Hornberger and Open Borders

I do not spend as much time online or follow all of the various political websites that I did a few years ago. However, I recently went to the website of the Future of Freedom Foundation (FFF), a libertarian website. The FFF was founded, and is headed by, Jacob G. Hornberger, a graduate of VMI, lawyer, former professor, and author.

On the 19th of May, Hornberger posted an article on the FFF site entitled: Open Borders Is The Only Libertarian Immigration Position. Hornberger has written on this topic before, including a July 30, 2010 post entitled An Open Border In My Hometown. Hornberger grew up in Laredo and is the son of a bilingual ethnic Mexican mother and an “Anglo” father.

Hornberger begins Open Borders Is The Only Libertarian Immigration Position by stating: “There is a common misconception in the libertarian movement that there are two positions on immigration within libertarianism : the position favoring open borders and the position favoring government-controlled borders”.

Interesting. I suppose it is a misconception, because I used to think it myself. (I oppose open borders, but I do not have a problem with tourism or limited immigration of culturally compatible people).

Hornberger then explains why he believes that the only immigration position consistent with the libertarian non-aggression principle and private property rights is open borders.

Hornberger gives a hypothetical situation of two brothers owning adjacent ranches, the border between the ranches being the border between Mexico and the state of New Mexico. He postulates the American (ethnic Mexican?) brother inviting his Mexican brother across the border to dinner.

As there is no fence, he just crosses the order of the two countries and ranches. Hornberger then points out that he illegally entered the country, though on invitation of his brother. Hornberger now states that with government controlled borders, the U. S. Border Patrol would have to arrest the Mexican brother, initiating violence and trespassing on the American brother’s private property. But the analogy misses the point, as it ignores what a country is.

The core concept of a country is that a group of people form a set of laws to administer justice to those who would harm others. This has traditionally been done by people who share a common language, culture/ethnicity, and common moral values; when these three criteria are not met, things often do not go well. These people establish legal boundaries (borders) for their government; this is to codify jurisdiction of crimes and clarify who is a citizen -with the right to vote, hold office, etc. The national family may control entry into its collective home, just as a family controls entry into its private home. A country without borders is not a country, and cannot exist.

Some libertarians try to get around this by arguing for imaginary border lines that people may move across, including to seek employment. But at what point do these immigrant resident-workers become citizens -entitled to vote, hold office, and influence the government built by others. From a libertarian-nonaggression-market-oriented position, to hold them out of citizenship as resident aliens would be unfair, as it curtails their freedom to participate in (change) the legal system of their new home. The children of the founders just lost their country.

Libertarianism has a few flaws, open borders being one of them. My utter rejection of open borders and unrestrained immigration is one of the primary reasons that I no longer call myself a “limited government” type libertarian.



Prison with Wi-Fi and Cheeseburgers

As I wrote in a recent essay, we are not free in the original Founding Fathers ideological sense of the term. But it is worse than that.We, for the most part. are not yet being subjugated by an openly tyrannical government. Coerced in some areas, yes; totally subjugated by an open police state, not quite yet.

What is perhaps worst of all is that many of the chains we wear are gilded chains, chains that most people are unaware of. Some even love their chains, having been so mentally colonized that true freedom would be unthinkable to them.

How many patriots would refuse to carry a government issued ID with microchip and tracking transponder as we go about our daily lives, from the moment we get up until we go to bed (and keeping the transponder by our beds at night)? None!

But almost everyone who reads this has a cellphone that they carry constantly, a device that serves as a tracking device and potentially tap-able audio and video recording instrument for the state. Most phones are now “smart phones”, in that they have intent surfing capability. Of course, Google is tracking the sites you visit, just for marketing of course (wink, wink). We choose to carry these phones, and even pay private corporations for the privilege!

Why would the government bother to issue an ID card with tracking device when most people already carry a driver’s license and cellphone? We have paid for our own chains. (I am one of the very few millennials who has never owned a cellphone. I also do not have TV in my house. What is more, I do not have an internet connection in my house; this essay was posted in town from a business with free Wi-Fi for its customers).

