Mid December Update

Hello all,

I just thought that I would post a brief update. I ceased my blogging about nine days ago. I am currently compiling a new small book of essays. It will start off with the best essays of my September to December blogging, best being defined by both my opinion and the ones that received the most page views. I will then add several all new essay to it, as a thank you to my readers who are interested enough to buy my print works. I currently editing this.

I have had few sales of my earlier two books in November and December, so I assume that most of my serious readers already have a copy. For any new readers who somehow come across this blog, I published two books earlier this year, Putnam Liberty Notes in March and As America Fades in August. They are about 100 pages each, and are available on Amazon for $5 each.

I took this picture of me holding them on my front porch on this sub freezing, flurrying morning.img_1071

While I have not been blogging the last week, I have still been promoting my essay I am an Amerikaner, primarily by leaving links to it in the comments that I make on other news sites. I have had over 200 page views on that essay in the approximately three weeks since I posted it. If you have not read it check it out on my site here: https://putnamlibertynotes.wordpress.com/2016/11/27/i-am-an-amerikaner/

While I do not know how many people loved it, how many thought it was okay, and how many were perhaps freaked out by it  -two people commented on it and a third (whom I do  not know and who calls himself HonestAmerican) re-posted a part of my essay on his site with a recommendation for it and a link to my site to tread my essay in full! This is only the second time that people have done so for one of my essays. (It looks like there is a video attached, which did not play on my laptop, and which has had about 68 views). My piece on his site may be viewed here http://www.popmopdal.com/video/27876/i-am-an-amerikaner/

I intend to continue promoting the Amerikaner concept, and to devote several essays in my next book to it. I hope to have my next book out sometime in January. It will probably be in the 100 page range, and sell for $5 like my other recent books.





Author: Joe Putnam

I am a Christian (Sovereign Grace/ Reformed Baptist), American of European bloodline, admirer of America's Founding Fathers, author, White Nationalist, Kinist, advocate for the Amerikaner identity concept, and aspiring homesteader. I published my first book "A Bible Based View Of Liberty And Free Governments" in May 2013. It is no longer in print. My second book, Putnam Liberty Notes, was published in print form in March 2016, and is for sale on Amazon.com. In May 2016 I started my own blog here at WordPress to promote this book. In early August 2016 I published my third book, "As America Fades". As America Fades is basically a sequel to Putnam Liberty Notes and is a 28 essay, 96 page little book of commentary articles on America, liberty, current events, race, personal security, and the coming police state. On January 13, 2017 I published my fourth book, "Bloggings Of An Amerikaner". "BOAA" is the third volume in my little series, and places special emphasis on the Amerikaner identity concept. All three are only $5 each, and are available on both Amazon and directly through my printer on the CreateSpace website.

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