The Browning Hi-Power for TEOTWAWKI



It has been three weeks since my last blogpost, so I thought it would put this up for those who still follow me. I wrote this essay after shooting my BHP last weekend.

Of course, the phrase TEOTWAWKI is an acronym for The End Of The World As We Know It, and denotes a collapse of society and civil government. The Browning Hi-Power -also known as the P35 and the Browning SA- is a 9x19mm caliber handgun. For brevity sake, I will usually refer to it here simply as the BHP.

A TEOTWAWKI could start, and then play out, in many different ways. Economic collapse. Tyrannical government. Massive natural disasters and resultant people displacement that the FedGov could not handle. A petroleum shortage that takes the J.I.T. economy and transportation past the breaking point. A nuclear exchange with Russia, perhaps followed by Russian invasion. Gang warfare and racial strife boiling over and everyone -including those in uniform- siding with their ethnos. I will not speculate how or when any of these scenarios will occur, though I suspect that America’s days are numbered.

When a TEOTWAWKI scenario begins, the important thing is being able to survive it, not who predicted it most accurately in advance. To survive, one must be able to supply themselves and their loved ones with food, water, shelter, and (in cold climates) heat -and be able to defend themselves. Enter the BHP.

The Browning Hi-Power design was started by firearms genius John Moses Browning, but finished by Dieudonne Saive in present day Belgium after Browning’s death. (Saive went on to design the FAL rifle). The BHP was first marketed by Fabrique Nationale in Belgium around 1935, hence the term P35 sometimes applied to it. It was widely used during and after WWII, and was perhaps the most common “free world” service pistol during the Cold War era.

Mechanically, the BHP is a steel framed, recoil operated, single action semi-automatic pistol. It is chambered in 9x19mm, which is sometimes referred to as 9mm Luger or Parabellum. The BHP has a 13 round magazine. The operator controls and the grip angle are very familiar to anyone who has used John Browning’s earlier pistol, the 1911. The BHP may be carried in Condition One (cocked and locked), and that is how I would carry it. The current production pistols have high visibility sights and a decent ambidextrous safety, unlike WWII era examples.

The BHP has several factors that make it a good pistol for those of the survivalist mindset. It is a time proven and reliable design. It is easy to fieldstrip for cleaning. It is reasonably accurate. It can be carried in Condition One and has a consistent trigger pull (unlike DA/SA designs). It uses the same cartridge that is the current NATO issue for pistols and SMGs. It has light recoil and high magazine capacity. The ammo is currently commercially available at prices significantly lower than 40 S&W or 45ACP, making training and putting back a little stockpile easier for working class people in America.

Now to the downsides, one significant one and a few minor ones. First the major one. The BHP is only a 9mm. While the 45 auto has proven to be a good fight stopper with G.I. ball ammo for decades, 9x19mm stopping power is rather lacking in ball/FMJ loadings. Unless one has a hollow point brand that they trust, and the finances to stockpile a few cases of it, at some point in a post-collapse America they will be running on standard FMJ. Invading troops will not be bringing your favorite boutique loading of hollow point with them, and neither will the looters who stole the last box of ammo from WalMart before they torched the place. This is something to consider.

Now on to the minor issues, which are: the mag safety, trigger pull, size, and price. The BHP has a magazine safety; this means the weapon will not fire without a magazine locked in place. I hate that. In a physical struggle and your mag gets ejected? You pistol now will not fire. Also (perish the thought) if your last mag gets combat lost or destroyed and you still have some ammunition, you cannot load a round in the chamber and at least have a single shot pistol, as it will not fire without a mag in place. (Note: For mechanical reasons, it is not good to place a round in the chamber and drop the slide on it; I am only talking about a post-collapse desperation scenario here).

The trigger on the BHP is often a bit heavy and just not the best, but it is manageable. If you are used to shooting a $500 polymer pistol it might seem good, but it is not on the 1911 level, much less that of a custom tuned 1911. I do not shoot my BHP as well as the 1911 that I use as my primary defense pistol, the trigger being a large part of that.

The BHP is a tad small for my rather large hands, but definitely within the usable range. Part on my right pinky finger rests below the magazine, and when I first got the gun, the web of my right hand got “bit” by the slide. This grip size issue will not apply to women, or most men. The grip size and light recoil are actually good if you have a wife who might also use the weapon.

Last is the price. The current civilian market production BHP, the Browning S.A. MkIII, retails for just over $1,100. Yes, it costs almost twice what many polymer pistols do. Military surplus pieces (how heavily used?) are sometimes available, as are knock off copies from Argentina and elsewhere. If you shop a round, you might find a decent deal on a lightly used FN made MKIII, as I did.