We, including myself, eat unhealthy food on a daily basis. This GMO and chemical laced food is making u sick, giving us allergies, and in some cases literally killing us. Whether it  be the packaged and preservative laden box from the grocery store, or the cheeseburger at the fast food restaurant, it is not good for us. Yet we pay to eat it. Why?

We eat it because we have abandoned the farms where most Americans once lived. They left the farms, and the exercise and organic food produced there, so that they could go to the city and factories. They did this for one reason only -money. People wanted money and things, regardless of the costs, regardless of what they were giving up in exchange for this new life.

Give most people wealth (even a false veneer of wealth supported by credit cards and a mortgage that may not be paid off before they die), free public/government schooling for their children, and promises of Social Security when they get old -and most people will meekly submit to political, cultural, and economic slavery. Meekly submit, no, joyfully submit!

When a people cannot even feed or provide basic sanitation for themselves, they are reduced to servitude to their government and corporate masters. Our pioneer ancestors, and even wild animals, can feed themselves. But not modern urbanized Americans.

We cannot drive down the road without a government issued photo ID; but those who comply can drive down that road and eat at any fats food restaurant they wish. You are not free, but that cheeseburger tasted good. You can also acquire as much plastic, Chinese made garbage at Wal Mart as you wish -paid for with the paper script of a private banking corporation.

A virtual slavery that is unnoticed, and even relished, by the masses is perhaps the most dangerous type. If the iron fist of the state were on them, they might actually wake up and refuse to comply, perhaps even rebel.  I guess most people like prison, as long as there is Wi-Fi and cheeseburgers.

Copyright (c) 2016 by Jospeh Charles Putnam of Orange County, Indiana. All rights reserved.



The NRA, Defender Of The Second Amendment?

The National Rifle Association (NRA) held their annual convention in Louisville, Kentucky last weekend. Despite my love of small arms, and that Louisville is only about an hours drive south of me, I did not attend. Perhaps this would be a good time to comment on the weak mainstream NRA, and the (current) gun control positions of Trump  and Clinton.

For those who may be new to this blog, let me clarify that I was a member of the NRA for over a decade, beginning in my mid-teens. I financially supported the NRA-ILA. I was also a member or donor to several other guns rights organizations, although they did not milk me for as long or as much cash.

I was still an NRA member in 2008, the last time the NRA held their convention in Louisville. I attended it then. I met Todd Jarrett (a well-known IPSC shooter), second amendment researcher David E. Young, walked past NRA official Chris Cox and Oliver North, sat in a packed room with a few hundred other people to listen to Ted Nugent play the national anthem and give a speech on the 2nd amendment, looked at a huge amount of guns on display. (Note: I am not a fan of Oliver North; look up Rex 84).

The NRA was founded in 1871 by a couple of men who served as officers in the Union Army during the War of Northern Aggression (your teacher called it the “Civil War”, but it does not meet that definition). These men had seen how poorly the Yankee soldiers, many of them city boys, had performed in battle compared to the Southern boys. They founded the NRA to promote rifle marksmanship among soldiers and potential soldiers. It morphed into a marksmanship club for all, and finally (after 1968) into a guns rights organization.

The NRA has not always opposed all gun control. The NRA is not currently calling for the repeal of all gun control laws (all of which violate the 2nd amendment). The NRA is content to accept federal licensing for professional gun dealers, to accept computer database background checks on purchases of guns from licensed dealers, and to accept the regulation of automatic weapons  (neither of which laws existed before 1934, and some not until 1968).

The NRA weak ideologically and practically. They will celebrate their former president  Charleton Heston -a professional actor- hold up a flintlock and proclaim “from my cold dead hands”, while basically worship the police and the military -the ones who would be creating those “cold dead hands” in a gun control scenario. And of course, the NRA  ignores citizen militias. But the NRA sure  does rake in membership fees and donations to support thier corporate apparatus!

