New Year Update

Hello all,

I am posting this New Year update on the morning of the 31st of December. Thanks to all my readers who are continuing to return to my site for book updates, and also thank you to my new readers who commented on my “I am an Amerikaner” piece in the last couple of days.

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My current book project is proceeding well. I had decided which of my blog posts have made the cut, which was 17 of the last 50 or so posts; I am choosing essays that deal with ideology more than with current events. I want the book to still be interesting several years from now. I have also written five all new essays that will be included. The Amerikaner concept will receive several essays in this little volume. I also have a gun guy type essay, and an examination of the fatal flaw of socialist/wealth redistribution programs. While my manuscript currently stands at 22 essays, I am considering writing two more brief essays this week.

I am going into the final edit stage this week, and hope to upload my manuscript late next week. I will then have to wait for a proof copy for me to approve. If all goes well, my book will be in print by January 15.

I might as well out my title to my loyal readers. I intend on titling it “Bloggings Of An Amerikaner”. While the term Amerikaner is a Germanic word for American, my book will be the first English language book to use the word Amerikaner in its white ethnonym sense.

Thanks for all the interest in my literary works. Stay tuned for the next post, when my book will be available!

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Mid December Update

Hello all,

I just thought that I would post a brief update. I ceased my blogging about nine days ago. I am currently compiling a new small book of essays. It will start off with the best essays of my September to December blogging, best being defined by both my opinion and the ones that received the most page views. I will then add several all new essay to it, as a thank you to my readers who are interested enough to buy my print works. I currently editing this.

I have had few sales of my earlier two books in November and December, so I assume that most of my serious readers already have a copy. For any new readers who somehow come across this blog, I published two books earlier this year, Putnam Liberty Notes in March and As America Fades in August. They are about 100 pages each, and are available on Amazon for $5 each.

I took this picture of me holding them on my front porch on this sub freezing, flurrying morning.img_1071

While I have not been blogging the last week, I have still been promoting my essay I am an Amerikaner, primarily by leaving links to it in the comments that I make on other news sites. I have had over 200 page views on that essay in the approximately three weeks since I posted it. If you have not read it check it out on my site here:

While I do not know how many people loved it, how many thought it was okay, and how many were perhaps freaked out by it  -two people commented on it and a third (whom I do  not know and who calls himself HonestAmerican) re-posted a part of my essay on his site with a recommendation for it and a link to my site to tread my essay in full! This is only the second time that people have done so for one of my essays. (It looks like there is a video attached, which did not play on my laptop, and which has had about 68 views). My piece on his site may be viewed here

I intend to continue promoting the Amerikaner concept, and to devote several essays in my next book to it. I hope to have my next book out sometime in January. It will probably be in the 100 page range, and sell for $5 like my other recent books.




Internet Censorship and My New Focus


No doubt my readers are aware of recent moves by governments and corporations to censor “hate speech” and “fake news” from the internet. Fake news is, of course, simply anything that the state and it’s officially sanctioned media outlets declare untrue for political reasons.

The government of Sweden is wanting Facebook to censor its posters. The U.S. government is not doing this –yet. The U.S. mainstream media is wishing to see alternative stories and links to alternative sites blocked from the net. (See the online December 6, 2016 Washington Free Beacon article titled Morning Joe Panel Appears to Propose Censorship of ‘Fake News’ Stories). I choose to blog at WordPress instead of Google’s Blogger, as WordPress appears to actually support free speech -for now. Last year Amazon took a conspiracy book by former Marine officer and college professor Jim Fetzer from it’s site. Censorship is coming, both governmental and voluntary corporate censorship.  

For the past six months, I have been using the Disqus profile to leave comments on articles on a number of politics and cultural sites. Yesterday, I was banned by JBS’ website The New America from ever commenting there again. I believe that the comment I got banned for said nothing objectionable, except that I put a link in it to my recent post The Heart of the Rot. The heart of the rot talks about traditional gender roles, morality, race and slavery in the Bible, (drumroll please) briefly mentioned International Jewry. The things I wrote in The Heart of the Rot were less extreme than what our Founding fathers publically stated and lived; go read Jefferson’s words about black folk in Notes on the State of Virginia. I have offended the Kosher boys and goys at the JBS! If only they loved America as much as they loved apostate Jewry! Rage against Hillary, Obama, and Muslims –but do not mention the chosen.