Is the BHP a better choice than other 9mm pistols, some that cost much less? That is a choice that everyone must make for themselves. I have fired the Glock 17 and the Sig P239 pistols in 9mm, and they were both good pistols -reliable and sufficiently accurate for self-defense. For many years the SEAL teams used the Sig full size P226, the various models of the P226 generally retail for between $1,000 and $1,400. I have not shot a Beretta 92, as the design (and DA/SA pistols in general) do not really appeal to me. And yes, you can buy a Glock 17 for about $600.

And of course, whichever pistol you choose for defense during TWOTWAWKI, buy enough magazines! In general, I would recommend owning at least five magazines per handgun, or twice the number that one usually keeps loaded at one time, whichever is greater.

I like the BHP. While differing in some mechanical aspects, from an operator perspective, it is much like a scaled down 1911 with a mediocre trigger pull. I prefer a 45 caliber 1911 for my daily defense needs, and would continue to do so post-collapse. But if the collapse lasted long enough, and I outlived my stash of 45 ammo, I would put on my BHP without fear.

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Charting A New Course



I am now charting a new course, taking my life focus in a bit different direction.

I have been thinking a lot since my August 1st post Joe’s Political Burnout. In the month since that post there has been massive anti-White heritage sentiment from government figures and the media, as fallout from the Charlottesville rally. George Washington was more extreme on race than the White nationalists at the Charlottesville rally were, yet the media are now casting White seperatists of all stripes as vile and the epitome of evil and un-American sentiment. Al Sharpton has called for the defunding of the federal Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C. And “patriot” sites like InfoWars are trying to peddle the narrative that America is really not racially divided -when the ideologically coherent figures on both the left and the right see that it is.

The U.S. Constitution, while alive in name, is really dead. When Jesus Christ died upon the cross, God ripped the temple veil in to, from top to bottom, exposing that the ark of the Covenant was gone. For a variety of reasons, I think it was likely removed by God shortly before the Babylonian captivity, and the apostle Paul wrote that they could not now speak particularly about the ark (Hebrews 9:1-5), as it was gone. For centuries, the Jews were playing religion -with no ark, the people still bringing sacrifices, a professional priesthood, and the Pharisee sect changing laws and living in hypocrisy. But it was all a sham.

In like manner the U.S. Constitution, while the parchment document signed in Philadelphia remains, is gone. Lincoln killed it, and Woodrow Wilson buried it. F.D.R.’s egregious actions were just after the fact. The game being played today in Washington, D.C. is a sham, the same as the Temple system in Christ’s day. When you truly accept that, your worldview changes.

I hold that God designed man to live in kin based national units, in an agrarian and somewhat hierarchical social order. No political party today endorses that concept. No political party today endorses Biblical morality. That is why I no longer vote or do political commentary.

I believe that America is heading toward economic collapse and balkanization along geographical and racial lines. When you truly believe this, as I do, blathering on about Trump, tax reform, and current events seems of little importance.

I never wanted to be an internet personality. From a child, I have loved books, and I wanted to be a book author. I never did FaceBook or Twitter, and I did not start my blog until May 2016. I did this only because I grudgingly accepted that it was now expected for an author to have an “internet presence”. Okay. I have done that.

I started a YouTube channel a few weeks ago. I have about half a dozen brief videos on it. At this point I intend to keep it up, but will probably only use it for book promo videos from now on.

This week, my dear old dog Pepper died. He was a Black Lab mix, and was 17 years and 2 weeks old. I got him when he was tiny, about a month old, and had him for literally half of my life. That faithful little dog was my friend through multiple churches, multiple jobs, my political research and writings, and my racial awakening. When I moved to the homestead two years ago, it gave the little old fellow a new lease on life. Though he already had some health problems he would walk and walk, climb the hill behind the place, dig for chipmunks, drink from the creek, and sniff where deer or the neighbor’s dogs had been. I really enjoyed the time I spent with him, often 45 minutes of exploring every morning. He had been going downhill for about six months, losing weight and strength but still eating and walking with me for short walks. Monday he stopped eating and drinking, and he gently passed away in my arms on Wednesday afternoon, August 30.


I loved that Pepper as a friend. I knew his personality, his mannerisms, and gave him his favorite foods. I do not know you. Most of my blog visitors never became regular readers. Of the group who are regular readers, some have bought one of my books through Amazon or left a comment, and I do appreciate that. But I do not know you.

