Musings on the Ridiculous Blood Moon Fantasy

This is a bit off the normal range of topics for my blog, but I felt the need to comment on it. The whole Blood Moon/Israel prophecy thing came to my attention about 2 ½ years ago. Basically, John Hagee and some other radical Christian Zionists tried to correlate a lunar tetrad, red tinted moons, Jewish feasts, Bible verses out of context, and (by science standards) misusing the term blood moon to come up with some bizarre pro-Israel/end of days fantasy.

I guess this pop prophecy fantasy is still going strong, and the recent extra bright full moon this month has some people talking about this again. I am a tad embarrassed to post an essay on something this ridiculous. How do I begin to unravel this drivel?

Before we deal with any alleged references to Biblical prophecy, let us talk science. What is a “blood moon”? The science website EarthSky knows. The annual Harvest Moon and moons during eclipses often look red tinted, and are sometimes called blood moons. This redness has nothing to do with a lunar tetrad being during a Jewish feast period.

A lunar tetrad is when there are four consecutive lunar eclipses that are separated by six lunar months, with no partial eclipses is between. These can be rare or common, depending on the century. The Jewish calendar, unlike modern calendars, is based on lunar cycles.

There have been/will be a total of 62 of these lunar tetrads between 1 A.D. and 2100 A.D. Eight of these lunar tetrads have occurred on the Jewish feasts of Tabernacles and Passover, including the tetrad that occurred in 2014-15. Big deal. It appears that John Hagee, and one Mark Blitz of El Shaddai Ministries, have decided that these tetrads need to be renamed blood moons. In fact, only three of these four allegedly significant 2015-15 tetrads were even visible from Israel.

Hagee attempts to do several things. First is to claim that these eight lunar tetrads are “blood moons”. Second is to correlate “moon into blood” references in scripture to these (renamed) lunar tetrads. Third is to claim that the ones that occurred in the last 500 years in correlation with Jewish feasts marked significant things for the Jews and their political state. Fourth is to claim that God is speaking to us supernaturally about Israel and/or the end of days through these (misnamed) tetrads. Wow.

First, as I have already shown, Hagee and crew are misusing the term blood moon, at least from the scientific perspective. Check out this article at link at the EarthSky site.

Second, Hagee is ridiculously misquoting scripture. The scripture does not once use the words “blood moon”. There are several verses referring to the moon being turned into blood. See Joel 2:31, Acts 2:20, and Revelation 6:12. The moon is not now being turned into literal blood. Assuming that the referenced scriptures are speaking of events in veiled typology and not of a literal physical event yet to be fulfilled, then why do these moons of this current tetrad qualify, but not other frequent reddish tinted moons? (In Acts 2:14- 20 the apostle Peter makes it clear that the verse in Joel was typology and was fulfilled almost 2,000 years ago.)

Third, the “correlations” that Hagee and his Blood Moon devotees reference are not exactly precise. In at least one, the 1949-50 tetrad, the event allegedly connected to it occurred the year before the sign that it was alleged to proclaim! That is a messed up way of communication.

Fourth is that last but not least, 1st Corinthians 13:9-10 indicates that prophecy will cease after the entire Bible was written down for a perfect future standard of doctrine. We no longer need heavenly signs, when we have the final revelation of the Word made flesh printed and in our hands. But Hagee would likely claim that the tetrad signs are for, or primarily for, the Christ rejecting Jewish people and the state of Israel, not for the followers of Jesus Christ.

Copyright © 2016 by Joseph Charles Putnam of Orange County, Indiana. Al rights reserved.


Author: Joe Putnam

I am a Christian (Sovereign Grace/ Reformed Baptist), American of European bloodline, admirer of America's Founding Fathers, author, White Nationalist, Kinist, advocate for the Amerikaner identity concept, and aspiring homesteader. I published my first book "A Bible Based View Of Liberty And Free Governments" in May 2013. It is no longer in print. My second book, Putnam Liberty Notes, was published in print form in March 2016, and is for sale on In May 2016 I started my own blog here at WordPress to promote this book. In early August 2016 I published my third book, "As America Fades". As America Fades is basically a sequel to Putnam Liberty Notes and is a 28 essay, 96 page little book of commentary articles on America, liberty, current events, race, personal security, and the coming police state. On January 13, 2017 I published my fourth book, "Bloggings Of An Amerikaner". "BOAA" is the third volume in my little series, and places special emphasis on the Amerikaner identity concept. All three are only $5 each, and are available on both Amazon and directly through my printer on the CreateSpace website.

1 thought on “Musings on the Ridiculous Blood Moon Fantasy”

  1. November 23 Update.
    As I was reviewing a print off of this post at home, I realized that I had accidentally stated that the illogical aspect of the alleged sign corresponding to the 1949-50 tetrad message was that it occurred BEFORE the event. I meant to say that it was illogical because the tetrad/alleged sign occurred AFTER the 1948 event supposedly connected to the tetrad/sign -thus being illogical on the part of Hagee.


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