Karl Marx was a Jew, the grandson of rabbis; this is openly acknowledged historical fact by mainstream websites. But in my JBS reprint of The Communist Manifesto with forward by one William P. Fall, they refer to Marx as “Prussian” multiple times. They do not identify him as an ethnic Jew; this is the level of rank intellectual dishonesty that the JBS traffics in.

Likewise, in the 15th chapter of the JBS book The Shadows Of Power, it’s author James Perloff identifies himself as of partial Russian-Jewish ancestry and proclaims that people will not “find one shred” of anti-Semitism in JBS materials. Indeed. I think that there a likely a lot of well meaning patriots who are members of the JBS or who buy their books, but the leadership is betraying the ideology of freedom that they claim to defend.

As I told one of my friends, I intended to blog until the election. I have done this, and a bit more. I am ceasing my blogging. I am going to henceforth use this blog for what I originally intended back in May 2016, as an author page. My blog posts will stay up, so that people may read back essays.

In the seven months that I have blogged, I have had over 900 unique visitors. Most did not become regular weekly readers. Very few ever left a comment or bought one of my books. I think that my recent post I am an Amerikaner, which did get several comments, was the high point of my blog series. I probably will not put my second (post August) series in print in book form, but I do intend to print my I am an Amerikaner essay in a book someday.

I am glad that I published my two little books this year, Putnam Liberty Notes and As America Fades. They will both remain available on Amazon for $5 each.

I do intend to continue writing, on subjects as wide ranging as American history, theology, and liberty. But it will be in book form. When I am not selling enough books to buy a new $500 laptop to replace my aging one that I blog and publish with, I am not going to burn up the last bit of life in my old laptop blogging.

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The Heart of the Rot

Around my neck of the woods in southern Indiana, we have a lot of beech trees. Beech trees have beautiful gray bark, grow very large, and often rot. This rot begins in the core of the trunk, and manifests itself when the tree becomes so hollow that the winds of a storm tear the top out of the once sturdy tree. Like a beech tree, America has rotted from within.

The United States of America is not currently besieged by the armies of a foreign enemy. We are not a vassal state of an empire or foreign prince –well, except for our membership in the United Nations, the massive amount of our government debt held by the Chinese, and the stranglehold that International Jewry has on our finances, foreign policy, media, and entertainment.

No my readers, we are rotting from within. The above mentioned ills in our country and society, all of which date to the 20th century and some to only fifty years ago, would have never occurred had America not already begun to rot from within. Let us examine this rot from multiple angles.

The recent picks of Donald Trump for the various positions that he will be entitled to nominate officers for once sworn in this coming January show that his administration will be a far cry from even attempting to restore traditional American values and institutions.

Trump has announced that Nikki Haley will be his choice for ambassador to the UN. Haley is the female, ethnically Indian governor of South Carolina who ordered Dixie be taken down from state flagpoles last year. (The first essay of my book Putnam Liberty Notes covered this).

Trump is preparing to fill his administration with women, Jews, non-whites, the ultra-wealthy and retired U.S. military officers who carried out our violent post 9/11 zio-foreign policy. How ultra conservative and racist! (sarcasm)

Trump has also announced the he will nominate the Negro physician Ben Carson for Housing and Urban Development. (Still looking for the Constitutional clause that H.U.D. is based on…)

Further, Trump is now implying that he will not pursue an investigation of former secretary of state Hillary Clinton for her personal use of a private email server for classified emails, and her alleged pay for play access to the state department during her tenure. Could this have anything to do with Trump’s potential selection of retired army general and former CIA director David Petreaus for a high level cabinet position –Petreaus having being punished for his mishandling of classified information.

