Book Sales, Immigration, Jerusalem Embassy, And My Future Writing Projects


I do not intend to restart a commentary series on this blog, but I will occasionally post, like today. This is going to be a multi-subject post. First of all, I would like to thank everyone who purchased any of my books in the month of January. While the sales were a fraction of my readership stats, I do appreciate them. For some reason, although I just released Bloggings Of An Amerikaner, I actually sold more copies each of Putnam Liberty Notes and As America Fades than of my new book. Go figure. The “look inside” feature for Bloggings Of An Amerikaner on Amazon is finally working, so you can take a peek inside.

A few days ago President Trump signed an executive order temporarily suspending immigration from certain Middle Eastern countries. The left is quite upset. It appears to be a legal exercise of his power under immigration law passed in accord with the Constitution. Regrettably, it is not permanent, and probably will not be made so. To wish all men of all races well is good and Christian; to allow all men of all races into ones’ country is idiotic and nothing but Neo-Babelism (aka the flouting of God’s creation of various nations for his purposes).

Going back to pre-1965 immigration standards that were designed to keep America a white European nation would be a good idea, but I doubt it will happen under Trump. Another great idea would be for the President to politely ask all dual citizens of America and another country to formally relinquish their U.S. citizenship and go to the other country they were a citizen off –especially in the case of dual U.S./Israeli citizens. But that would absolutely never happen under Trump (or anyone else who ran in 2016 under any of the parties).

Trump has stated a desire to move the U.S. embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem; this is a terrible mistake. First of all, the State of Israel was created by the U.N. in 1948, not by the righteous God of the Bible. The Balfour Declaration and the U.N. partition plan came from man, not Mount Sinai. The U.N. intended the city of Jerusalem to be an international zone, open to all people of the region regardless of faith or ethnos.

Christian Zionists aside, anyone who has read the 28th chapter of Deuteronomy or Jesus’ statements to the Jews in the 23rd chapter of Matthew (especially verses 34-38) understands that the utter destruction of the city of Jerusalem and the temple by the Roman armies in 70 A.D. was the judgment of Almighty God upon the rebellious Jews. This judgment came shortly after the end of the 70th Week of Daniel, which week began with Christ’s ministry and was fulfilled shortly after his death –and resulted in God’s rejection of the Jewish people as he built his church from all nations/ethnos (primarily Europe and the Middle East). God cast the Christ rejecting Jews from that piece of land, and to aid them in retaking it is opposing the judgement/ sentence of God. To side with Israel, let alone recognize Jerusalem as its capital, is an offense against God –an offense that will bring judgment on America. Basically, the Christian Zionists who now dominate evangelical Christianity have it exactly backwards.

I have several future writing projects that I am planning out. It will probably take the form of four different books. Most of these books will likely be short (100 pages or so) books. It will probably take me a year and a half to get all of them researched, written, edited, and published. The first two that I will be working on, and hope to have both in print in 2017, are a biography of American frontiersman and Revolution soldier George Rogers Clark and a careful study of Daniel’s 70th Week and why I (and most Christians of note from the Reformation until 1850) believe it to have been fulfilled by Christ -not will be fulfilled by a future Antichrist. The interpretation of the 70th Week dramatically influences ones’ eschatology (end times thoughts). I hinted a bit about this with a paragraph on the three systems of prophetic interpretation in an essay back in my book Putnam Liberty Notes.

Thanks for your interest in my writing!

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“Bloggings Of An Amerikaner” With Pics and Links!

My newest book, Bloggings Of An Amerikaner, is available on Amazon in paper back format for only $5. Since my book launch last Saturday, I decided to put up a new post with some pics of the book.


This little book contains 22 essays and is 92 pages in length. Bloggings Of An Amerikaner is a collection of essays on liberty, the ideological foundation of limited government, truly free market economics, American history, small arms for defense and survival, and race/culture. The first 16 of these 22 essays are the best of my blog posts from September to December 2016, while the last 6 are all new, never before published essays.

As evidenced by the title, the Amerikaner identity concept is the core feature of this book. As far as I can tell, the Amerikaner concept, which draws parallels between the white Afrikaners of South Africa and the Europeans who settled the present day U.S.A., was birthed on an Alt-Right blog in June 2016, but did not really take off. In November I wrote an essay to strengthen the original concept, and promote it to my audience. My blog essay on the Amerikaner concept, I am an Amerikaner, was first published on my blog on November 27, 2016 and is included in this little book. The concept is that the United States of America was settled by western Europeans who were usually of one variant or another of Protestant Christian, and that they formed a unique people group/culture/volk in North America. The Amerikaner concept is a form of White Nationalism, but (racially, theologically, and politically) it is more in line with Kinism than with National Socialism.

