The Wailing Wall Pilgrimage as a Sacrament of Christ Rejection



A sacrament is a religious ritual. A sacrament is a means of worship, by declaring your faith in or allegiance to the God of that religious system. The word comes from the Latin word sacramentum, and seems to signify the public oath of allegiance taken by ancient Roman soldiers. (The word sacrament does not appear in the KJV translation of the Bible that I read).

The various denominations in what might be broadly termed Christianity hold many different views on what a sacrament is, and how many there are. A sacrament can be held to be (1) a means of receiving grace or some divine gift, (2) as an act necessary to salvation, or (3) as a mere memorial. The Roman Catholics hold to seven sacraments, while Protestants and Evangelicals traditionally hold to only two, Baptism and the Lord’s Supper.

Is visiting the “wailing wall” in Jerusalem a religious act or ritual, a sacrament? Yes. Please allow me to explain why I believe this. But first, a bit of history and theology.

First of all, the wailing wall was not a part of the Jewish temple –the temple that Jesus preached in, and which was utterly destroyed in 70 A.D. In the 24th chapter of Matthew, Jesus teaches his disciples that the current temple would be completely destroyed, that “There shall not be left here one stone upon another, that shall not be thrown down”. The so-called walling wall is still standing. Secular history records the destruction of the temple by Titus. The wailing wall was a Roman era retaining wall built around the temple mount, not a part of the temple complex. Even the Jews admit this, as in the piece The Western Wall: History & Overview from the Jewish Virtual Library that states: “it was not even part of the Temple itself, just an outer wall surrounding the Temple Mount. For the Jews, however, this remnant of what was the most sacred building in the Jewish world quickly became the holiest spot in Jewish life”. (If it is not part of the building, how is it a remnant of the building? Such is the spiritual blindness of Jews).

In case anyone cares, it appears that present days Jews refer to the western/retaining wall of the temple mount as the Kotel or Western Wall.

The Jewish nation corporately rejected and crucified the Son of God, and after his mediatoral atonement on the cross he destroyed the symbol and hub of the apostate Jewish religious system by sending the Roman armies to level it in 70 A.D. The Jews of Christ’s day, especially the ruling sect of the Pharisees, rejected not just the true core of the Mosaic law (see the 23rd chapter of Matthew), but also rejected the Christ. The temple had become the throne of the Pharisee.

Observant Jews go to the wall to pray, to leave a note/written prayer, to mourn the (God ordained) destruction of the temple and animal sacrifice system, and to long for the restoration of a glorious Jewish kingdom and temple. Jews have been going to the wailing wall for centuries, long before the UN established Israel in 1948.

During U.S. President Donald Trump’s recent visit to the state of Israel, he visited the wailing wall. He donned a yarmulke and dutifully stood before the wailing wall, placing his right hand upon the wall. His daughter Ivanka Kushner also went. But this is not new. All major dignitaries, and those hopeful of advancement, make the pilgrimage to the wall, to do obeisance in the presence of the rabbis. Obama went to the wall, as did George W. Bush and George H. W. Bush. And Bill and Hillary Clinton too. A quick Google search will reveal that your favorite world leader has very likely been there, and donned the yarmulke in the presence of the Christ rejecting rabbis. Even Rand Paul has gone, though I do not think his dad Ron ever did. And for those into Jesuit control theories, I will point out that the last three popes went to the wall also. (It appears that the popes did not have to don a yarmulke, as the little white cap they wear basically already is one).

To fly to Israel and visit the wailing wall is a pilgrimage. To stand there, in yarkmulke, and place a prayer in the wall as the rabbis watch is undeniably a sacrament –but not a Christian one! To do so is to show respect to the physical descendants of those who crucified the messiah, and who persist in that heinous error by their unbelief. To do so is to respect the Jewish religious system, a system that knows not the true God (John 8:13-20). To do so is to mourn the righteous judgment that God sent upon that people and land via the Roman armies almost two millennia ago, and is little different than mourning for Sodom and Gomorrah. To do so is to advocate for the physical restoration of the Jewish kingdom and a temple for them to reinstitute sacrifices in -that they may openly despise the once for all sacrifice of Christ (Hebrews 10:8-14). Make no mistake; to do the pilgrimage to the wailing wall is a sacrament of Christ rejection.