For a large portion of the people to accept an openly immoral, crude mouthed, married multiple times businessman for the office of President shows that America’s moral code has changed. That a similar portion of the people would have accepted an openly wicked, and allegedly perverted, woman to fill that office likewise shows that our moral compass is far from true north.

Last week the White House has came out in support of requiring American women to register for the draft –though Obama is allegedly committed to an all-volunteer force and no males have been drafted since the early 1970s. Since January 1 of this year, women have been allowed to apply for combat oriented positions in the U.S. armed forces, not just support roles. Of course, women in the military, much less as combat infantry, is a repudiation of our Biblical, European, and traditional Amerikaner heritage of men laboring and fighting as the women serve as wives and mothers.

But if women are politically equal to men and can vote, hold office, go to college, have a career, abort their unborn children without their husband’s permission, engage in all manner of sexual behavior without consequences, and voluntarily join the army –then why would they not also be subject to the (unconstitutional) draft?

The drafting of women into the armed forces is simply the logical conclusion of our rebellion against God by destroying the God ordained different roles of the two sexes that have existed since the creation.

All manner of sexual immorality is now publically accepted, and even celebrated. I wrote a bit about this back in my July 11th post Looking Up At The Cliff. I was unfortunate enough to be in a restaurant with a TV going on an entertainment channel a while back; on this screen I witnessed a few minutes of degradation celebrated on a show that I understand is titled Modern Family. It was visual sewage, and it pours into the living rooms of people all across America. Perhaps when a culture (in mass but not every individual) are given over to fornication and pornography, they will naturally turn to adultery. And when adultery is socially acceptable, as it basically is in the  present day apostate U.S.A., then the next step in the Devils’ destruction of our people will be to mainstream the practice of sodomy. Go read the 1st chapter of Romans and watch the progression of those that God turns over to destruction. That is now happening before our eyes.

When people cannot stay faithful to the wife of their youth, they divorce and remarry –fracturing the nuclear family and thus the whole foundation of our society. And then there is interracial marriage (miscegenation). This was not part of God’s plan for his people, in the OT or the NT time periods. Between gross immoralities, familial destruction, mingling of the races, and open perversion –the moral code of America is putrefying.

The Bible taught and our Founding Fathers recognized that there are distinct standards of right and  wrong, distinct roles for the two sexes, and distinct stations in society. For example, the Bible never clearly forbade slavery, in the OT or the NT. Masters were commanded to treat their indentured servants well. (Clarification: I would not wish to be a slave, I do not wish to own any slaves, and I do not wish to bring back involuntary servitude).

Perhaps the violent destruction of the traditional agrarian (and Bible institution maintaining) South under the wretched tyrant Abraham Lincoln, the destruction of our families, race mixing, the feminist movement, rampant sexual licentiousness, and sodomy are simply the logical extension of the universal brotherhood of “liberty, equality, and fraternity” proclaimed by the God rejecting and nightmarish French Revolution -and by Marx in 1848.

In two days we will have the 75th anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. This was a sad day. Of course, FDR knew about it beforehand, and let it happening so that we would join Britain against their enemy NS Germany. There are many books talking about this, including John V. Denson’s A Century of War. But this day will not serve as learning experience for Americans; it will simply be a day to blindly worship the military –especially those who attacked their German brothers without cause.

I am no longer posting current event commentary pieces, as I stated in my post Lions and Tigers and the Alt-Right –Oh My! back on November 20. I am now growing tired of posting on cultural issues also. I think that perhaps my recent post I am an Amerikaner might have been the high point of my blogging.

America is dying before our eyes. As a nation, we have rotted from within, just like a beech tree. It is time for Amerikaners to exit the corrupt system so that they are not destroyed with it by whatever righteous judgement God sends upon us.

© Copyright 2016 by Joseph Charles Putnam of Orange County, Indiana. All rights reserved.