The ideologically flawed NRA also promoted Project Exile, which consisted of making illegal possession of  a firearm by a felon as a Federal crime to be prosecuted in a  Federal court with a mandatory minimum sentence. Think about this for a moment. First, Project Exile subverts state jurisdiction over crimes in their territories that do not concern Federal laws or property, which attacks state sovereignty. Second, American legal tradition is based on jury trials -where the jury may determine both law and fact in regard to the charged offense. Traditionally, judges and juries meted out the punishment to convicted criminals on a case by case basis -depending on the severity of the offense. Thus, crimes carry a maximum punishment threshold, not a minimum punishment threshold.

The NRA has officially endorsed Donald J. Trump for President. And no, neither Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump truly support the 2nd amendment, though Trump is walking the NRA party line.

Unlike most Americans , and the NRA, I actually support the second amendment. I actually oppose all gun control. I actually support the Founders.

Copyright (c) 2016 by Joseph Charles Putnam of Orange County, Indiana. All rights reserved.

I Am 33 And America Is Still Not Free

In three days, I will turn thirty three. I am now a third of a century old, and I have not known true freedom in my lifetime. But then again, neither have my parents who are around seventy.

America is no longer a truly free republic. We are nowhere as bad as the Soviet Union was, but we are arguably worse off than we were under the British Crown- before our glorious Revolutionary War threw them off. We must face this reality if we are to rectify it.

The “taxation without representation” that our ancestors chaffed under was a relatively minor expense compared to present day American taxes deducted from our paychecks -Federal income, State income, Social Security and Medicare “contributions”, and a health insurance premium paid to a government chartered corporation (or face a penalty/tax on your Federal income tax form!).

The principle of taxation without representation is philosophically wretched, but the 1770’s era effects of it were relatively light. Today, Americans have abandoned the just principles of their ancestors and accepted massive taxation with (sort-of) representation. Obviously, our Congressional representatives in Washington, D.C. (who are often lawyers)  do not really listen to the common man among his constituency. And this is without even mentioning the taxes and fines leveled by executive agency fiat!

How was gun control under the Founders? Nonexistent. Well, nonexistent except for the Militia Act of 1792 which stated that every free white man was to purchase and maintain his own military grade rifle for militia duty. Contrast that with today!

Did the Founders carry a government issued, bar code scan-able, picture ID with them everywhere -especially when they operated a horse on public funded roads? Nope. Needless to say, the Founders did not assign each citizen a number to track them from birth until death (Social Security Number).

The Founders made inflammatory public speeches that were not suppressed. The American press published Paine’s   Common Sense; the modern American controlled press corporations censor any serious dissent.  

Our Constitution and Bill of Rights secured our God given right to privacy and private property with the 4th and 5th amendments. Now warrantless searches and asset forfeiture are common, especially if the person is suspected of holding traditional American political beliefs or might have a prohibited plant (that some of the Founders grew on their plantations).

The Founders had actual money in their pockets, silver and gold coin. Today we carry an inherently valueless and redeemable in nothing paper script issued by a private banking corporation known as the Federal Reserve. Or better yet, we carry a little plastic card that changes our valueless paper bank notes into electronic impulses in a computer and allows us to spend these fantasy assets -assets that do not physically exist and have no true value.

I wonder if our ancestors would have sacrificed their blood and treasure to fight the American Revolution and establish our Constitutional Republic had they seen how weak, ignorant, unappreciative, and decadent their descendants would be just two short centuries later?

Copyright (C) 2016 by Joseph Charles Putnam of Orange County, Indiana. All rights reserved.



London’s New Mayor Is Not British

I have decided to start my political/cultural/current events commentary today. From now on , I will generally post one a week, usually by noon on Saturday. Here we go!

With the recent election of Sadiq Khan, London now has a non-British mayor. Khan is an Pakistani and practicing Muslim. He may be an English speaking subject and resident of London, but he is not truly English, British, or European.

If a Swedish couple became missionaries to China -and then gave birth to and raised there a six foor four, blond hair. blue eyed boy- would that boy be Chinese? Of course not. He would likely be able to speak Chinese (and his parents mother tongue), and he might be a Chinese citizen, but the definitely is not Chinese. Think about this obvious reality, a reality that we in the west -especially the U.S.A.- have not given much consideration for the past few decades.