On a side note, during his visit (on May 23) Trump also went to the Israeli holocaust museum –Yad Vashem. He embraced the official narrative of the 6 million, and proclaimed the holocaust to have been “history’s darkest hour” and that it “was the most savage crime against God and his children”. Wow. The holocaust is now basically a religion, as pointed out by many revisionist historians. From a Christian perspective the trial, rejection, humiliation, and death of the Son of God on the cross was the darkest hour in history –man’s ultimate crime and rebellion against his creator. God literally caused there to be an unnatural physical darkness, a lack of sunlight, on the land for three hours as Jesus Christ hung upon the cross; it sounds like God considered that a very dark hour. As to the children of God, in the 3rd chapter of Galatians Paul clarifies who are the true (spiritual) seed of Abraham, and inheritors of the spiritual blessings. Paul, a physical Hebrew whom Christ had redeemed, makes it clear who the children of God are –those who have been reconciled to him through faith in Christ. But I digress from the main topic of this essay…

If Trump (or any other world leader) went to Mecca, donned Islamic garb, spoke about the enduring legacy and spirit of the followers of Muhammed, and praised the past caliphates –would not any reasonable person recognize that as an act of religious reverence to Islam? Of course. Than why do Christians not recognize the pilgrimage of Trump and other nominally “Christian” politicians to the wailing wall as a Christ rejecting Judaic rite?

The pilgrimage to the wailing wall is undoubtedly a sacrament of Christ rejection, done in order to gain the favor of financially and politically powerful Jews worldwide. If your preacher has not taught you simple stuff like this, maybe you should check out what else he is teaching you?

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Book Review: Cooper’s “Principles Of Personal Defense”



Today’s post will be a review of Jeff Cooper’s little book Principles of Personal Defense. It has been perhaps a decade since I read this little book, so I recently reread it. I used to read a great deal of literature on small arms and self-defense, but had slacked off of that the last few years on account of the time I spent on other studies.

My copy of Principles of Personal Defense was published by Paladin Press in 1989 and is only 44 pages, basically a booklet. I have the red cover 2nd edition with a photo of the Colonel with a 1911 on the front, though I see that there is a newer Paladin edition with a blue cover and a new forward.

Jeff Cooper (1920-2006) was a Marine officer during WWII and Korea, accomplished big game hunter, author, nationally known gun writer, founder of the Gunsite center in Arizona, founder of the I.P.S.C., and the founding force behind the mid-20th century practical (combat) pistol shooting movement.

One of my favorite quotes from this book is the following: “Violent crime is only feasible if its victims are cowards. A victim who fights back makes the whole business impractical”. Think about that. A criminal wants to take your property or harm you, not get harmed himself. If he wished to fight, he would take up boxing or MMA. He wishes to find a weak target that offers no resistance to his predation. When good people are confronted with physical attack, they should RESIST.

This book is the print version of a presentation of core principles of personal security that Cooper developed while doing defensive consulting work in Central America about half a centruy ago, before the communist takeovers there. This book is not a how to manual or a tactic book. This book is about the core mental and physical principles that guide one regardless of their particular situation or armament.

I will not go over all seven of the principles taught by Cooper in this work, but I will state that the first, and perhaps most important, is that of Alertness. As Imperial America slides toward political, economic, and racial strife –the information in this little book will be needed by good people. Keep your head up!

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Is the U.S.A. a Communist State?


Last year I was talking to a Normie acquaintance (Republican Party voter, Marine vet of Vietnam) who pronounced that he thought that Putin was trying to make Russia communist again. While we in the Alt-Right can debate whether or not Putin is a communist or a former communist, two things are clear: (1) that Putin is a Russian Nationalist and (2) that Russia is not currently a classic communist regime.

But my Normie acquaintance missed the bigger question. Is the U.S.A. currently a communist country? In the classic sense, aka the U.S.S.R., the answer is no. But we might be closer than you think…

First of all, what is communism? I suppose that a basic definition would be that communism is a political and economic system of collective ownership of property and the means of production, with authoritarian rule, socialist distribution of goods, and is often imposed by violent revolution. (((Karl Marx))) is generally regarded as the father of the modern communist movement.

Marx lived through the revolutions of 1848 and wrote the Communist Manifesto. Dr. David Duke’s book The Secret Behind Communism is worth reading for those who would like an in-depth history of the communist movement –and who has been behind it from day one. (Hint: Leon Trotsky/Bronstein was not an ethnic Russian).