(My original Amerikaner essay from November may still be read for free here )

Bloggings Of An Amerikaner  went live for sale on my printer’s website on January 13th, and is currently available at the Amazon and CreateSpace websites for only $5. In our self-centered and consumption oriented society (which expects news and entertainment to be constantly and instantaneously streamed to them free of charge via TV, the internet, and smart phones) publishing books may seem to be out of step with the times. But all the “free” news and entertainment on TV and the internet is not really free; it is paid for by (1) corporations who purchase product advertising, (2) government subsidies, and (3) non-profit foundations/corporations who are paying to shape your worldview. Free info on TV and internet is no more free than a welfare check; someone paid/was taxed for it.

I never had a donate button on this blog. I am not asking all who read me to publicly speak out on the controversial issues that I have, I would just ask that all those who enjoyed this blog consider purchasing a copy of my recent book to at least help defray my research, blogging, and publishing expenses. And the price of my book is less than a high school student making minimum wage at McDonald’s would earn in a single hour!

The links to my book at Amazon and CreateSpace are below. Amazon usually has free shipping on orders over $25, but I receive a much higher royalty when the book is purchased directly through my printer.

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“Bloggings Of An Amerikaner” now availaible on Amazon!

Bloggings Of An Amerikaner is now available for purchase on Amazon! I am pleased to announce that my most recent book is now available directly through the printer (CreateSpace) or from Amazon. BOAM is a 22 essay, 92 page softcover book that retails for only $5. The price is the same from both sites, but I receive a noticeably higher royalty when the book is purchased directly from my printer (Createspace).

The link to the book on Amazon is here:

The “Look Inside” feature might not go live on Amazon for the next few days, so here is the Table of Contents:

~Table of Contents~



Essay 1: The Words of the 2nd Amendment and Various State Guarantees—-7

Essay 2: When was the U.S.A. Officially Founded?—-13

Essay 3: Elections Reality –and the Way Out—-17

Essay 4: Examining the 14 Words—-21

Essay 5: Thoughts on Separation—-23

Essay 6: Losing the Supreme Court?—-25

Essay 7: Multipurpose: Thoughts on the 12 Gauge—-27

Essay 8: Who Owned the Tea?—-33

Essay 9: Book Review: Duke’s The Secret Behind Comunism—-35

Essay 10: Liberty and 2nd Corinthians 3:17—-39

Essay 11: The Foundation of Law—-41

Essay 12: Orange County Demographics and Heimbach—-43

Essay 13: Five Things That Today’s Vote Will Not Do—-45

Essay 14: Communism and Capitalism: Polar Opposites?—-49

Essay 15: True Thanksgiving—-55

Essay 16: I am an Amerikaner—-57

Essay 17: Stoner Versus Mikhtim—-63

Essay 18: Brief History of the Amerikaner Concept—-67

Essay 19: Drawing the Lines of the Amerikaner People—-69

Essay 20: The Three Principles—-73

Essay 21: Marxism: An Ideological Disaster—-75

Essay 22: The Economic Vise—-83




The first 16 essays are the highlights of my essay series from September through December 2016 on this blog. I chose blog essays that dealt primarily with ideology and not current events, so that this book will still be interesting several years from now. The additional 6 essays are all new, never before published material. Topics range from liberty to economics to race/culture to the JQ. The centerpiece of this book is my November 27 essay I am an Amerikaner; the Amerikaner concept is the core of this book and, from multiple angles, is the topic of multiple essays. (My original I am an Amerikaner blog essay, that has a few typos, may still be read at this link ).

Though I enjoy selling books, my primary purpose in publishing this book is to spread my ideology. That is why I have priced it at only $5, and left all my blog essays contained in it online. I hope all my regular readers will buy a copy of Bloggings Of An Amerikaner, and perhaps a few extra copies to hand put out friends who need a wake-up as to what is wrong with America.

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I enjoy books, and see them as a more permanent form of record than the Internet, which could be knocked out by an EMP or shut down by a tyrannical government. I would urge all my readers to get a copy of Bloggings Of An Amerikaner today. And if you want to help me out with some guerrilla style marketing, spread the link to this page, which is That link will take anyone to my home page, which for the next month or so will have this post up at the top of the scroll.

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