Emphasizing Hussein Instead of Barack

Over the weekend I was talking to an acquaintance who is a Vietnam vet and NRA member. Somehow, I think because of the recent highly publicized death of boxer and practicing Muslim Muhammad Ali, Obama was brought up. My acquaintance stated that he thought that Obama, who he referred to as a “Muslim n**ger”, had let the Fort Hood shooter go free because of their Muslim faith. (Note: Nidal Malik Hasan, an ethnic Palestinian, is the man who murdered U.S. soldiers at Fort Hood, Texas in 2009; he was convicted and is sitting in a wheelchair at Fort Leavenworth military prison awaiting execution).

I simply stated that Obama was not a Muslim. He then loudly proclaimed “bullsh*t”! He stated that Obama gave his first interview to the Muslims. I dropped the conversation at this point.

Where do I begin? First, Barack Hussein Obama’s name is not evidence of him being  a Muslim. While people point out that his middle name is Hussein (of Arabic origin), they miss it that his first name is Jewish! The Hebrew and Chaldee dictionary section of my Strong’s Concordance indicates that Barak is pronounced “baw-rack”, just as one pronounces Barack Obama -which is to be expected as Barack is the Old Testament name Barak with the addition of a “c”.

Next, if Obama is a Muslim then why did he do the following: attend Jeremiah Wright’s church for years, be sworn in on a Bible (not a Koran), not fast for Ramadan, eat pork and drink beer, not require his wife or daughters to wear a burka or hijab, host a Passover sedar (supper) at the White House each year, speak before a Jewish congregation, approve massive military and financial by our government to Israel, and fill many of his high level administration appointments with Jews?

Let us look at Obama’s prominent and verifiable connections to Jews, no fantasy connections to Islam. First, and very enlightening, is Tom Hundley’s December 12, 2008 Chicago Tribune online article entitled Barack Obama: The First Jewish President? Hundley, in a mainstream paper, points out that “it is clear that his political career, from its South Side inception to the audacious run for the White House, was nurtured and enabled by a close-knit network of Chicago Jews”.

In his May 22, 2015 speech to the Adas Israel Congregation in Washington, D.C., Obama stated that: Earlier this week, I was actually interviewed by one of your members, Jeff Goldberg. And Jeff reminded me that he once called me ‘the first Jewish president’. Now, since some people still seem to be wondering about my faith -I should make clear this was an honorary title”. 

Obama’s first Chief of staff was Rahn Israel Emanuel. David Axelrod worked on his 2008  campaign before serving as a Senior Adviser in the White House for several years. Jacob Joseph “Jack” Lew is his current Treasury secretary, and Janet Yellen is chair of the Federal Reserve. Obama’s vice chair of the Federal Reserve is Stanley Fischer, a dual citizen of Israel who used to head Israel’s central bank. Obama’s first Secretary of State was John Kerry (Kohn), who is half Jewish (and a member of Skull and Bones). His point girl on the Ukraine debacle was Victoria Nuland. Even his trusted friend and Senior Advisor, Iranian born Valerie Jarrret, is a 1/8 Jewish mulatto. And this is only a partial listing.

If Jews are the archenemy of all Muslims, and women are to be oppressed by Sharia law, why did Obama appoint a Jewish woman -Elena Kagan- to the U.S. Supreme Court?

The vote of people who think Obama is a Muslim counts the same as that of a well-informed patriot. Democracy does have its flaws.

Copyright (c) 2016 by Joseph Charles Putnam of Orange County, Indiana. All rights reserved.




Author: Joe Putnam

I am a Christian (Sovereign Grace/ Reformed Baptist), American of European bloodline, admirer of America's Founding Fathers, author, White Nationalist, Kinist, advocate for the Amerikaner identity concept, and aspiring homesteader. I published my first book "A Bible Based View Of Liberty And Free Governments" in May 2013. It is no longer in print. My second book, Putnam Liberty Notes, was published in print form in March 2016, and is for sale on Amazon.com. In May 2016 I started my own blog here at WordPress to promote this book. In early August 2016 I published my third book, "As America Fades". As America Fades is basically a sequel to Putnam Liberty Notes and is a 28 essay, 96 page little book of commentary articles on America, liberty, current events, race, personal security, and the coming police state. On January 13, 2017 I published my fourth book, "Bloggings Of An Amerikaner". "BOAA" is the third volume in my little series, and places special emphasis on the Amerikaner identity concept. All three are only $5 each, and are available on both Amazon and directly through my printer on the CreateSpace website.

1 thought on “Emphasizing Hussein Instead of Barack”

  1. I typed this out one night when I was tired from working on the land that day, and made one minor error. I referred to John Kerry/Kohn as Obama’s first Secretary of State. Hillary Rodham Clinton was Obama’s first Secretary of State, Kerry/Kohn was was his 2nd. Agrarian apologies.


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