Marx’s Communist Manifesto, for the ease of propagandizing the masses, distilled the philosophy down to ten points (planks). They are the following.

Marx’s Ten Planks of the Communist Manifesto

  1. Abolition of property in land and application of all rents of land to public purposes.
  2. A heavy progressive or graduated income tax.
  3. Abolition of all right of inheritance.
  4. Confiscation of the property of all immigrants and rebels.
  5. Centralization of credit in the hands of the State, by means of a national bank with State capital and an exclusive monopoly.
  6. Centralization of the means of communication and transport in the hands of the State.
  7. Extension of factories and instruments of production owned by the State, the bringing into cultivation of wastelands, and the improvement of the soil generally in accordance with a common plan.
  8. Equal liability of all to labor. Establishment of industrial armies, especially for agriculture.
  9. Combination of agriculture with manufacturing industries; gradual abolition of the distinction between town and country by a more equitable distribution of population over the country.
  10. Free education for all children in public schools. Abolition of children’s factory labor in its present form. Combination of education with industrial production, etc.etc.

Let us examine these ten planks one by one, and see how the decaying American Empire compares.

Plank one of the Communist Manifesto has been effectively accomplished here in the U.S.A. by property taxation, placing the state as the feudal lord. Own your land? Stop paying property taxes and see what happens. In present day Imperial America, true land ownership is an illusion.

The second plank has likewise been accomplished here with the (not properly ratified) 16th Amendment and the IRS. Conceptually, the state declares that a man does not even own his own labor, as he is taxed upon the hours of his toil –before he even receives his paycheck.

The third plank has been partially accomplished in the U.S.A., by means of inheritance taxes. If a man is not entitled to bestow all his goods upon his children at his death, then the right of inheritance has been infringed upon.

The fourth plank has not yet been implemented, but “eminent domain” and civil forfeitures of property from the federal government’s War on Drugs have established the principle –which will eventually widen.

The fifth plank has been accomplished by the creation of the Federal Reserve System. Smaller banks only play the game ran by the central bank with the central bank’s FRNs. How sly. (((Who))) could have thought that one up?

The sixth plank concerns state control of communication and transportation, and has been only partially accomplished. Government licenses are required to broadcast TV and radio; however, the post 9/11 government is monitoring all communications (email and telephone), and may attempt to implement censorship of or a complete shutdown of the citizen’s last method of free communication –the internet. The government does not possess the means of transportation, although they control all air travel through the FAA and the post-9/11 agency called the TSA.

The seventh, eighth, and ninth planks have not yet been accomplished in the U.S.A.

The tenth plank has been accomplished in the U.S.A., to the joy of most citizens who are ignorant to the ramifications of having their children indoctrinated by the state.  Whether one thinks free public school to help poor children is or is not a good idea, the state is so corrupt that homeschooling or private schools are a must for parents who wish to save their children from ideological corruption and multicultural brainwashing –and the thug and drug culture of high school. Let us secede from the indoctrination system.

In a sense, the U.S.A. is now a soft core communist state, and people do not even realize it! That is a much bigger issue than whether or not Putin is secretly a communist. When the American Empire finally cracks apart and falls, let us build back our states without any communist taint -preferably in a way that is based upon states and confederations that are based on ethnic and regional lines!

On a final note, while I set this blog up in early May 2016, my first actual commentary post was on the 19th of May last year, a year ago to the day. It was entitled London’s New Mayor Is Not British. I have posted over 100 essays in the last 365 days. Doing that took a lot of time and effort! It has been quite a ride.

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Fighting the System from Within the System?


I am going to examine the concept of fighting the system from within the system, and why it has failed. This is something that Southern Nationalists, Kinists, Constitutional Patriots, White Nationalists, and the Alt-Right might find it profitable to consider.

Struggling within the system, by definition, means that one is a part of the system, and living under its authority. It is a tacit show of obeisance to it. It shows that one does not object to the core principles of the system, just who is currently running it/how it is currently running. This can be very hard to grasp at first.

America’s Founders ceased to work within the system, which is why they broke with Britain and fought the American Revolution. Likewise, the C.S.A. was the result of literally leaving the system. One the other end of the ideological spectrum, the Bolsheviks in Russia did not work within the system; they demolished the system and built their own nightmare to replace it.