I only know who a fraction of my blog readers are. In Internetland, especially on the far right, anonymity is the rule. Most commentators (and even some bloggers!) use a screen name that is obviously not the real name of a person. They also usually do not post a picture or video of themselves either. When you talk to such people in the comments forum of your favorites blogs and websites, even if one does so on a weekly basis, it really means nothing. You do not know them, or even who they really are.

With my blog, days of dual posting here and at Identity Dixie, Google+ profile, and all my Disqus comment days –I only developed email contact with two guys, one of whom was obviously not using a real picture of himself as an avatar. Other than friends from before I was online, I have never met anyone that I interacted with online.

I am beginning to think that with most people, myself included, there is a direct correlation between how much time one spends online and how few real face-to-face friends they have. The internet is a mixed blessing; the internet is not real.

I am not recanting my positions on liberty, White separatism, Southern heritage, or agrarianism. All my essays remain up on this blog. I am now simply refocusing my efforts on book writing and developing my personal homestead.

I plan to have my next book out this fall, a brief commentary on the traditional view of Daniel’s 70th week -as opposed to the modern day Dispensational Futurist view. I am still planning a pro-Founders and pro-White biography of Brigadier General George Rogers Clark (1752-1818), which I plan to have available sometime in 2018. I am also toying with the idea of a small anthology of essays on life, culture, and heritage in the Dixie frontier.

I am now turning this blog into what I originally intended it to be: an author bio and promotion site. I will post here when I release new books, and perhaps periodically about my research progress. I will no longer be getting online every day.

Thanks to all my readers, and especially to those who took the time to leave a comment or buy one of my little books.

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Book Review: Younger’s “The Story Of Cole Younger”


Hello all. It has been quite some time since I did a book review here. Today’s review will be of an interesting little memoir, the autobiography of Cole Younger, originally published in 1903, shortly after he was paroled from prison. I have a 2000 copyrigthed reprint by the Minnesota Historical Society Press with a lengthy introduction by a woman named Marley Brant. My copy is only 127 pages, and I bought it used like new from Ebay for about $4.

Thomas Coleman “Cole” Younger (1844-1916) may be best known as an outlaw, but he was also a distinguished Confederate soldier. As I am more interested in the South than western history, I bought this book primarily because of Cole’s status as a Confederate soldier.

Cole was born in Missouri to a family of Southern descent and political leanings. They did have a Negro servant, Suse, who stayed with them throughout the war. The Kansas-Missouri border war tore his family apart. Though a youth, Cole ended up riding as a Confederate guerrilla with William Quantrill’s company. Cole distinguished himself there. Cole relates one incident where he killed a Union militiaman with a pistol shot from 71 yards. Seventy-one yards with a percussion revolver; that is some good marksmanship, and Cole was only 17 at the time! Also, Cole Younger did know famed guerrilla Bill Anderson.


The stories of what the Yankee government did to the families of Southern men who fought for Dixie, including Cole’s widowed mother, will make your blood boil. Pillaging, women and little children turned out of their houses, summary execution of prisoners, and the confinement of non-combatant women in the Kansas City Guardhouse (which tragically collapsed injuring and killing prisoners).

Cole was at the raid on Lawrence, whatever one thinks of that. The incident at Lawrence did violate the present day Geneva convention, but did not violate the rules of warfare laid down in Deuteronomy 20:10-15.

Cole later joined the actual, bona fide Confederate army, and ended the war with the rank of Captain. He was a Captain at age 21, which bespeaks of his actions and competence!

After the War of Northern Aggression, the Southern states were placed under a tyranny known as “Reconstruction”. Confederate veterans were often treated poorly by Carpetbagging politicians, and Negroes were given the vote while some soldiers who fought honorably were disenfranchised. Then Eastern corporate interests, such as railroads, infringed on people and their property.

This gave rise to outlawry. The Pinkerton agency, a private corporation, pursued men like the James boys as if Pinkerton were an arm of the state. They even threw some type of firebomb, later revealed that it was given to Pinkerton by the United States Army, into the house of the James boy’s mother, grievously wounding her. Seriously.

Some (many) claim that Cole Younger and his younger brothers (pun intended) rode with Frank and Jesses James. Cole does not admit this, and claims to have disliked Jesse James. Cole was accused of robbing banks, fairs, etc. all the way from Kentucky to Minnesota. The only robbery that Coke confesses to in his book The Story Of Cole Younger is the raid on the bank in Northfield, Minnesota. I would like to give a distinguished Confederate like Cole the benefit of the doubt that Northfield was his first and only robbery.

