The Lesser of the Two Evils?

The concept of the lesser of two evils in a political election is a subject that I have heard thought about a great deal lately. I actually wrote about this a tad in the Epilogue of my book As America Fades that I published earlier this month. I shall enlarge on that concept here.

Some claim that to not vote in an election is to allow evil to win, but when they vote for the lesser of two evils they are ensuring that evil will win -and that they have endorsed it. Let us examine this “logic”. Republicans often argue that not voting is a vote for the Democrats, in this case for Hillary. A Democrat can likewise argue that not voting is a vote for Trump, as it denied Hillary a vote that she could have theoretically received. How can refusing to vote really be a vote for someone? How can no vote really be a vote? Using this “logic”, if a Trump supporter died in a car wreck on the way to the polls on election day, did the Trump supporter really vote for Hillary -as he died before casting a vote and is in the same position as one who conscientiously refused to vote?

If you cannot understand that a person refusing to vote for evil is not a vote for whatever candidate you dislike (or any vote at all), you are wasting your time reading this blog. This is just basic, high school level logic. Come on people!

When one considers the Constitution, the Founder’s vision for America, Biblical morality, foreign policy, economics, and racial consciousness there is no one to vote for for president this year. There has not been for a long time. And no, Gary Johnson is not an acceptable alternative to Trump and Clinton. There are all part of the same wretched, unconstitutional, middle class destroying, pro-multiculturalism, pro-Israel system; they just have a little different idea how to despise the Founders and run the system to their own constituency’s benefit.

I will not be voting this November. In fact, I have not voted in a general election since 2010. Studying history and politics, living a more self-reliant agrarian lifestyle, staying fit, and maybe stockpiling a little food and ammunition  will do more for you and your country than voting to endorse the lesser of the two evils in a election.

I have basically given the last six months of my life to the patriot movement, asking no financial remuneration whatsoever. To a lesser degree, I have devoted the last seven years of my life to it. I remember going out tot he parking lot of the Home Depot I used to work at on lunch break and sitting in my cold truck (with a jacket on) when  it was below freezing so that I could get away from the noise of the break room and read the Constitution again and again or read some other patriot work.

I have listed to huge amounts of patriot internet radio -everything from Mark Koernke to Alex Jones to the late Derry Brownfield to Dave Gahary’s AFP podcasts to David Duke. (I have not listened to Ol’ AJ for years, and to any of these guys much the last year). I have bought and read many books on many subjects and from different perspectives. I have lost weight and ran my body into the ground. I have maintained my skill with firearms. I have done major internet research on patriot issues. I have moved to a small homestead and am trying to develop a traditional, self-sufficient lifestyle that can continue when/if the Federal Reserve’s fiat money/bank bill financial house of cards tumbles down, or if an EMP takes down the entire electrical grid.

On top of this, I have written and published three books of my own. My first book, A Bible Based View Of Liberty And Free Governments (May 2013), was a combination of theology and politics and is no longer in print.   My second book Putnam Liberty Notes (March 2016) was a brief collection of patriot essays -covering everything from liberty to current events to gun control to homesteading. My third book, As America Fades (August 2016), is basically a sequel to Putnam Liberty Notes. Furthermore, I have blogged from May until August of this year, my blog posts forming the core (first half or so) of my book As America Fades.

In the Epilogue to As America Fades I made the case that the internet is two edged sword. I stated that I was going to back away from the internet. I am now doing this. In the last two weeks, I had a flurry of new unique visitors, probably brought to my blog by my profile on the comments I was making on other websites and blogs.  I even had a few hits from Canada, Australia, Germany, Sweden, and Hungary. But I am kidding myself. Most of the people who have came to my blog are likely the “internet patriots” that I wrote about on this blog  back in June. Those looking for what my friend Warpipes mockingly refers to as “patriot entertainment” will have to go elsewhere to get it, or perhaps just forget about it and turn on the late show.

My blogging days are over. I was a patriot before I wrote or blogged, and I will remain a patriot. I am going to continue to follow current events and read history and patriot books. I am going to devote much more attention to developing my homestead. My blog will stay up so that people can read essays they missed and tell their friends about them. My two books published this year will stay in print. (They are available for only $5 each from both and the printer But my blogging days are over. I still plan to check my email and books sales every week, and shop on Amazon, but I am drastically scaling back my internet usage.

Thank you to all those who have read this blog. Thank you to the few who have purchased my books. Joe Putnam signing out.

Copyright (c) 2016 by Joseph Charles Putnam of Orange County, Indiana. All rights reserved.




Author: Joe Putnam

I am a Christian (Sovereign Grace/ Reformed Baptist), American of European bloodline, admirer of America's Founding Fathers, author, White Nationalist, Kinist, advocate for the Amerikaner identity concept, and aspiring homesteader. I published my first book "A Bible Based View Of Liberty And Free Governments" in May 2013. It is no longer in print. My second book, Putnam Liberty Notes, was published in print form in March 2016, and is for sale on In May 2016 I started my own blog here at WordPress to promote this book. In early August 2016 I published my third book, "As America Fades". As America Fades is basically a sequel to Putnam Liberty Notes and is a 28 essay, 96 page little book of commentary articles on America, liberty, current events, race, personal security, and the coming police state. On January 13, 2017 I published my fourth book, "Bloggings Of An Amerikaner". "BOAA" is the third volume in my little series, and places special emphasis on the Amerikaner identity concept. All three are only $5 each, and are available on both Amazon and directly through my printer on the CreateSpace website.

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