The new mayor of London, 45 year old Sadiq Aman Khan, took office on May 7, 2016. Khan is a leftist, member of the Labor party, member of the Fabian Society, former Member of Parliament, and practicing Muslim. London is the first major western capital city to have a practicing Muslim as its mayor.

In a 9 May 2016 New York Times op-ed piece by Roger Cohen titled Sadiq Khan vs. Donald Trump, Khan is quoted as saying, “I’m a Londoner, I’m a European, I’m British, I’m English, I’m of Islamic faith, of Asian origin, of Pakistani heritage, a dad, a husband”.

Time for a philosophical reality check. Is Khan an ethnic Pakistani father and husband of Asian origin and the Islamic religion who (regrettably) lives in London? Yes. Is Khan a European, Brit, or Englishman? Absolutely not.

But, lest you think an Islamic Paki is really in charge, Sadiq Khan’s first official act as mayor of London was to visit a Holocaust memorial service, attended  some of the millions of Holocaust survivors, chief rabbi Efraim Marvis, and the Israeli ambassador tot he UK, one Mark Regev. Khan also posted  a tweet about his attendance, dutifully mentioning the holy number 6 million. (See the May 8th online Times of Israel article London’s new mayor makes Holocaust memorial his first official function).

Incidentally, Khan’s main challenger in the 2016 election for the office of mayor of London was Zac Goldsmith. The 41 year old Frank Zacharias Robin “Zac” Goldsmith is the son of billionaire James Goldsmith. Goldsmith is a “conservative”, and very interested in green/environmental issues. As his surname Goldsmith obviously indicates, Zac is of partial (1/4) Jewish ancestry (paternal grandfather who fled NS Germany). Zac and his first wife divorced in 2010, and in 2013 he married Alice Miranda Rothschild. To top this off, at one point, Zac’s brother Benjamin was married to Kate Rothschild, Alice’s sister. Seriously.

When a people elect an official to lead them who does not share their common blood, culture, national history and heritage, or core moral values (preferably derived from the same religion), then they have elected a man to lead them to political and cultural destruction.

In the end, I am not sure whether Khan or Goldsmith would have been the worst choice for London, the lesser of the two evils.

Anyway, London’s new mayor is not British.

Copyright (C) 2016 by Joseph Charles Putnam of Orange County, Indiana. All rights reserved.

Announcing Putnam Liberty Notes Available in Print on Amazon.com

Greetings my fellow American patriots,

The print edition of my original newsletter series is available as a 106 page softcover book on Amazon.com for only $5. This is a print edition of my May to November 2015 essay series, revised and expanded for print and with three all new essays.

These 106 pages are divided into 24 essays, none longer than six pages each. Most are only three to four pages in length. I have written them as such to make it easy for working class Americans to find time to read them after a hard day making a living.

As stated in the previous post on this blog, these essays cover a wide variety of subjects, mainly to do with liberty and current events.

This book takes an outside-the-box look at liberty and America, as America slides toward ruin. I examine my subjects with the perspective of one who has read widely, considering the political, economic, and cultural problems we face from many perspectives.

Some of the essays will be thought provoking, some educational, some challenging, and some a tad humorous. I think this book will help add to the debate in the patriot movement concerning what is wrong with America, and who is to blame. This book smashes not only left wing socialists, but the (supposedly) conservative neo-conservative movement. Fear not, I am an equal opportunity ox gorer!

As America slides toward tyranny, censorship of books and the internet will begin. There is even talk of a government switch to shut off the internet.

In addition to government censorship, such as (so called) hate speech laws and the recent comments of U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch about looking into possible legal action against “climate change deniers”, there is also voluntary censorship by the massive private corporations that control the media and economy -including the book publishing industry.

Times are looking grim. Grab a copy of Putnam Liberty Notes while you still can! Perhaps you also should pick up some other patriot books at the same time, and build up your liberty library.