Cole states that after years of being falsely accused of banditry, he chose to rob a bank to get enough money to leave America and start an agrarian life in another country. They chose the bank in Northfield because of financial interests in it by prominent Yankees. In the final section of the book Cole proclaims the following: “I do not believe in doing under the cover of darkness that which will not bear the light of day. During my career of outlawing I rode into town under the glare of the noonday sun, and all men knew my mission. Corporations of every color had just cause to despise me then. But no man can accuse me of prowling about at night, nor of ever having robbed an individual, or the honest poor”. 

He never robbed an individual/private person. Interesting. In present day America, the left, right, and libertarians all see corporations (whether business, educational, religious, or charitable) as being separate from the state that chartered/created them. But they are not, and Cole Younger knew they were not. But most present-day Americans are so mentally fragmented, and so lacking in historical knowledge and reasoning skills, that they do not grasp this.

Overall, The Story Of Cole Younger was an interesting read. I recommend it to my blog readers. The memory of all Confederates, certainly including Cole Younger, should be preserved. We might not agree with all he did, but his legacy is part of who we are.

Just today, as I sat in a restaurant with some relatives, I read a wretched article in the Sunday print edition of the Louisville Courier-Journal. It was titled Monuments preserve, define, distort and was by one Catherine Fosl, a professor of Women’s and Gender Studies at the University of Louisville. To no surprise, Ms. Fosl is an anti-racist and wants all Confederate monuments taken down from public places. Fosl bemoans that while Kentucky “Civil War” stats break down to twice as many Kentuckians wearing blue than gray -the vast majority of monuments are to Confederates. Well boo hoo. Maybe those who stand for their folk and culture are more likely to have descendants to raise monuments to them. Just a thought. And like all radical leftists, Ms. Fosl had to bring the Third Reich up to enhance her position.

All White Americans need to speak out for the monuments to White heritage that stand around this country. I will not be ashamed of my ancestors. All of us who consider ourselves Southern -whether by ancestry, culture, or a combination thereof- need to revere our White Southern ancestors.

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Christian Agrarianism Is The Answer


pic is of my Sweet Potato harvest last week

The more I study theology, politics, and current events, the more I am convinced that Christian Agrarianism is the only answer to America’s problems. Those who follow my WordPress blog know that I have been disillusioned with politics as of late, and announced my *official* political burnout in a blog post back on the 1st of August. That has not changed.

Several years ago I read a great book titled Surviving Off Off-Grid. SOOG was written by Michael Bunker -a Christian Agrarian Separatist who lives on a homestead in central Texas. Bunker warns of the potential collapse of the JIT (Just-In-Time) grid system of electric power, water, sanitation, petroleum fuels, and corporate food stores. He considers this JIT system not just flawed and destined to collapse, but that the collapse will be a judgement of God upon those who have leaned upon this system instead of God for their provision. Most Christians would scoff at the thought that the Industrial Revolution and most of our “progress” in the last 250 years was not good, and that God commanded man to live a simple agrarian life. They may scoff, but I believe that it is true.

In addition to separating from the grid and the corporate economic system of this world, Michael Bunker no longer does politics. I am staring to think that he might be right about that.

There are others who talk of Christian Agrarianism, such as Herrick Kimball, Scott M. Terry, and Howard King. These three men have been involved in agrarianism much longer than me, and have some very valuable things to say. But none of them have made the radical step of peacefully and voluntarily separating from the grid and economic system as Bunker has. Michael Bunker said it, and then he actually did it. For this, I hold Bunker in esteem.

In the last four years and three months, I have indie published four books. There was an almost three year gap between the publication of the first and second book! I have grown a great deal spiritually in that time. The only two of them still in print/circulation are my August 2016 book As America Fades and my January 2017 book Bloggings Of An Amerikaner. My little book As America Fades was written a year ago when I still held to a glimmer of hope that the U.S.A. and the Constitution could be restored to the republic of the Founders. I now hold out absolutely zero hope that that could happen. While I would tweak a few statements in AAF were I to publish it today, and I am no longer promoting the America-wide Amerikaner concept, those two books are still in print as I think they contain essays of value.

Christian agrarianism is not just a lifestyle or theology -it is a complete worldview. It encompasses theology, purity of morals, gender roles and family structure, a kin based society, hard work, limited government, individual liberty, a clean environment, and honest economics all in one. It is a total worldview, not a fragmented worldview like all political parties and factions today are offering.

A return to true Christianity, an agrarian lifestyle, and traditional gender roles is what we need. If we did this, politics would follow. I delved into this a bit with my July 20, 2017 blog post Musings On Kinism and Agrarianism.

