The Data Stream That Took Over The World

Back fifty or so years ago, rather cheesy sci-fi movies were in vogue -such as bizarre blobs from outer space landing on earth and taking over the world. I recall seeing a trailer for one once that proclaimed something to the effect (about a blob/creature) that “It took over the world”. Drive-in movie sci-fi aside, what has really taken over the world in the last three decades? Wireless communications and the internet.

I was musing recently on the concept of the Internet. As I understand it, the internet was developed at least in part by the Defense Department to facilitate communication between U.S. military bases, even during a potential nuclear exchange or world war scenario. (No, Al Gore did not invent the internet). I was born in 1983, and there was no commonplace civilian internet than, or any cellphones either.

I was homeschooled from grades 5 through 12, but recall a single computer sitting in the classroom during some of my time in public elementary school. I believe it may have had a green screen image. I had no real computer interaction until my mid-teens (the late 1990s). I did have a desktop personal computer –operating on Windows 95- for the last three years of homeschool high school. I did not have internet access then, though some of my relatives and church acquaintances did have it.

The first time I saw an acquaintance use a cellphone was in 1999, when I and some relatives were traveling to a funeral in the Indianapolis area. It was a phone in a bag like setup, that had to be plugged into the car’s cigarette lighter (for power) to work. Millennials might be surprised to see how different life was for a rural guy just 20 years ago!

I was a bit behind the tech revolution. While I used the internet at a few of my jobs, I (by choice) did not have the internet in my house until 2012. I have never owned a cellphone. I have indie published four small books and currently blog from a single laptop that is now almost six years old.

While I was outside the tech revolution, most Americans were excitedly embracing it. Cellphones are now ubiquitous, even for teenagers. Almost every house has the interment and at least one computer. Most people’s cellphones are smartphones- basically a minicomputer with internet access. People are plugged into instant communication with the world every waking minute. This is a historical anomaly.

The government now acts as if universal internet access is a necessity, a civil right or something. Schools and homes without it must be underprivileged -or perhaps so deep in the backwoods that coon hunting, pool halls, and banjo playing are the primary forms of social interaction (just kidding, I live in a pretty rural area myself and there are no pool halls nearby).

You see, if everyone is constantly plugged into the internet –a network conceived by the Federal government and ran by government chartered corporations- than the government can monitor all communications. Why have paid spies doing surveillance only on high value targets like in East Germany when everyone will buy their own electronic devices and voluntarily log onto the governments’ system every day? (Check out my post Who Owned The Tea? for an essay on the blurred line between the state and its corporations ). And of course, cellphones track one’s location in real time – a boon to any tyrannical state.

Recently, I have seen the Alt-Right complaining about media censorship, both “fake news” outlets and social media (like Twitter) censorship of Alt-Right accounts. One piece I saw wanted social media nationalized like utility companies, to remove (liberal) company’s bias. As a liberty advocate, I have negative views of both corporations and the currently out-of-control government. That being said, nationalizing a corporate entity is about the only way to make it even worse. Then the state can control it all- in the name of national security of course.

The internet currently allows us to network with others and to spread information without it being filtered by the state or mainstream news outlets. This is very good.  But it has a downside. Now the state may read our every communication, and even monitor what websites we view/information we consume –something it could not do when you bought a magazine off the newsstand or watched (mainstream garbage) TV. The internet is a two edged sword; let us not forget that. The internet is the data stream that took over the world.

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My Top Five Posts, with Update



I have done some numbers crunching this week, and came up with a list of my five most popular posts. I have made about 80 posts since May 2016, and for my new readers who may have missed some of them, I have included a list of the top five of these posts –as judged by page views. If someone clicks on an individual essay, as opposed to just pulling up the mainpage, it tells me that the essay has been viewed, and on what day. Here we are.

#1: I am an Amerikaner –November 27, 2016. This is by far my most popular post ever, with more views than the next 10 behind it! I did promote its views with Disqus comments quite a bit, but my goodness I got a lot of views. I also received more reader comments on it than any other post.

#2: Neo-Babelism –February 3, 2017. Though posted only three weeks ago, this post quickly climbed to number two, and had almost as many views as numbers 3, 4, and 5 combined.

#3: 9/11: Fifteen Years After –September 11, 2016. This rather long essay was posted on the 15th anniversary of 9/11, and explains the science that destroys the official story of the collapse of the Twin Towers. It also points out the Jewish connections to 9/11, drawing on the superb research of Christopher Bollyn.

#4: D-Day: Let Us Mourn –June 6, 2016. Posted on the 72nd anniversary of Operation Overlord, this post questioned why America was involved in an unnecessary war against our European brothers.

#5: Orange County Demographics and Heimbach –November 5, 2016. This post talked a bit about the southern Indiana county that I am from, and the recent relocation here of Orange County native Matt Parrott and his friend Matthew Heimbach of the TWP.

