***New Blog Essay Series Begins Today*** Thoughts on the Trump-Khan Stupidity

Hello my readers. After taking about a month hiatus from my blog commentary posts so that I might get As America Fades  into print, I am back. Today I am going to start my new commentary series on liberty, America, current events, and cultural destruction.

One of the stupidest thighs to happen recently on the political scene is the verbal exchange between Donald Trump and Khizr Khan. Khzir Khan, with his wife Ghazaal standing silently by his side, spoke at the recent Democratic National Convention. The Khans are ethnic Pakistani immigrants and practicing Muslims. Their son, one Humayun Khan, was a Captain in the U.S. Army who was killed in the (illegal, unconstitutional, and totally unnecessary) undeclared war in Iraq.

From the stage at the DNC, Kzhir Khan criticized Donald Trump, asking if he (Trump) had even read the Constitution, stated that if Trump had been president he might not have let his some Humayun in the country, and stated that Trump had sacrificed nothing.

Trump responded and it deteriorated into a Twitter and TV war of words. Trump stated that he had sacrificed -by working hard and creating jobs. Trump also degraded himself by calling Humayun Khan a hero.

Khzir Khan is a lawyer, who has helped people, including non-white Muslims, to basically buy legal U.S. residency -a first step toward citizenship. Ghazala has spoken out on TV to show that her religion does not prohibit her from speaking publicly. Not that I care what her religion tells her she can or cannot do.

Two things are missing from this. They are law and culture.

First is that the invasion of Iraq was done illegally, without the Constitutionally required Congressional Declaration of War. Iraq had not attacked us, and had no capability to cross thousands of miles of ocean to do so.

For those interested in international law, the invasion of Iraq likely qualifies as a war of aggression by the (very questionable) standards used to try Third Reich officials at Nuremberg.

Second is that regardless of who a Donald Trump administration would or would not have let into the country -the Founding Fathers would not have let Kzhir Khan into the country, let alone allowed his son be an officer in the army! Logical countries are made up of people of similar ethnic stock, speaking the same language, and hopefully sharing the same basic moral code and worldview (usually derived from a shared religion). Multicultural countries have never worked, and never will work.

Truthfully, the Khans never should have been let into America. Humayun Khan is not a hero. What Humayun died for, or thought he died for, is immaterial as it was not for America. My fellow Americans, wake up and stop blindly worshiping the police and the military. Instead embrace the ideology of the Founders!

Copyright (c) 2016 by Joseph Charles Putnam of Orange County, Indiana, All rights reserved.






Author: Joe Putnam

I am a Christian (Sovereign Grace/ Reformed Baptist), American of European bloodline, admirer of America's Founding Fathers, author, White Nationalist, Kinist, advocate for the Amerikaner identity concept, and aspiring homesteader. I published my first book "A Bible Based View Of Liberty And Free Governments" in May 2013. It is no longer in print. My second book, Putnam Liberty Notes, was published in print form in March 2016, and is for sale on Amazon.com. In May 2016 I started my own blog here at WordPress to promote this book. In early August 2016 I published my third book, "As America Fades". As America Fades is basically a sequel to Putnam Liberty Notes and is a 28 essay, 96 page little book of commentary articles on America, liberty, current events, race, personal security, and the coming police state. On January 13, 2017 I published my fourth book, "Bloggings Of An Amerikaner". "BOAA" is the third volume in my little series, and places special emphasis on the Amerikaner identity concept. All three are only $5 each, and are available on both Amazon and directly through my printer on the CreateSpace website.

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