No movement can succeed without God’s blessing. Present day Christians have ignored 2nd Corinthians 6:14-18. I believe that the United States of America is being judged for her wickedness. That is why I am now focusing my life, my blog, and my YouTube videos on history, agrarianism, survival, and theology.

© Copyright 2017 by Joseph Charles Putnam of Orange County, Indiana. All rights reserved.

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Bugout Dreams 2.0



(Note: I published an essay titled Bugout Dreams in my March 2016 book Putnam Liberty Notes. I had thought to republish it here on the blog, but decided to tweak it a bit, thus the “2.0” in the title).

This essay will be primarily devoted to the concept of “bugging out” in the event of two things: (1) societal collapse brought on by an EMP or economic collapse, or (2) tyrannical governmental takeover. There have been “prepper” and “bugout” type magazines for sale on the magazine racks at WalMart. There has even been a cable TV show called Doomsday Preppers in the last few years. Prepping fantasy has become mainstream among conservatives; now let us have some prepping reality.

When one surveys the perilous condition of our government and culture, and the apparent ignorance to it of mainstream Americans, one may certainly entertain fantasies of “Bugging Out” or “Getting Out of Dodge” when the chaos begins. I used to think of this, and I suppose that most patriots and survivalists have thought of this. However, I believe that most bugout plans are little more than fantasy, and could never work. I shall devote the rest of this essay as to why I believe this.

The primary problems are: where are you fleeing to and how? If there is a major event that brings some sort of chaos or tyranny to America, where would you be going to that was better than your present home (where all your food, weapons, ammunition, tools, and personal belongings presumably already are)?

If one is to flee with more than a backpack full of gear, than they must load up a vehicle. To flee in a vehicle implies that one can safely travel on government roads and purchase gasoline. This implies that the collapse has not yet happened and that one is leaving everything (including their job and most of their belongings) behind to head out while there is still time.

It is unlikely that most people will “check out” before they have to, and thus they will not check out before the collapse. If one plans to leave after the collapse, they will be on foot, bicycle, or horseback. Almost all of the food, vitamins, medical supplies, weapons, ammo, camping gear, and precious metals that one may own will be left behind for government troops or looters. Now, under great danger, you will attempt to move to somewhere (hopefully preplanned) where one will be safer than their (former) home -which may now be in ashes.

Unless one has the money to own and maintain multiple locations –a house and a retreat- (and keep both of them stocked with food, weapons, and ammo) you will have left behind your life’s supplies of life sustaining materials. I personally do not know any prepper inclined people who have the money to own a modern home and a retreat.

Now that one is on the run with a backpack of gear, where are they headed? Unless they have a retreat within a couple of dozen miles, they likely will never make it. Traveling hundreds of miles cross country in dangerous times (surrounded by government troops and/or desperate city dwellers with no personal means of survival) while one is on foot or bicycle is just a dream.

Trying to run to a wooded area will be a fantasy for most people. Unless one is a fit young male, and near a national park or huge national forest out west, there is nowhere sufficiently wooded and away from population centers that one could flee to.

The Smoky Mountains National Park is about a half a million acres; what if half a million desperate people try to walk there from Knoxville and other nearby towns? And even then, one would have to live a basically nomadic mountain man lifestyle, while being alone and coming into contact with other desperate people doing the same.

There are no sufficiently large wooded areas near my AO for many people to flee to. The Hoosier National Forest is in the southern third of Indiana, and much of it is in Orange County and the neighboring counties of Martin and Crawford. Orange County, per the 2010 federal census, has a population density of about 50 people per square mile. Very rural by east of the Mississippi River standards, but way too densely populated for everyone to go mountain man. That being said, there is almost 13 acres per resident, and even leaving the forests stand, Orange County properly cultivated could easily feed its population.

When one considers the amount of game in a fairly rural state such as Indiana, and the amount of people, it is clear that all the deer would be dead in a month if the corporate stores ran out of food. The unprepared urbanites (and small towners) would likely live long enough to destroy the wild game and loot any farmers unprepared to deal with them. I have stockpiled less than 100 rounds of hunting ammunition for my rifle, because I do not expect much hunting to be going on after the collapse. I have a decent supply of defense/combat ammo, but very little hunting ammo.

On a philosophical basis, what is the underlying assumption for bugging out? The motivation is personal survival -not group survival, the restoration of America, or the preservation of the White race. A man is not going to bug out on foot with his wife and five little children. A man and his neighbors are not all bugging out together into the unknown. In bugging out, there is no effort to form units to stop looters or resist tyrannical government troops. The “bugger outer” is concerned with nothing but escaping personal danger so that he may live another day, and presumably go back to a lifestyle of accumulation of money and things when the situation settles down. Bugging out is not so much a patriot or nationalist idea as it is a survivalist idea.