WordPress also gives me the country of origin for my daily views. When I ran the numbers back in October 2016, my audience was 95.4% from the U.S.A. I re-ran the numbers this week, counting only the period from January 1, 2017 until two days ago, and only 84% of my views were from the U.S.A. Canada came in at just under 3%, and New Zealand, Australia, and Germany all came in at just under 2% each. The U.K., South Africa, Sweden, and the Netherlands all came in at about ½% each. Welcome to my blog, my Euro brothers across the seas.

Since the publication of my essay Orange County Demographics and Heimbach in early November -Heimbach, Parrott, and the TWP have gotten some more publicity from the mainstream media. This resulted in some backlash in the Paoli area, and resulted in a town government meeting and a bunch of rainbow stripped “no matter what color your skin, no matter where you are from, no matter what you believe, we’re glad you are our neighbor” type yard signs being put up all over town (but not by the majority of the population). Seriously. Matt Parrott (on the TradYouth site) put up an article about this backlash titled Quarantinistan: Escaping the Diversty Death Cult. Do these ridiculous signs mean that the community is welcoming White Nationalists? Of course not. Those advocating multiculturalism stupidly put up a sign -that by its clear wording- does not refuse to welcome Islamic Jihadis, illegal immigrants, black welfare mommas, and LGBTQ pervs. But they did this to protest against the welcoming of traditional white Americans who want to ethnically preserve their country. The people who put these signs up are too stupid to understand what they mean!  I took the picture of the sign below at a business in Paoli.


And of course, please check out my latest indie published book Bloggings Of An Amerikaner on Amazon today! It has many of my best blog posts, including this one, in it along with several never published online essays!

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Horseless Carriages and Liberty


I have not posted an article for almost two weeks, so I decided to put this together. For the younger ones in my audience, horseless carriage is an old term for an automobile. Occasionally there is a road accident here in Orange County, Indiana, where a car or truck hits an Amish buggy. This happens periodically in my neck of the woods.

Before cars were invented, there was no problem. Everyone moved via horsepower, at a slow enough speed that traffic accidents were rare and usually not fatal. There were no driver’s’ testing and licensing, as riding a horse or driving a wagon generally did not endanger others. There was no government mandated purchase of driver’s insurance, as there was no need for it as horsepower did not create traumatic wrecks.

Further, automobiles require decent roads to operate at their optimum speeds –at least gravel and preferably paved. Paved roads were not needed when travel was by horse. Widespread ownership of automobiles by the citizenry necessitated higher taxes to build (expensive) blacktop/paved roads for their cars to use. Part of this taxation took the form of driver’s license and license plate fees –which also number citizens for easier identification (control). Hmm.

Further, drunk people riding a horse do not pose a threat to others, and a drunk in a buggy poses little danger to alert people. But a drunk man in a 3,000 pound car hurtling down the road at 60 miles per hour does pose a threat to others on the road. Enter the highway patrol. Now police drive up and down these roads in cars looking for people to pull over for safety reasons –or just plain minor traffic violations. While not legal, cops can basically demand a motorist pull over at their will, at which point they may try to conduct a “fishing expedition” to see if the motorist is somehow involved in an illegal totally activity unconnected to driving.

All of these licensing, identification, taxation, and police power issues are based upon the ownership of automobiles. We took a step that opened up consequences that we never envisioned. We have accepted restriction of our God given liberty so that we may drive cars.

Now those who wish to live like their ancestors, such as the Amish, negotiate roads with high speed automobile traffic. On two lane country roads where people know Amish live, this would not be much if any of a problem. But on state highways with speed limits of 55 or more, this is not really safe for the Amish or for motorists –especially after dark. Normal vehicle operation by an alert driver is not always enough, if one tops a hill at 55 mph and buggy is only 25 yards in front of you and there is oncoming traffic and little to no road shoulder. That is when bad things happen.

Americans have complicated their lives. The few like the Amish who wish to opt out are still in danger from living in a system hostile to them. Americans have created a legal and financial nightmare for themselves, and a danger for those who wish to live like America’s Founders. What a mess. Can it be rectified? Perhaps, but probably not fully rectified unless we all went back to horse power for travel –which might occur after an EMP or really large financial/social collapse. Until then, the mess continues…

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In my last post earlier this week, I used the term Neo-Babelism. Specifically, I stated that allowing men of all races into one’s country was Neo-Babelism. Simply put, Neo-Babelism is ignoring God’s concept of nations. Let me clarify what this means. As there seems to be little on the internet in way of articles explaining the concept of Neo-Babelism, let me begin to rectify it with this essay.