I hold that great change cannot come from within an extremely corrupted system, as we have in the present day U.S.A. Even if it could, why would people who have passively accepted, if not rejoiced in, this system desire major change?

To declare that the government is out of control and openly violating our Constitutional liberties is accurate and a truth to should be proclaimed. Our Founder’s near perfect Republic is gone, and has been replaced by borderline tyranny, official sanction of depravity, and economic ruin.

To then join an incorporated political party and run for office to have a voice in a hopelessly corrupted system is foolishness. Even if one got elected and held to their principles, the other legislators would not do so –and the masses of your politically and morally corrupted constituents would hate them for their principled stances.

When the Industrial Revolution destroyed the agrarian economic system of the U.S. and the world, it also destroyed the familial, religious, and social structures of the nations that became industrialized. Industrialization inevitably resulted in mega wealthy men and their “trusts” –the 19th century take on corporations. Now business corporations run almost every aspect of common folks lives –even down to the type (and chemical laced manufacturing methods of) the clothing they wear and the food they eat. We usually do not even build our houses out of local lumber anymore; we go to a multinational corporation chain store such as Lowes or the Home Depot to buy Canadian lumber that was timbered by a corporation and transported 1,000 miles to the place of retail. The corporation and the state go hand in hand, as I wrote in my October 26, 2016 blog post Who Owned the Tea?

The modern conservative and liberty movements do not want to go back to the Founders day, or to the antebellum South. They want a hybridized version of liberty and National Socialism. It is really that simple. Either man is or is not free; either man does or does not have a right to the exclusive disposal of the fruits of his labor. If the state can take the products of a man’s labor and distribute them to others (whether via money, food stamps, free or subsidized healthcare, free public schools and college grants, etc.) than the state is announcing that they own that man. OWN HIM. The fact that he “owns” his land as long as he pays his taxes to his feudal lord (aka the state), can own a few guns, and can buy the make of (corporately produced) automobile of his choice does not make him free.

A free man must be able to survive without the constant support of governments and corporations. A free man must be able to feed himself, and warm himself in winter. I see no way for a man to truly be free without also being agrarian, or at least a member of a majority agrarian society.

I do reject all socialism; I embrace the agrarian based Constitutional republic with limited democracy system established by our European ancestors here in America in 1787 and 1861. I am moving back towards agrarianism; what about you? I am not just talking about the Founders or antebellum Dixie, I am actually -in steps- moving back to a lifestyle that would support that kind of free man social order. What about you?

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When Dixie Goes, So Do the Founding Fathers



The attack on the Confederate flag and Southern monuments is an attack on the European people who settled this land. The recent events in New Orleans are exposing the true nature and goals of American P.O.C. The protests against Confederate symbols, such as flags and monuments, is escalating.  New Orleans is the current hot spot in this campaign of anti-white cultural genocide.

The Battle of Liberty Place monument and the Jefferson Davis statue are both gone, the Davis one being taken down this Thursday morning. The statues of Robert E. Lee and P.G.T. Beauregard in New Orleans are slated to be taken down. Antifas have vandalized the P.G.T. Beauregard statue by night. There was a rally in New Orleans on Sunday May 7 to support Southern and Confederate heritage. Many WN and Neo-Confederate activists attended, as did many antifa freaks and perverts. I understand that many members of the League of the South were present at the May 7th rally.

From what I have read I understand that several American patriot type groups, such as Oathkeepers, showed up, but would not stand with the L.O.S. or any WN type groups. How stupid; these patriots are trying to simultaneously defend Confederate monuments, the Founding Fathers (who did not allow Negroes to be citizens) and a colorblind/race neutral proposition nation. (As a side note, I recall that during the Bundy standoff in Nevada back in 2014, Oathkeepers cut and ran there to.)

But with this campaign in New Orleans, the Jews, antifas, and P.O.C. are just getting started…

When I started this blog in May 2016, it was to promote my book Putnam Liberty Notes. (In retrospect, I really should not have named the blog after the book, to avoid confusion). My book PLN was a collection of 21 email newsletter essays that I sent to a small group of friends between July and November of 2015, plus three other new essays. The first essay of that book was a defense of the Confederate flag, in the wake of South Carolina governor Nikki Haley’s order to take it down from state property.

