going down I was researching a piece that I had planned to title “Kushner: The Shadow Secretary”. It was to show that Trump’s Jewish son-in-law Jared Kushner was acting as a shadow secretary of state (as was “Colonel” Edward Mandel House a century ago) and was advancing the interests of International Jewry and the state of Israel. Now that Trump has shown his cards with this airstrike, my piece will not be necessary!

I hold that the future of America looks very grim. But all is not lost. We need to rally around who we are, and prepare for what ill events the future might hold. Hopefully, Trump will not put America in another boots-on-the-ground war in the Middle East. Hopefully Trump will not escalate tensions with Russia. But whatever happens, white Americans need to remember who we are, and be prepared to weather a time of economic collapse, racial chaos, or political tyranny. We need to embrace our Amerikaner roots. I am an Amerikaner, what about you? Will the Alt-Right crumble from this, or regroup and be stronger by focusing on principles instead of bold personalities? Time will tell.

(Note to my weekend blog readers: In the wake of Trump’s actions, my Thursday evening post for this weekend about the MG shoot at the KCR seems less important, but please scroll back and check it out).

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MGs at Knob Creek: A Fascinating Distraction


This weekend is the world famous biannual legal machinegun shoot at the Knob Creek Range near West Point, Kentucky (a little southwest of Louisville). It bills itself as the largest civilian machinegun shoot in America. I wrote a four page essay about my three trips to the shoot at KCR as the 14th essay on my March 2016 book Putnam Liberty Notes. The pic below of me in the doomsday modified Dodge Durango with 50 cal. mount was taken at the Fall 2013 shoot.


For those in more oppressive states than Indiana and Kentucky, and for my foreign visitors, let me clarify the legality of this shoot. Current U.S. law classifies any weapon capable of fully automatic fire as a machinegun, regardless of whether it is a belt fed automatic only gun like the M249 or MG42, a mag fed selective fire rifle like the M16, or a mag fed selective fire subgun like HK’s MP5. Current U.S. Federal laws allow the civilian ownership of machineguns for non-felonious adults citizens who pay a $200 tax, undergo fingerprinting, submit to a Federal background check, and endure a large wait/processing time. Further, each MG is registered with the BATF and requires a $200 fee to transfer ownership. MGs are regulated under the NFA34. Suppressors (aka silencers) and short barreled (under 18 inches) shotguns are also regulated by the NFA34.

This is complicated further by the 1986 ban on the manufacture of new MGs for civilian ownership, while those already existent were grandfathered as legal. (New manufacture of suppressors and short barreled rifles and shotguns was not banned). Thus, the price of pre86 transferable MGs has skyrocketed in the last 30 years. A forty year old, pre86 transferable M60 belt fed in 7.62 Nato can cost in excess of $20,000. Yep. ATF licensed Class 3 dealers can still buy new MGs, but not retain them in their personal collection/ownership after retiring their license.

Enter the shoot at KCR. Many people, including myself, cannot afford a Class 3 weapon. The shoot at the extensive ranges at the rural KCR has a main line where guys who own legal MGs come for a weekend and exhibition shoot their MGs at old cars, junk appliances, etc. Further, on Knob Creek’s lower range two gentlemen rent actual legal MGs to people to fire on the spot under their supervision. This allows guys like me to legally shoot actual MGs.

I attended the KCR shoot on three occasions between Fall 2012 and Spring 2014. Over the course of these three shoots, with my wallet screaming, I paid to fire the M14, FAL, M249, M60, and HK21. It is very expensive, usually 3-5 times the price of the ammo to rent/fire these guns. I do not want to think of how much I money spent, and I cannot currently afford to do it again! Perhaps the highlight was hosing down a junk refrigerator from the offhand position with a long burst from an M249.

The shoot at KCR attracts thousands of people twice each year. I personally heard a girl who was operating one of the rental ticket lines say that she knew of a German family who flew over each year to shoot MGs at Knob Creek.

If one does have money and does not have military experience with MGs, attending the shoot at KCR might be a good idea for basic familiarization. However, if you do not already own a good defensive pistol, centerfire rifle, a good quantity of spare mags, and a couple of cases of ammo –forget the creek and attend to your needs.

Going to the shoot at KCR is fun, but somewhat of a distraction. The environment there is not hard core patriot, personal defense, or white nationalist. It surely is not about homesteading or building sustainable, white, agrarian communities that could weather an economic collapse or an EMP! The attitude at KCR is one of a gun centered theme park with heavy doses of the U.S. military and “conservative” politics. If you attend, expect anti-Islamic bumper stickers, not anti-Israeli ones.

I have not attended a shoot there since the Spring 2014 shoot, and do not plan to in the future.

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