The whole concept of bugging out is based solely on personal survival, implies leaving behind one’s supplies, and is just a fantasy for 99% of the people who think of it. Bugging out is not the answer.

Food production is the basis of survival; reading Michael Bunker’s book Surviving Off Off-Grid helped me to understand that. Leaving the land makes on vulnerable to whatever may come. Long term survival –and the restoration of liberty- will require group cooperation.

I believe that the answer is to live on the land (where one can raise their own food), be with their stockpile of supplies, and be surrounded by family, friends, and neighbors who will (hopefully) help each other in the time of crisis. The United States of America is on thin ice, and is likely heading toward a period of economic collapse, racial crisis, and political tyranny. One had best prepare to weather the storm.

Does my answer guarantee survival? No, nothing can. Prudence and obedience are our responsibilities, results are up to God. However, if one does as they should, God may aid them. Likewise, if one does not do as they should, why should they expect aid from God?

© Copyright 2017 by Joseph Charles Putnam of Orange County, Indiana. All rights reserved.

Homeschool Vibrancy in 2017


Homeschooling is a pretty common method of education on the far right, including with Kinists. I was homeschooled from grades five through twelve. Thus I have seen, and vividly remember, both the public school and homeschool scenes. I graduated in 2001, so that is my frame of reference. It seems things may have changed a bit since then…

Both of my parents attended and graduated from public schools. In their day, it was either public school or private school. I glean that private schools back then catered to the wealthy, unless they were (often Roman Catholic) religious schools. My parents did not come from wealthy families, and thus attended public school from beginning to end.

Homeschooling really took off in America in the last fifty years. The homeschool movement was in large part a way to escape the cultural filth and degrading academic standards of the public schools of the time. Homeschooling became rather popular among conservative Christians, and the Christian Reconstruction movement seems to have played an important role in advocating for it.

When my parents took me out of the local public school, they chose to educate me with curriculum from A Beka Book (now simply branded as Abeka), which was associated with Pensacola Christian College. Abeka was supposed to be a more rigorous, 1950s type curriculum than some Christian publishers put out. Some of the people we then went to church with used different curriculums, such as those put out by Bob Jones University. Abeka was openly Christian in worldview, and somewhat Puritan oriented.

I was a member of a homeschool group for several years in the 1990s. It was for homeschoolers in the Orange County area, and usually met in a church basement in the town of Orleans. It was pro-Christian, but non-denominational. Everyone there was White.

We would often go to a convention room at a hotel that an A Beka Book salesman came to once a year to view the books, and to then place an order for the next year’s curriculum. One year, my family and our preacher and his family even carpooled to this event. Other families would be there, who we had never met. As I recall it, all of them were White.

In 2008, long after graduation, I started attending a Baptist church, which loved large families, natural foods, and homeschooling. Literally every family homeschooled. But it was a bit different. There was an interracial couple there who homeschooled. And before I left a large, homeschooling white family with half a dozen or so biological kids showed up –with the three children they had brought over from Liberia and adopted. The times, they are a changin’…

Last week I was sitting in a restaurant with Fox News playing on the television on the wall. I saw something that I had never saw before, a commercial on mainstream TV for Abeka homeschool books. Oh the vibrancy! This commercial depicted children of several races, and Negro parents homeschooling their children. Seriously? Either things have changed dramatically in the last 15 years, or Abeka is virtue signaling that they are not rayciss’, no sir! Look at our vibrant commercial!

Then I did a little research. I found a study that stated that during school year 2011-12, 83% of homeschooled children were White, with only 5% being Negro. (It also noted that only 3% of American children were homeschooled that year). I guess that there are now a few black families in evangelical churches who are homeschooling, but I never met any in the time I was homeschooled (1993-2001). There are now even websites for Black homeschool families. Imagine the outrage and cries of “rayciss” if White people started *openly White* homeschool family resource websites.

Black woman with the common wild flower known as a Blackeyed Susan.

Has the homeschooling scene suddenly got much more “vibrant”? Perhaps, but it is still overwhelmingly White. Are homeschool curriculum publishers virtue signaling that they are not that dreaded “R” word? Oh yes. Maybe, in the lust for mammon, they are simply trying to widen their audience? Most likely.

Everything that White people do is marketed to Blacks. Every institution that we built is opened to them. Our own people go out of their way, as in this Abeka homeschool commercial, to act like the minorities are the majority, and to cater to them. (Well, in this case, to make some shekels from them).