Regarding the 2015 removal of the flag of Dixie, I stated that “Removal of the Confederate flags in South Carolina and at cemeteries is not a show against racism; it is an attack on the Europeans who settled this country, fought the American Revolution, and rekindled the principles of America’s Founders when the South seceded and formed their own republic”. Regrettably, time has proved me correct.

Two recent Occidental Dissent articles, Take ‘Em Down NOLA Leader Targets George Washington Statue and More Black Communists Against George Washington Statue (both on May 8 and both Michael Cushman) cover how the sights are now being set on monuments to George Washington. Not only do some Negroes want Confederate symbols destroyed, they want George Washington and the rest of the Founders gone also. And why would they not? If you were a Negro (or Mexican or Jew) who hates the patriarchal, un-egalitarian, agrarian, gun owning (White European) men who founded and fought for the Confederacy, then would you not also hate the patriarchal, un-egalitarian, agrarian, gun owning (White European) men who founded the United States? To them it is the same group/ethnos and the same system.

Most antebellum Americans, North or South did not own slaves, thought the wealthy often did. Perhaps only 4% of Southerners owned slaves in the 1861 time period. But Negroes do not care, because they hate the White man and his system. This struggle is not so much about the legacy of involuntary servitude as it is about two races cohabitating the same country. While I certainly do not want to reinstitute slavery, I also agree with Thomas Jefferson that I do not think separate but equal status will ever work in this land.

A failure to defend the Confederacy and the monuments to its leaders and soldiers, and the racially separate society that it was, will also result in the destruction of the memory of the men of the American Revolution. Once civic nationalism and anti-racism become sacred, then ones forefathers become indicted. We cannot have it both ways. Either the white male Founders and Confederates were oaky, or they were not. Dancing on the fence rail between these two options is a strategy for failure, and a betrayal of ones ancestors. I will not be ashamed of my ancestors, including two ancestors who lived in Virginia and owned a few Negroes. I will not repudiate the Founders, the Confederates, my own ancestors, or my race. Raise the flag of Dixie!

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Does God Judge Nations?



My blog covers a wide range of topics, and today’s post is somewhat theological. I say somewhat, because there are practical real world connotations to today’s topic, not just religious theory. Today’s post is part personal, part theological, and part practical response. This post ended up much longer that I initially intended.

Does God judge nations? I will start this dissertation with the assumption that the triune God of the Bible is the one true God. We will consider his words and past actions to arrive at our conclusion.

Next, what is a nation? The Greek word ethnos is the root of the Bible word nations; it signifies a people group or tribe. Note that a country or kingdom is a political entity. Traditionally, and in a perfect world, countries are based around a people -an ethnos– though in modern degenerate times they often are not. Thus, God judges countries and nations/peoples. In Matthew 24:7 we see Jesus refers to conflict between both nations and kingdoms; that was not repetitive, for they are not interchangeable terms.

The churches that I have attended in the past generally held that God does indeed judge countries in the present day, though they are silent on the nations part (as they generally did no not distinguish between nations and countries). If God is recorded as having judged both individual people and nations in the Bible, why would he not continue to do so?

Sometimes though, evangelical preachers even deny that God still judges countries. I have a book entitled Sacred Betrayal by the late James R. Beller, a Baptist preacher who I met back in 2010, that openly denies that God still judges nations! In the 5th chapter of this book, published in 2005, Beller admits that God (in the OT) judged men both individually and as nations, and then proclaims that: “In the New Testament, God judges men as individuals, and only as individuals”. What? Where in the scriptures did Beller find that distinction, to which he gives not a single scriptural reference to back himself up? This statement is in his fanatically pro-Israel chapter, in which he opines that the George W. Bush administration had turned its back on Israel. Seriously. Somebody forgot to tell Netanyahu that ‘Muhrica no longer supported him…