The Hezekiah Syndrome (Revised Edition)


(Note: This is a revised edition of The Hezekiah Syndrome, a chapter of my first {now out of print} book A Bible Based View Of Liberty And Free Governments {published in May 2013}. I have since strengthened my nationalism position to an utter rejection of proposition nationhood, and begun seriously questioning the political cult of egalitarianism. But my theological views have changed in several significant ways in the 3 ½ years since I published that book. I meant this essay to be wakeup to apathetic Americans from a Biblical perspective)

I must begin this chapter by pointing out that Americans are no longer free. The United States of America is no longer a free country; we have not been truly free for a century. During the 19th century modern socialism was born in Europe; it soon began to migrate to the U.S. Even Theodore Roosevelt and his Progressive Party advocated for elements of socialism in America.

Between 1913 and 1918 the United States “ratified” the 16th and 17th amendments, founded the Federal Reserve, and entered WWI. These four events shook the very foundations of our Constitutional republic.

The 16th Amendment purported to give Congress the power to tax the incomes of all Americans. This was initially sold to the people as a power that might not be used and that would only impose a very small percentage tax upon the wealthiest people; what a joke that has turned out to be.

Please also recall that an income tax is the second plank of Marx’s Communist Manifesto. While I do not believe that the 16th amendment was properly ratified, there can be no disagreement among patriots, conservatives, and libertarians that it is wicked and should have never been.

The 17th amendment was claimed ratified in 1913. It provided for direct election of United States senators by the population of their state.

The 17th amendment removed State representation in the three way compact of the United States Constitution (people, states, national government). The 17th amendment strikes against the spirit of the Founders when they designed the Senate. This was a very fundamental change in our system of government.

The foundation of the Federal Reserve was the triumph of the Jewish international banking cartel over America’s monetary system. By creating a private bank owned, government chartered, official banking system the money power was taken away from Congress. The Federal Reserve banking monopoly controls the issuance of “money”, sets interest rates across the nation, and facilitates massive government spending by monetizing the federal debt.

Obviously, the Congress approved Federal Reserve Notes are not Constitutionally acceptable money. There is no authority for Congress to cede away its monetary powers; there is no authority for Congress to issue paper money. Furthermore, the states may not make anything but gold and silver a tender in payment of debts. The fact that Congress confirms the director of the Federal Reserve is just window dressing for the cartel. The fifth plank of the Communist Manifesto is centralization of credit in the hands of the state by means of a “national bank with state capital and an exclusive monopoly.

During the regime of Franklin Delano Roosevelt socialism was firmly established in the United States. The New Deal, Social Security, WPA, Agricultural Adjustment Act, etc. are pure socialism; let us not pretend otherwise.

The treasonous FDR also drug a reluctant America into another unnecessary global war. FDR confiscated privately owned gold in 1933 and instituted the National Firearms Act in 1934; both of these two actions were totally unconstitutional.

The rationing and economic regulations of FDR in America during WWII certainly are not a component of a free country. Of course, there is also no Constitutional clause to authorize the drafting of American men into the armed forces. FDR was one of the most evil men to ever hold office in the United States.

In post-WWII America we saw more socialism, such as Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society”. All social welfare programs such as Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps/TANF/SNAP are clearly socialism. Obviously, both the Republican and Democrat parties in present day America are hard core socialist; the Democrats lean toward pure socialism while the Republicans lean toward a hybrid system combining socialism and corporations.

In post-WWII America we saw the trend of immorality escalate until abortion now has wide acceptability and legal protection. The Hebrews were commanded not to sacrifice their children to idols and pagan gods such as Baal and Molech (Leviticus 18:21, Jeremiah 32:35, Ezekiel 16:20-21). While Americans do not place babies upon burning altars after they are aborted, I doubt that God sees much difference between Planned Parenthood and Molech. How long God’s supernatural justice will sleep is an unsettling question.

In post-WWII America we have witnessed a gradual escalation of the attacks on individual liberty and our Constitutionally protected rights. The 2nd and 4th amendments have taken massive damage.

I truly support the 2nd amendment. I believe all federal gun control to be unconstitutional. I advocate the repeal, judicial striking down, or jury nullification of NFA 34, GCA 68, NICS, and all other gun control.

