You Can(not) Save The World

One absolute fallacy taught children from the earliest age is that they can do whatever they want. Their parents and public school teachers tell them that they can be whatever they want to be. Why, any child could grow up to be the President! But it is a lie. In fact, it is all connected to the equality lie.

First of all, this fallacy ignores the God ordained gender roles. The man was to be the leader of his home -a benevolent king who loved, defended, and physical provided for his wife and children. He was to be prophet, priest, and king in his house; not only was he to provide and govern, he was to teach his family of God and his ways. The wife was to care for the home, and nurture the children. Education also traditionally occurred in the home -not a public school that hates the God, race, and political heritage of the children sent there.

In addition to how God ordered society, there are very real physical and mental limitations. Not every person is as bright as their siblings. People vary in intelligence, though the majority falls within a certain range that is considered “average”. Not all men are capable of understanding the complex subjects needed to politically govern, serve as a church elder, design bridges, teach history, practice medicine, etc. And yes, there are easily measurable difference in intelligence between the different races of man -in addition to real physical, emotional, and personality differences.

Further, men and women are very different physically. Man is larger and stronger than woman. Women have different and greater emotional needs than men. They do not operate at their full mental and physical potential once a month.

On top of this, not all men are the same size and strength. Some men are small and weak. Others are born with a physical handicap. Not all men can labor in the fields, cut down trees, or do physical battle. Of those who can, some are genetically predisposed to be better at it.

Next there is education. Different people have aptitudes in different areas. In formal education, some people will struggle at one subject and excel at another. Not everyone can afford a college education, and before 1950 it was (correctly) understood that most people probably do not need one. Not everyone has the necessary intellect to be a doctor, even if sent to medical school for free. This is just reality.

Now that we have determined that not all men are equal in abilities, we need to face the reality of the title of this essay. You can(not) save the world. You cannot be the President. You cannot, on your own and in your own strength, start a political movement to restore America or save your race. Some things are just not within your power, or within my power.

From a theological perspective, the duty of man is obedience. Man is to live righteously, obey the commands of God, stand against wickedness in society and government, and raise his family according to the Bible. Man should speak out against evil in government and society, refuse to participate in it, defend his family from it, and in extreme cases physically resist it.

In Proverbs 16:9 we are told that: “A man’s heart deviseth his way: but the LORD directeth his steps.” We are to stand for righteousness, warn others of dangers that we see, and try to be in a position to help others (after we have provided for our own). We plan, but ultimately, it is God who determines what will happen.

Now to the personal part. I have been interested in liberty, America, and the patriot movement since my early teens. Staring in my teens, I read patriot material –everything from gun rights to libertarian to JBS to militia to conspiracy to sovereign citizen stuff. (In late 2013, I added white nationalist to the reading list). This all culminated with me writing a book in May 2013 about the Bible and liberty. I took it out of print over two years ago, as I had not then come to my awakening about God’s sovereignty or to the necessity (and Bible basis) of ethnonationalism.

I then studied God’s word, race, current events –and shot guns and stayed fit. I talked to young guys about liberty, handed out pocket copies of the Constitution, sponsored a4th of July shoot for the guys that I was going to church with, and occasionally served as a guest host on an alternative/patriot internet radio station. Then, after reading Michael Bunker’s book Surviving Off Off-Grid, I moved to a small on grid homestead in May 2015, which I am still working on!

After much though, I published my second book, Putnam Liberty Notes, in March of 2015. I started this blog to be an author site to promote it, but it got out of hand and turned into a platform for me to write weekly essays! In August I published another book, As America Fades, with the core of that book being my blog essays. But I kept blogging. In January 2017 I published my fourth little book, Bloggings Of An Amerikaner. BOAA was the best of my post-AAF blog essays, with several all new ones as a thank you for my hard core readers. And then I blogged on.

Further, using a Disqus profile, I have commented on articles on many patriot, Alt-Right, and news oriented websites. I even got kicked off from two of them! I aggressively promoted the Amerikaner identity concept with Disqus, and my essay on Neo-Babelism.

After 20 years of knowledge and casual effort, and the last five years of intensive effort, I have failed to save America. I have not even started a movement to do so.

One man cannot change the world for good, even if he were the President. There are many other powerful elected leaders around him, plus wealthy interest groups -and an ignorant society at large who would object to actually strictly following the Constitution and reining in our empire.

I do not think that the election of Donald Trump to the Presidency will restore America. It is far too little, far too late. Trump’s civic nationalist and reindustrialization talk harken back to the 1950s, not to when America was truly great politically and virtuous morally. At this stage in America’s political, moral, economic, and racial decay, the Trump Presidency will likely just be a speed bump on the highway to our collective destruction –a highway that Hillary, Bernie, or Cruz would have had us hurtling down full speed. Tyranny, racial conflict, and economic collapse seem very likely in our future.

It hurts to say this, but you cannot change the world on your own; neither can I. But what you can do is to become more self-sufficient, get physically fit, start growing your own food, study history, move toward a more traditional and self-reliant lifestyle, peacefully and intelligently advocate for racial separation/Kinism, and prepare to defend and feed your family during a time of collapse, unrest, or tyranny. People who do this can help their neighbors, and begin the stabilization process for their communities. This kin oriented philosophy is the basis of the Three Principles, and is what we will need to do to rebuild, if the Lord wills to carry us through whatever judgements he sends upon or country. What are you going to do, my fellow Amerikaners?

© Copyright 2017 by Joseph Charles Putnam of Orange County, Indiana. All rights reserved.


Author: Joe Putnam

I am a Christian (Reformed/Sovereign Grace Baptist type), white American of Western European bloodline, advocate of an agrarian social order, Kinist, White Nationalist, admirer of America’s Founding Fathers and the Boys in Gray, homesteader, indie published author, and amateur historian. I have indie published several books, all of which are available from Amazon. I am a life long resident of rural Orange County, IN –in the part of the Upper South that many would term Greater Appalachia or the Dixie Frontier. In addition to my own blog "Putnam Liberty Notes", from May through July of 2017 I dual published many of my posts at the popular multi-author Alt-South blog Identity Dixie. In addition to my blog writings, I am currently gearing up for (at least) two more book projects –one theological and one historical. The theological one will cover the three interpretational views of Daniel’s 70th Week. I hope to have this book in print in late summer 2017. (Hint: I am, not a Dispensational Futurist). The historical book will be a biography of George Rogers Clark (1752-1818). Clark was a noted Virginia militia officer who’s campaigns, including his successful siege of Vincennes, basically took the Old Northwest from Britain during the American Revolution. Clark spent the rest of his life around the river that separates Clarksville, IN from Louisville, Kentucky. I hope to have my Clark bio in print in early 2018.

3 thoughts on “You Can(not) Save The World”

  1. barak hussein setoro is proof….
    That ANY child can grow up to be President… you’re wrong! (smile)
    Funny how the blacks are so stupid, to think he’s one of them-
    He’s half pure lilly-white jew! We just don’t know who his father is-
    But I would bet on Frank Davis.


  2. Another thought… Maybe it’s time to start preserving food, even if you don’t have a garden.
    I got a pressure canner and will figure out how to use it.
    The BPA(?) stuff in can linings is POISON! Glass canning ware is free of all that bad stuff!
    So, it’s time to buy a bunch of Ball jars and start using the Ball canning book we got from my
    Grandmother. The food can come from any market right now, until we get our acre working.


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