Beller, who has major and recurring issues with Calvin, Reformed doctrine, the Puritans, and the Christian Reconstruction position, refers to the Reformed as “catholic Reformed” and “catholic Reformed Presbyterian”; but do not dare refer to Beller as an Arminian! Beller also attempts to tie Reconstructionism to the Neo-Nazi movement. I am not joking. In the 4th chapter, Beller states that: “I am not saying that Mr. Rushdoony was a Nazi sympathizer, but for whatever reason, some of his followers certainly are. You may want to your own research. Do an internet search on “Rushdoony” and “white supremacy”. Try googling “Rushdoony” and “neo confederate”, or “Rushdoony” and “nazi”, and you will get the picture”. Whatever one thinks of the Reconstruction position, it is ridiculous and deceitful to attempt to tie it to Nazism. Also, what is wrong with being a Neo-Confederate? Raise that Dixie flag! (While I am not a Reconstructionist, I do hold that all government law systems must be based on a moral code set by deity to be more than the whim of man. I-along with John Calvin and the Westminster and London Baptist confessions- hold that the exact statutes of the civil part of the Mosaic law need not be implemented in all societies in all time periods to have just law).

Now that my personal tirade is over, why do I hold that God still judges nations? First, he clearly did so with the food recorded in the 7th chapter of Genesis. Shortly after the flood, in Genesis 9, we see Noah place a curse on an entire emerging nation –the progeny of Ham. (No, I am not going there with this piece). The whole history of the nation of Israel was one of obedience and blessing, followed by disobedience and national judgement. This was specifically stated in the 28th chapter of Deuteronomy. Read Judges 2:13-19 for just one example of this playing out. They were sent into captivity in Babylon for their collective sins, as admitted by Daniel in Daniel 9:1-14.

Further, God judged nations other than Israel. Think of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah in Genesis 19. Think of the plagues on Egypt in Exodus chapters 7-12. Think of the book of Jonah, and of Jonah being sent to Nineveh, which God saw fit to mercifully grant repentance and stay of sentence! These judgements, whether on the Hebrew tribes or on the other nations, were generally warfare, famine, and pestilence –not fire and brimstone.

Why would God suddenly change his method of operation? In Matthew 24 we see Jesus prophesying the destruction of the temple and national Israel by the Roman armies. Immediately before this prophetic discourse, in 23:30-38, he told why many of the events contained in chapter 24 were to occur. (Especially note the connection between 23:34 and 24:34 –something your pastor probably did not tell you). The fact that scripture cannon was closed by 100 A.D. is no reason to assume that the rise and fall of nations for the last nineteen centuries –and the destruction of evil ones- is not the hand of God working in judgment.

Now that I have covered the personal and some of the theological, let us move on to practical theological implications. What does this mean to us? Is the U.S.A. a morally upright country? Do we embrace true religion and morality? The obvious answer is a resounding no. People practice great violation of clear Biblical moral standards, and the pulpits of many churches condone this. “Thou shalt not” is pretty clear, regardless of ones’ other doctrines.

Lay aside rampant pornography, adultery, and sodomy for a moment. Also lay aside 40 million abortions, and unprovoked wars of foreign intervention that killed millions more. Momentarily lay aside (straight) men who had adopted effeminate dress and mannerisms, and (straight) women who dress likes whores or men. Momentarily lay aside inner city Negroes who live to thug and drug. Also lay aside open atheists and pagans, and even the antifa retards.

Think about professing Christians. Things that were unacceptable to unbelievers and nominal professor 75 years ago are now commonplace in churches. We now have, in addition to rampant covetousness and errors on soteriology and eschatology, female pastors and young women dressed worse than old west whores filling the pews of almost all denominations.

The U.S. has utterly departed from the religious heritage of the Western European who settled her from Jamestown to the War of Northern Aggression. Do you think Stonewall Jackson would walk into a present day P.C.A. church? Would George Washington or Patrick Henry walk into an Anglican church today? Do you think the Southern Baptists of 150 years ago would let Billy Graham lecture them on the rapture? And that does not even mention the vast majority of pulpits that embrace Neo-Babelism.

It seems clear to me that the United States of America has already sealed her fate. It is over, just a matter of time. I struggled with this for years. Acceptance brings peace, and opens the door to new possibilities.

But I have not taken it to the next dimension yet. Is judgement and sentence the same thing? Nope. Judgment is the judicial act where guilt is declared, the adjudication phase; the next phase of the process is the penalty phase, the carrying out of the punishment. (This was first pointed out to me in an excellent article on a Reformed Baptist type site; I would insert a link to it, but the site is no longer up). Almost 2,000 years ago, shortly before his crucifixion, Jesus proclaimed that Satan was judged (John 16:7-11); yet Revelation 20:10 records his final destruction at the end of the age.