I suppose that in present day Imperial America, one can cater to any special interest, minority, or subgroup –except straight white male Protestant Christians. Funny thing, as that was the group that settled this country and founded its political institutions.

When I was a child, my mother read me books about the past, of frontiersmen and of cowboys and pioneers; these heroes were White. The first church that I went to as a little boy was 100% White. As a child and teenager, every preacher in my area that I personally knew -regardless of denomination- was a White male. Gun shows in my neck of the woods, 15-20 years ago, did not have Blacks in attendance. Homeschool groups were exclusively White. America was White. This is no longer the country of the Founders. This is no longer America.

© Copyright 2017 by Joseph Charles Putnam of Orange County, Indiana. All rights reserved.

Joe’s Political Burnout


Over the last week, I have finally reached my political burnout. After giving much of my time to political writing and trying to wake up white Americans for sixteen months, I have tuckered out. In this time I have indie published three small books of essays, started this blog, posted over 120 blog essays, and left perhaps 1,000 comments in various forums. For the last 2 ½ months, I have been dual publishing many of my blog essays here and at the multi-author site Identity Dixie. Several times I questioned why I was marching on when those around me did not care, but I marched on.

I have received a lot of views for some of my essays, and made “internet acquaintance” with some well-known members of the Alt-South and Kinist movements, but have had little effect on people that I know face to face/in real life.

I believe that a movement needs to be grassroots to be successful. The Alt-Right have been doing a series of rallies this summer, for people across Imperial America to come and meet face to face at. While this is no doubt more gratifying than internet-only acquaintance, I am not sure what long term value this will result in –when the other activists one meets live several hundred (or more) miles away from you, and your neighbors are not in the movement. Further, the Unite the Right rally to be held in Charlottesville, Virginia on August 12 is trying to bring together everybody –White Nationalists, Alt-Right, Southern Nationalists, American patriots, and even the Proud Boys. (The Proud Boys are a “western civilization” advocacy group that embraces white culture and historic achievements while rejecting “racism” and the racial origin of what they defend.)

The local Committees of Safety of the American Revolution, the war effort and army formation of the Confederacy, and the Great Trek and subsequent republic formations of the Boers worked because they were local movements of the masses of the common people. Further, these groups were of common ethnos and culture, and often common religion. None of these characteristics apply to the wider Alt-Right.

One of the straws that broke the camel’s back of my final political burnout, was the reaction to Trump’s announcement via Twitter that transgender soldiers could no longer serve in the U.S. armed forces. I do not think that transgender or homosexual people should serve in the armed forces –or hold political office. They would not have done so in Revolution era America, the Confederacy, or Reformation era Geneva.

But, Trump did not kick the sodomites out of the armed forces, only those who have had or want to have their bodies surgically mutilated and then hormone therapy to make them the opposite physical sex of what they were born. This executive decision by Trump does nothing to kick sodomites or women out of the armed forces of the Empire. It does not make transsexual operations illegal, which would be under state jurisdiction anyway. Open homosexuals are still embraced by and full members of the armed forces of Imperial America, and women can still be not only members, but be assigned to combat units.

But most importantly, Trump’s Tweet did not declare transgendered people to be sinful, evil, defective, or mentally deranged. It had nothing to do with morality, or fear of offending an omniscient God who will judge the earth and all men. And yet, some Christians are excited that Trump is standing against degeneracy, when he is not doing so. Go read the Old Testament law and you will see that adulterers were to receive the same punishment as sodomites; then go read everything that Jesus said about the definition of adultery in the New Testament. That subject is something that Christians who cheer Trump do not want to think about.

Let me clarify, that like the 17th century Westminster and London Baptist Confessions, and like John Calvin in his Institutes (Book 4, Chapter 20, Point 16), I do not think that all countries are duty bound to enact the Mosaic law word for word. This being clarified, if the U.S.A. was under that law, then huge numbers (the majority?) of the citizens, the majority of the politicians, and perhaps the majority of church members would all be lying outside the gates under piles of stones. We are not currently a righteous country, not by any stretch of the imagination. To think that God will help us in this state is a Biblically ignorant fantasy.

Let me lay out the surgical mutilation sexual perversion game of transgenderism; it is really just a five step descent. We start with a God approved society: manly men leading their houses, feminine women keeping the home and caring for their children, Christian morality, small governments with low taxes, separation of the races (if multiple races are present in the same land), and an agrarian social order. We basically had that in 1775, and the South did in 1861.