Obviously, the term Neo-Babelism is a reference to the Tower of Babel mentioned in the 11th chapter of the book of Genesis in the Old Testament. As best as I can tell, the term Neo-Babelism is of Kinist origin. The Kinists are a specific branch of White Nationalists who are generally Calvinist/Reformed theologically and who believe that (1) God created the various races of men for his own purposes, (2) that man was meant to live in family/tribe based units, and (3) that miscegenation is a sin. The Kinists I have read seem to be more oriented towards the C.S.A. than the American Revolution, and usually seem inclined toward Dominionism and Theonomy.

Basically, the concept of Neo-Babelism holds out four key points: (1) that God separated the human race into different racial tribes/nations, (2) that the dispersion at Babel was aimed to stop the sin that would ensue when all men are united, (3) that God reaffirmed this with Act 17:26 in the New Testament, and (4) that attempts to form countries of multiple tribes/nations and promote miscegenation (interracial marriage and procreation) is a sinful rebellion against God’s law.

First, what is a nation? The New Testament words “gentile”, “gentiles” and “nations” are usually translated from the Greek word ethnos (where we get the word ethnicity), and means tribe or nations. Acts 17:26 speaks of “all nations (ethnos) of men”.

God first mentions nations in the Bible in Genesis 10:5; this is shortly before the first mention of a kingdom or king. A kingdom is a political entity/country, but is not necessarily always made up of one nation. Genesis 10:5 states “By these were the isles of the Gentiles divided in their lands; every one after his tongue, after their families, in their nations”. God, shortly after the flood and before the rise of Babel, instituted multiple kin/family groups.

Babel brought all nations of men together, speaking one language, in one place. This was a direct rebellion to the God ordained pattern of national families, each in their own territory. Further, they built a city and a tower.

Going back in time, after Cain killed Abel, the Lord declared sentence upon Cain and told him to be a “fugitive and a vagabond”. Yet Cain rebels by settling down and building the first city. Later we see righteous Abraham in the rural areas, while Lot descends to the city of Sodom (before God calls him out of it and destroys it). Babel was a multiracial but monolingual city that wanted to build a tower to Heaven, not that any man of flesh could ever reach God’s dwelling place or stand in his presence. When man congregates together, it is a breeding ground of sin; when men of many races do this, the effect is multiplied. Babel displeased God, as he knew that together man’s sinfulness would not be restrained when they were united at Babel, and thus God “confounded” their language and dispersed them (Genesis 11:6-9). Man was once again in tribal units and spread out as agrarians.

Later, after the nation of Israel (the twelve tribes) had arisen and left Egypt, they were given laws by God. In Deuteronomy 23:3-8 we see that some races of men were excluded from entering into the congregation, at least for several generations. Yes indeed. It did not say that these men might not seek God and repent, as did Nineveh, but they could not enter into the congregation of Israel.  We know that non-Jewish slaves were allowed to live in Israel. Obviously, entering into the congregation is different than living in the tribal territory. Matthew Henry (1662-1714), perhaps the most famed Bible commentator of all time, holds that not entering into the congregation could mean: (1) no participation in religious services with Israelites, (2) participation but no office holding, or (3) prohibition on intermarriage. Whatever the exact distinction, there clearly was one. As we later read in Nehemiah 13:23-27 that God’s prophet Nehemiah was GREATLY displeased that some Jews had married “strange wives”.

In the New Testament we read God reconfirm his desire for man to be in separate nations. Many ignorant advocates of multiculturalism point to Acts 17:26. Let us read it. “And hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitations”.—Act 17:26 

While it is true that all men are of one original bloodline, that of Adam and then Noah, that does not render national/racial distinctions nonexistent. In fact, Acts 17:26 clearly states that God made multiple nations and appointed the “bounds of their habitations”! Whether one believes these bounds to be (1) geographical boundaries of tribal territories, (2) genetic boundaries, or (3) both of these –it is clear that God himself placed boundaries between the races. Do not attempt to undo what God has decreed. Further, the next verse in Acts states that they were separated “That they should seek the Lord…” –just exactly the reason for the dispersion from Babel back in Genesis!

Some will further object that there is “neither Jew nor Greek” in Christ (Galatians 3:28). In that verse it also says there is neither male nor female, but homosexuality and sodomite marriage is not legalized by Galatians! This verse is simply showing that salvation is open to all; it does not support miscegenation.

In conclusion, bringing men of many different races into one country and promoting intermarriage is a violation of God’s consistent commands throughout his word; it is simply rebuilding the tower of Babel without the bricks. It can result in nothing good.

It would seem to me that there are major distinction between races, and minor distinctions between tribes. For example, a Chinese person or a Negro from sub-Saharan Africa should not marry a European, but it would not seem wrong for a German to marry a Scot. Regardless of exactly where one draws the line, it is clear that America was founded and primarily settled by Western Europeans (my ancestors!) and that we have subsequently formed our own distinctive ethnic group –the Amerikaners that I wrote of in my earlier essay I am an Amerikaner. Fellow Christians, awake and do not build -or advocate others build- a modern tower of Babel. Say no to Neo-Babelism.  

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