America is already judged, but has not yet felt God’s wrath. How long we last remains to be seen. The type of judgment(s) that will fall on us is yet to be seen, though the extreme weather (tornadoes, floods, and wildfires) of the last six months could be a beginning –as could the increasingly violent antifas and the racial situation that is now simmering just below the boiling point. The penalty period could last months, or decades.

I am not going to speculate further as to what may happen and when. I will just assume that a period of economic collapse, racial strife, and tyranny are likely heading our way. I also believe that God will carry a remnant through to rebuild, as he almost always does. I pray that I will be a part of that remnant.

This is why I am developing a homestead. This is why I am staying fit. This is why I am blogging on ideology, not on an electoral solution to our problems. This is why I have occasionally posted on small arms, and will continue to do so. This is why I have several times mentioned Michael Bunker’s book Surviving Off Off-Grid. We need to be physically prepared, and thinking about core issues for after the collapse. Then, by God’s grace, we rebuild without all the errors of our present society.

Yes, God still judges kingdoms and ethnos. Are you ready?

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The NRA: A Yankee Organization



Last week the National Rifle Association of America held its annual convention, this year in Georgia. Considering its origins, this is somewhat incongruous.

I used to be a member of the NRA –used to be. I joined when I was fifteen, and let my membership go a long time ago, probably five plus years ago. I did attend the national convention once, back in 2008 when it was held in Louisville, Kentucky. I criticized the NRA around this time last year with my May 25th post The NRA: Defender of the Second Amendment?

First of all, contrary to popular “conservative” opinion, the NRA is not an American organization; the NRA is a Yankee organization. The NRA was founded in New York state in 1871 by ex-Union army officers who were dismayed at the poor marksmanship of the Union soldiers during the War of Northern Aggression. The first president of the NRA was General Ambrose Burnside, a former Yankee general. They then established a rifle range for their organization –on Long Island in New York! Seriously. Then they moved their range to New Jersey. Yep. Finally, they moved the National Matches to Camp Perry in northern Ohio. Do you see a trend here?

The NRA was meant to be sort-of a Union paramilitary organization. The NRA was not founded as a gun club, a hunting club, or a gun rights lobbying group. It was founded by Yankees who had oppressed the South and wished for their boys to be better prepared if they wanted to do so again.

While we think of the NRA as standing against gun control, it did not form the NRA-ILA until 1975 -a century after its founding, four decades after the NFA 34, and seven years after the GCA 68 was enacted. Why so late? (It has been rumored that the NRA collaborated with the U.S. Congress on the writing of the NFA 34).

The NRA does host police pistol championships also. My understanding is that the NRA will not host a match were civilians shoot pistols at human silhouette targets -unlike the I.P.S.C. and the I.D.P.A. which were literally founded by private citizens to shoot pistols in realistic/combat scenarios.

The NRA does not truly defend the 2nd Amendment. The NRA is not calling for the repeal of all current gun control laws. What does the 2nd Amendment even say?

The 2nd Amendment states the following: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed”. My 6th edition of Black’s Law Dictionary informs me that an “infringement” is “A breaking into; a trespass or encroachment upon;”. To encroach is “To enter by gradual steps or stealth into the possessions or rights of another;” The 2nd Amendment not only prohibits the confiscation of privately owned guns, it even clearly prohibits the gradual gun regulations that restrict our right –the regulations that the Yankee NRA does not oppose! (I suppose that many who read this already know this, but the Confederate Constitution of 1861 copied the U.S. Constitution’s wording of the 2nd Amendment word for word as their A1S9C13).

Do Southern country boys need a Yankee organization to teach them how to safely and accurately shoot guns? I think not! From Virginia to the Deep South to the edges of Appalachia –Southern boys have fathers and grandfathers who can teach them this. I am not against occasionally reading a book on technique by a renowned shooter or hunter, as I have, but formal training is unnecessary.

Those who attended this year’s NRA national convention got to see huge amounts of guns and gear on display by the manufacturers, and hear speeches. President Donald Trump, a New York native with Jewish grandchildren, even personally addressed the convention this year. The NRA supports “our” troops in the current wars of Empire around the globe. The present day NRA celebrates the unnecessary war against and destruction of Germany by the Allies, the same as its Yankee founders no doubt celebrated the destruction of the South. The NRA is a sham, a Yankee group that the South does not need..

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