Step 1 in the descent is for women to get out of their God ordained and historically occupied roles: to dress indecent, to cut their hair, to demand positions of leadership in the church, and to demand a voice in politics. Parents began to send their children to public school (indoctrination facilities) for free education by the state.

Step 2 is when women go to jobs outside the home, wear pants like men, send their daughters to college, vote, and even hold political office. Man no longer truly rules his home, and usually goes to a factory or office -as does his wife. Men began to dress softer. With the workforce socialization of married people of both sexes, in marriages that are no longer structured and working according to God’s model, inappropriateness is everywhere and adultery becomes commonplace.

Step 3 is for the total breakdown of the traditional family by adultery, divorce, and remarriage. Fractured families become the norm, with children only being related to one of the parents. In the advanced stage of this family chaos, both spouses may have children from a 1st marriage, and then have children together, so that it is a three way split among the cohabiting half siblings! Traditional gender roles are little more than a memory, and are maligned by media, government, and movies. Birth control drugs, so that women may be promiscuous without consequence, become common. Children become rebellious; just as the man no longer rules his house, it is only to be expected that he and his wife no longer have real authority over their offspring. Pornography is available, but somewhat censored. Homosexuality becomes commonplace, and accepted by many. Abortion becomes legal, so that “liberated” women may kill their unborn offspring, the care of which might inconvenience their career, or other interests and indulgences. At this point the society is beyond repair.

Step 4 is where pornography, adultery, and all manner of sexual impurity is commonplace –and on display in public places and celebrated by the media and prominent individuals. Homosexuality is not just accepted, but legally protected and celebrated by the state and prominent cultural figures. Laws against discrimination may be passed at this point, to protect the degenerates. At this point abortion, the pre-birth destruction of a human life, is now construed to be a human right.

Step 5 is the end. With sodomy now mainstreamed, people, even children, become so perverse and deranged that in addition to queerness, they imagine that they are not the physical sex that the private areas of their body obviously show them to be. They demand a “right” to fix themselves through drugs and mutilation surgery. Also, pedophilia becomes less taboo and some people noise that it is just another sexual “orientation” –just like being queer or bisexual. At this point, things are absolutely irreversible, unless God rains his judgement on the land to wipe away the egregious evil.

It is pretty clear that we are right now entering Step 5. My parents were born when America was in the late stages of Step 2, and I was born in Step 3. We, as a nation, are now entering Step 5. Considering this, to see professing Christians who not only accept but rejoice in Steps 1 and 2, and all of Steps 3 and 4 except for the abortion and sodomy, get excited because Trump said no more transsexuals in the army of the Empire is rather frustrating. To put out the fire on one corner of the roof, while ignoring that the multi-story building is engulfed in flames down to the basement, is ridiculous. There is no redemption for America, or any geographical part of it, without going back to a God approved society.

That my readers, is a large part of why I am officially ceasing to blog on politics. I am glad that I published the three books that I did. Though there a few things I have tweaked my position on since I published it last year, As America Fades is still in print and available at Amazon and CreateSpace, and I intend to keep it that way. (link to AAF on CreateSpace:  ) If I thought it would do some good to continue my political commentaries I would do so, but I doubt that it would. I am not going to delete any essay from this blog; it all stands here as a witness to my countrymen. I am glad that I have spoken out. I am just done with my efforts to revive a political corpse.

I am still writing and blogging a bit. At least at this point, I will continue blogging weekly. My bloggings will now focus on American (especially Southern) history, race and traditional white culture, Christian theology, agrarianism, the limited government concepts that America was founded on, and survival topics. My next book project will be theological. I am going to do a lot of study, and a lot of work developing the homestead. I may occasionally reference current events, but I am done with political commentary posts.

I am a strong believer in the Kin basis of nations, and in separate lands for different people. I consider myself a Southerner by culture, ancestry, and arguably by geography also. I would love to see a free, white, moral Dixie in the future. But at this point, that is still a dream. I think that any future free Dixie will begin at the grassroots level, with communities of moral people and family farms. At this point, logic and decades of experience evince that elections will not restore a free Dixie. I do not see how Alt-Right street rallies that bring together *one country/America wide* White Nationalists, Nazis, Neo-Pagans, the Proud Boys, and the Alt-South will advance a restoration of the South. Sorry, but that is how I see it.

The Bible teaches us that a corrupt tree cannot bear good fruit. America has become the Weimerica that I wrote of last week. There is hope for the future, but it will likely not come until we have an economic collapse or long period of tyranny or crisis. As long as the bowel is filled with pathogens, the body will not recover its health.

Do you smell smoke? Yes, that is me burning out. Stay tuned on this blog, for the new course I am charting for it.

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