As mentioned in the last blog post, I have decided to start a new series of weekly commentary articles on this blog. I will usually post one a week, generally on the weekends. They will usually  be relatively brief. If I have enough reader interest, I will continue them for some time, and perhaps eventually place them in a print edition, likely titled “More Putnam Liberty Notes”.

My first commentary article will be posted here next week, and will concern the recent mayoral race in London. It will cover things that Fox and CNN will not.

If by some chance you have not seen the Amazon book page for the March 2016 print edition of Putnam Liberty Notes, please clink the link to it here http://www.amazon.com./Putnam-Liberty-Notes-Joseph-Charles/dp/1523253398/ref=sr . It is only $5, and you receive free shipping on any Amazon order of over $25 of in stock merchandise.

On a final note, the advertisement for my book went live on the American Free Press website last night. A special hello to any AFP readers who checked out this blog after seeing my ad.


Welcome to Putnam Liberty Notes

Welcome my readers,

This is Joe Putnam, author of several self-published patriot works. Thank you for taking the time to read my new blog here at WordPress.

I have recently (March 2016) published my second book, Putnam Liberty Notes.  This blog has two purposes. To promote my book of the same name and to give me a platform for publishing brief essays to a much wider audience than my email  contacts.

My book Putnam Liberty Notes is a 106 page books of 24 essays dealing with a wide range of subjects. These essays range from liberty to current events to gun control to disaster survival. I even wrote one essay as a satire on “the Tribe” who is destroying this country.

Other than “patriot”, I suppose that my political perspective may be a tad hard to label. I admire the American Revolution and the Founding Fathers, especially Washington, Henry, and Jefferson. For a couple of reasons, I hesitate to refer to myself as either conservative or libertarian, although parts of my beliefs fall into those categories. I suppose that the terms “Constitutionalist”, “nationalist”, and “conservative with libertarian leanings” describe me fairly well. Some people, who like my thoughts, might refer to me as a paleo-conservative or “right” libertarian. Some people, who do not like my thoughts, might refer to me as a right wing extremist, reactionary, or alt-right. Oh well.

I was raised as a Republican Party type conservative. As I became a teenager I began to read and move toward the “patriot movement” and the far right. In my late teens I began reading libertarian material, and then read some John Birch Society books in my early twenties. I listened to alternative internet radio for years, including militia oriented programs. Then, while studying the subversion of my country by “the Tribe”,  I discovered the works of men such as David Duke. As I stated on page 66 of my book Putnam Liberty Notes: “I have read literally everything from Lew Rockwell to George Lincoln Rockwell -and there is a gulf between those two!” This is the journey that has brought me to where I am with my recent print book and my blog.

I currently have an author page on Amazon.com. I have a brief bio and several pictures of myself posted there. I will likely upload a brief video introduction to my Amazon author page soon.

My goal is to publish traditional, relevant, and “outside-the-box” commentary on the political, cultural, and economic issues that America is facing. As I am a Christian, my moral code comes from the Bible and naturally influences my worldview.

I plan to publish a series of political and cultural commentary articles on this blog. I will keep them relatively brief, probably the equivalent of a two pages of text in 6 by 9 inch format. I plan to post my articles once a week, generally on the weekends. My next post will be an introduction to and promotion of my book Putnam Liberty Notes, as I am planning on taking out a professional advertisement for my book and wish those looking me up to be able to read about it both here and by using the “look inside” feature at Amazon. After next weeks promo article, I intend to began my commentary series. How long it runs depends in part on how many readers I have.

I am blogging at WordPress instead of Google’s Blogger, as it appears that WordPress actually supports free speech on sites that they host.

As I may publish my planned series of articles in a print edition at some  future point, I am including a copyright notice at the end of each article. I have no problem with people printing off my articles for personal use, or for sharing them with their friends. I also have no problem with people quoting my articles in print or on the internet, as long as they attribute the quote to me and includes the address to this blog with the quote. ( http://www.putnamlibertynotes.wordpress.com/ ).

if you enjoy this blog, please share it with your friends. Also please check out Putnam Liberty Notes at Amazon.com.

Please check back; I will have another post no later than next Sunday (5/15).

Joe Putnam signing out

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