The 4th amendment has been under attack in large part because of the federal government’s unconstitutional “war on drugs” and the hysteria following 9/11. The absurdly misnamed USA Patriot Act basically trashed the 4th amendment. There are security cameras everywhere.

Taxes have multiplied like rabbits! Not only do we have the Communist Manifesto endorsed income, property, and inheritance taxes –we also have sales taxes, massive excise taxes, and business license fees. We are taxed far worse than our American ancestors were by the British when they rebelled and established this country.

Modern Americans are a rather pathetic lot. If Patrick Henry or George Washington were to stand before us today they would probably stare in disbelief and then strike us across the face for what we have allowed to occur.

The choice before us is the title of this chapter. Shall we follow the last four generations of Americans and succumb to the Hezekiah Syndrome? What is the Hezekiah Syndrome? Let me explain.

In the Old Testament we see Hezekiah inherit the throne of the kingdom of Judah in 2nd Kings 18:1-2. Hezekiah destroyed the idolatry that was a great sin on the part of the people of Judah; Hezekiah did what was right before God and was the greatest of the kings of Judah (2nd Kings 18:5). The Bible records that God miraculously extended his life by 15 years and gave him a supernatural sign to signify it.

After this God sent him a trial “that he might know all that was in his heart” (2nd Chronicles 32:31, Isaiah chapter 39). In this trial Hezekiah failed miserably, and God punished him by stating that the riches of Hezekiah and his fathers would be carried away to Babylon and that Hezekiah’s sons would be captured and made eunuchs in the palace of the king of Babylon. Hezekiah’s reply to the prophet that gave him this news was the following: “Good is the word of the LORD which thou hast spoken” and “For there shall be peace and truth in my days”. Hezekiah did not care about the upcoming generations, not even his own sons!

     When king David had sinned and brought judgment upon Israel, we see that he openly acknowledged his sin and pleaded with God for mercy for the people and for the judgment to be placed upon himself (2nd Samuel chapter 24 –especially verse 17 and 1st Chronicles chapter 21 –especially verses 16-17). Likewise we see Moses pleading for the twelve tribes after their sin that Moses was not even guilty of (Exodus 32:31-33)! And yet, Hezekiah does nothing! He does not repent; he does not plead for his sons and his people; he does not request the punishment be placed upon only himself for the wickedness that he had done. Hezekiah was a failure.

Like Solomon, Hezekiah had acknowledged God in his youth and lived a virtuous life for which he had been exceedingly blessed by God. Like Solomon, Hezekiah failed in his later life and judgement came upon his house and his entire kingdom. (Solomon’s out of control sexual lust led him to take many wives, including “outlandish” wives who led him into idolatry. See 1st Kings 11:1-11 and Nehemiah 13:25-27).

The Old Testament events were recorded for us to serve as an example of what to do AND what not to do. The constant struggles of physical Israel with such things as lust, idolatry, marrying strange wives, trusting in their wealth or physical strength, and leaning upon the heather around them for protection brought the wrath of God upon them. Most Christians miss the fact that the almost continual sin and failure of the Hebrews was recorded as an example of what we should NOT do, much as when Jesus’ rebuked the scribes and Pharisees. If modern individuals or nations sin as physical Israel did, we will likewise face God’s wrath.

This brings us to the culmination of this line of thought. The question is: shall individual Amerikaners repent like king David and then stand for liberty and righteousness, or shall they sit down and surrender to those who are destroying us and our country because of our sin and our lack of principled vigilance?

Shall we send our children to public/government schools, accept every law, accept every regulation, surrender every right? Shall we accept government jobs and government medical care and Social Security in exchange for our liberty, and the liberty of generations yet unborn? Or shall we repent of our personal sins and stand up for righteousness? This is the choice that every individual must make.

My fellow Amerikaners, do not fail as did Hezekiah!

© Copyright 2016 by Joseph Charles Putnam of Orange County, Indiana. All rights reserved.